Am I A Gigolo Chapter 323-324

Chapter 323

As soon as Zhu Ma heard this, she became anxious and immediately shielded Feng Qianxue behind her, shouting angrily, “Don’t bully our young lady, if you have anything to do with me, come at me.”

Night Zhen Ting did not want to talk to her and made a hand gesture.

Two bodyguards immediately dragged Zhu’s mother away.

Zhu’s mother kept struggling and pushing, shouting at the top of her voice, “Someone, help!”

The bodyguards only had to cover her mouth ……

“Zhu Ma ……” Feng Qianxue was worried that they would hurt Zhu Ma.

“Miss Feng.” Lei Yu advised in a low voice, “Don’t worry, the Night King won’t hurt Zhu Ma.”

“But ……”

Feng Qianxue was about to speak when he was fiercely pinched by Night Zhen Ting’s chin and forcibly wrenched his face to look at him.

His eyes flickered with blazing flames, and his face was gloomy and terrifying: “Since you have all wronged me, should I not put the charges into effect? Eh?”

“You, what do you mean ……” Feng Qianxue turned pale with fright and scrambled to explain, “I don’t suspect you, this is a misunderstanding ……” Remember the website

“Night Hui!” Night Zhen Ting didn’t accept her apology or explanation at all, and ordered directly, “Go and get those three sinful sons back.”

“Yes.” Night Hui glanced at Feng Qianxue and led the men to do it.

“Don’t ……” Feng Qianxue tried to stop it, but she was dragged into the room directly by Night Zhen Ting.

“Night Zhen Ting, you b*****d-” Chu Zi Mo roared in agitation, “Do you think you can cover the sky with one hand? I’ve already called the police, if you don’t let Qianxue go, the police will ……”

“Let them come!” Night Zhen Ting interrupted him and shouted coldly, “What are you still standing there for? Drag this trash away.”

“Yes!” The two bodyguards dragged Chu Zimo away directly.

Chu Zimo shouted and screamed, drawing many family members and patients around, but when they saw the gesture, they immediately retreated again, not daring to meddle in the matter.

In the ward, Feng Qianxue was thrown onto the bed, her back was so painful that it was almost about to break.

“If you don’t want to die, then lie down honestly!”

Night Zhen Ting looked at her coldly and mercilessly, as if he was looking at a stranger.

“Night Zhen Ting, don’t mess around.” Feng Qianxue’s forehead was covered with sweat and she said weakly, “Zi Mo was a little misunderstood about you, that’s why he spoke out of turn, but I have always trusted you ……”

“Is that so?” Night Zhen Ting smiled coldly, “Believe me and still suspect that I have your child?”

“No, I ……”

“I can’t be wronged by you guys for nothing.” Night Zhen Ting sat on the sofa and elegantly crossed his legs, “Since you call me a devil, wicked and bad man who does no evil, then I will be bad to you!”

“Don’t ……” Feng Qianxue cried and shook her head, “I beg you ……”

“Save some strength to plead for your child.”

Night Zhen Ting gave her a cold look and got up to leave.

“Night Zhen Ting, night ……,” Feng Qian Xue tried to call out to him, but the door to the room was already closed.

The medical nurse locked the door from outside.

Feng Qianxue rapped on the door, but no one answered. She was left alone in the ward, desperate and broken.

She was already distraught when Zhu’s mother fell ill and the children disappeared, and now she had provoked Night Zhen Ting ……

She didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if Night Thunder’s men got hold of the children!

“Knock knock!” Lei Yu knocked on the door and came in, pushing the medical cart.

“Doctor Lei ……,” Feng Qianxue pulled Lei Yu as if she had encountered a life-saving straw and prayed, “Please help me plead with Night Zhen Ting, beg him not to touch my children.”

“Don’t you think this is a good thing?” Lei Yu suddenly spoke up.

“What?” Feng Qianxue couldn’t understand, “Night Zhen Ting sent someone to capture my child, how is this a good ……”

She was stunned before she could finish her words, right, her child’s whereabouts were now unknown, Night Zhen Ting had sent someone to capture it, first he had to find the child.


