Am I A Gigolo Chapter 311-312

Chapter 311

Seeing this, tears came to the eyes of the old lady of the night ……

Probably because of his age, his tear point is relatively low.

Tonight, he was touched by this boy.

“Erbao is?” The nurse asked.

“It’s my brother, he’s been in a car accident and is being treated.” Tatsu’s eyes were red and his voice was a little choked up, “I didn’t protect him, I should have held his hand tightly so that he wouldn’t have rushed out and been hit by a car because he was chasing the cat.”

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” Tears fell from the nurse’s eyes and she hastily wiped them away soothingly, “You’re hungry, aren’t you? Sister will buy you something to eat.”

“No need.” Chen Chen hastily refused, “Mummy taught me not to bother just anyone, my sister is sick and I have no choice but to seek your help, but I am well on my own and cannot trouble you ……”

“But ……”

“I’m going to see my brother.” Tenzin interrupted the nurse and bowed to her again, “Please make sure you take care of my sister, thank you!”

“Fine, fine, I will take care of her, don’t worry!” The nurse a*sured as she wiped tears from her eyes.

“Thanks.” Tenzin turned to leave. Remember the website

Old Master Night scrambled to the side and hid behind a cupboard, sticking his head out and quietly looking at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen walked out of the ward, asked the nurse lady for another disposable cup, went to the water fountain, connected three cups of warm boiled water, drank it all in one gulp, and burped before heading upstairs.

Old Master Night was moved to tears, his hands trembling as he slowly made his way upstairs on his crutches.

Behind him, Night Sen hurriedly approached, “Old Master, I’ve been looking for you everywhere, I was scared to death, I thought something had happened to you.”

“How is the boy?” Old Master Night instantly regained his usual coldness.

“It’s out of the emergency room, the doctor said it’s not life-threatening.” Night Sen reported, “It’s just a broken right ankle, some bruises on his body, and a slight concussion ……”

“Order it down, use the best doctors, the best resources, make sure to treat this child properly, there must not be any after-effects.” Old Master Night ordered.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Night Sen nodded his head repeatedly, “The hospital side knows that it was you who specifically ordered it, and has already given it high priority, the director and the relevant pediatric experts have all come.”

“Mm.” Old Master Night nodded, then pointed to the ward behind him and instructed, “And that little girl, take good care of her as well, not only in terms of medical treatment, but also in terms of living, arrange for a few more professional medical care, and arrange for the best in clothing, food, housing and transportation.”

“Understood, I will give the order right away.” Night Sen immediately pa*sed the order down, then helped Old Master Night and said, “Old Master, it’s very late, shall I send you back to rest?”

“I don’t have the heart to rest until these three children have settled down.”

Old Master Night walked upstairs on his crutches, unable to help but sigh –

“I’m ninety-six years old and I’m actually touched by a child, only three years old, so old that he knows to leave his burger for his younger siblings and would rather drink plain water when he’s hungry.

When the nurse promised to buy porridge for his sister, he pledged his book to the nurse and bowed to her.

When I see that boy, I think of ZhenTing, that brat, he was also very cute when he was little, now he has grown up ……”

Thinking about how Night Zhen Ting was even deliberately angry with him this morning, he sank, “The more he grows up, the more obnoxious he becomes!”

“Haha ……,” Night Sen couldn’t help but laugh, “You, ah, are just a knife’s mouth and a tofu’s heart. You have high hopes for the Night King, so naturally you are a bit harsher, but he is now grown up and has his own ideas, he can no longer be controlled like he was when he was a child.”

“Even older is still my grandson.” Old Master Night instantly became serious, “He grew up without his parents, I brought him up, I can’t let him follow in his father’s footsteps.”


Chapter 312

When it came to this, Old Master Night’s expression became unusually firm and his gaze became complicated.

Night Sen lowered his head, not daring to say more.

Everyone in the night family knew that the son and daughter-in-law of Old Master Night had died young, and that past incident was the pain in Old Master Night’s heart, and also the thorn in the heart of Night Zhen Ting ……

So it has become a taboo in the night family!

The actual fact is that no one dared to mention it except themselves.

It is because of that past incident that the old lady of the night is also very strict in controlling the feelings of the night Zhen Ting.

The reason for this is that he is rather slow and paranoid about his feelings.

A while ago, the old man heard that a woman had appeared beside him and almost strangled his cousin Broken Sky for this woman, triggering his aunt to retaliate ……

So the old man immediately rushed to Haicheng and dealt with it personally.

Even if it makes him resentful, Old Master Night must keep a strict control and must not let the tragedy repeat itself again ……

“Grandpa!” A delicate voice came out.

Old Master Night turned around and raised the corners of his mouth, “Ling Long is here!”

“Sorry, grandpa, I’m a little late.” Ling Long carried two multi-layered insulated lunch boxes and hurried over, “Cooked you vegetable porridge, stir-fried a few small dishes, and made a few snacks!”

“Thank you, you’re such a good boy who knows how to behave.” Old Master Night praised.

“Give it to me, Miss Ling has worked hard.” Night Sen took the thermos lunchbox and unintentionally noticed that Ling Long’s two fingertips were bandaged up and hastily asked, “Miss Ling, what happened to your hand?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Ling Long hastily hid her hands behind her back.

“Show it to me.” Old Master Night ordered.

“Grandpa ……” Ling Long pouted, “I accidentally cut it while chopping vegetables, a small injury, it’s fine.”

“Next time don’t cook by yourself.” Old Master Night admonished with concern, “It’s better to let the maids do it.”

“I want to cook a meal for grandpa myself.” Ling Long said good-naturedly, “Consider it a bit of filial piety on my part!”

“Good boy!” Old Master Night nodded in relief, “I have long said that it was only wise for Night Zhen Ting to marry you.”

“You can’t force such things.” Ling Long sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Old Master Night could see that there was something in her words, “Did he make you angry again?”

“How dare I be angry with him?” Ling Long smiled bitterly, “I bought king crabs in the evening and wanted to cook dinner for him, but he left in a hurry with his car keys without even looking at me, probably to find that woman.”

“Nonsense!” Old Master Night was stern-faced and very angry, “Let’s see how I’ll clean him up when I get back.”

“Don’t be angry, grandpa.” Ling Long hurriedly coaxed, “The more you push him, the more rebellious he will be, he might even hate me in his heart, it’s better to let nature take its course.”

“All right, I have a sense of proportion.” Old Master Night patted the back of her hand, “You go back and rest, thank you for dinner.”

“Don’t be polite to me grandpa, how insulting.” Ling Long shook Old Master Night’s arm and pouted.

“Fine, fine.” Old Master Night nodded with a smile and urged, “Go back quickly.”

“It’s so late, aren’t you going back?” Ling Long asked with concern, “Did someone get killed in that car accident? If not, I’ll leave it to my subordinates, but if someone is killed, it’s okay, I’ll call the traffic police. I’ll call the traffic police. It’s a small matter, you don’t have to do it yourself.”

She almost blurted it out without thinking ……

Only after she finished speaking did she realize that Old Master Night’s brow furrowed and his face sank.

Ling Long instantly realized her mistake and hurriedly explained, “I mean …… I ……”

“Alright, I know that you child is straightforward.” Old Master Night interrupted her, “Go back.”


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