Chapter 324

“The Night King is just a hard mouth and a soft heart.” Lei Yu sighed helplessly, “He obviously sent someone to find the child, but he had to say that he was going to catch the child ……”

“Really?” Feng Qianxue will believe it, “He will be so kind?”

“He went to your home last night to look for you, saw you fainted at home, carried you and rushed downstairs in one breath, then rushed you to my hospital in a frenzy, when you pa*sed out, he stayed here to guard you all night, didn’t you feel anything at all?”

Lei Yu finished all this in one breath, simply a bit indignant.

Feng Qianxue looked at the sofa next to her, there was still Night Zhen Ting’s jacket.

On the small coffee table were the night family’s special wine cups and jade porcelain plates, as well as uneaten snacks and fruits ……

Thinking back to when he woke up in the morning, he rushed to her window first thing, holding her hand, his look and words full of concern ……

When she begged him for help in finding the child, he didn’t at first not reject it outright.

It was only when he heard Chu Zimo’s voice that he started to change his face ……

Perhaps, it is true ……

“The Night King has a deep love for you.” Lei Yu said in a serious tone, “Even I, an outsider, was touched when I looked at it, so how could you be indifferent? He is a bit bad-tempered and paranoid, but at heart he is very simple. If you had understood him and treated him with care, things would not have turned out like this at all.”

Feng Qianxue looked back at Lei Yu’s words and there seemed to be some truth in them, but she didn’t have the heart to think about that right now, “As long as he can help me get my child back and stop hurting my family, I’ll be grateful to him.”

“Night Fai is out to help, he should find the child soon.” Lei Yu said no more, “Lie down quickly, I will give you medicine, your family is a mess now, if you get up in bad health again, you won’t have the energy to take care of them.”

“Thanks ……”

Feng Qianxue was convinced by Lei Yu to heal at ease first.

Lei Yu left after administering her medicine, and then the medical nurse brought a light breakfast.

Feng Qianxue ate her breakfast and wanted to take out her mobile phone to call Zhu’s mother, but found that it was not there, so she could only borrow the nurse’s mobile phone to call first.

Zhu’s mother was very emotional when she received the call, and only after confirming that Feng Qianxue was safe and sound did she put her mind at ease.

Feng Qianxue was relieved to know that Zhu’s mother was being treated in the ward upstairs. It seemed that Lei Yu was right: Night Thunder was just being soft-spoken and did not touch Zhu’s mother.

Feng Qianxue told Zhu’s mother to be at ease with her treatment and not to think too much, adding that the children would be home soon.

Zhu’s mother was not at ease and urged Feng Qianxue to be careful of that big devil, Night Zhending.

When Feng Qianxue heard this, her heart was vaguely troubled. She had never wanted to involve Zhu’s mother in this, and no matter what kind of trouble she was having with Night Thunder, Zhu’s mother and the children were unaware of it.

But this time, Zhu Ma inadvertently learned that the child was lost and called Chu Zi Mo for help, and Chu Zi Mo misunderstood Night Zhen Ting too deeply, causing Zhu Ma to also have a great misunderstanding of Night Zhen Ting ……

Now things are getting particularly complicated.

Feng Qianxue was really afraid that if Chu’s mother was impulsive again and spoke out against Night Zhending, or did it again, the consequences would be unthinkable ……

She thought, when the child was recovered, she must find a chance to talk to Zhu’s mother properly.

“Huh, what happened to this little parrot?”

A few medical nurses were tidying up the room when one of them suddenly spotted the sleeping little four-bird.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly walked over and saw Little Four Treasures nestled motionless under the pillow, she was terrified and hurriedly patted Little Four Treasures’ body and called its name: “Little Four Treasures, Little Four Treasures!”

Little Four Treasures did not respond ……

“It’s not dead, is it?” That little nurse blurted out, and hastily covered her mouth again.

Feng Qianxue was shocked and carefully picked up Little Four Treasures and examined it carefully. Although its heart was still beating weakly, it was as if its breath was wandering and it was unconscious ……

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