Am I A Gigolo Chapter 329-330

Chapter 329

In the hospital ……

Longlong has woken up and is sitting against the bed while the nurse feeds him a healthy and nutritious vegetable porridge.

Tenzin and Yueyue share the food with him.

From time to time, Chen Chen wipes Longlong’s mouth with a tissue and asks with concern, “Erbao, how are you feeling? Does it hurt?”

“It hurts a bit, but it’s okay.” Long Long raised his fist and made a strong face, “A person who practices martial arts, this small injury is nothing.”

“Put it down, you’ve still got a pillow stuck in your hand, don’t try to be a hero.”

Tatsu took on the stance of a big brother and ordered seriously.

“That’s right, Erbao, you’re a patient now, so be careful, okay?”

Yue Yue also furrowed her little brow and lectured Long Long.

“Okay.” Long Long beamed and continued to drink the porridge, and said to the young nurse, “Nurse sister, you’re so good looking, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Pfft!” The nurse couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “No, do you want to introduce me to one?” Remember the website

“What do you think of me?” Long Long squeezed his eyebrows and smiled wickedly.

“Hahahaha ……” The nurse burst out laughing and a few of the doctors next to her couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s so happy to say?”

Old Master Night’s voice came along with the sound of crutches and footsteps.

Night Sen helped him into the ward, followed by the dean and two paediatricians, as well as some bodyguards.

“Hello grandpa!” Tenzin and Yue greeted politely.

“This is the grandfather of the perpetrator?” Long Long inclined his little head and looked at Old Master Night carefully, “Seeing your kind brows, you don’t look like a bad person.”

“Hahahaha ……” Old Master Night laughed, “Of course I’m not a bad person, otherwise I wouldn’t have come to see you!”

“Oh, since you’re not a bad person, you just accidentally bumped into me.” Long Long licked the rice particles around his mouth and analyzed them in a serious manner, “Since it was accidental, I’ll forgive you!”

“Thank you for your generosity!”

Old Master Night looked at Long Long with a smile, although this child looked exactly the same as Chen Chen, his personality was very different.

Chen Chen’s personality was more like that of Night Zhen Ting, strict and serious, with a wise and logical mind ahead of his time.

Dragon, on the other hand, is more like the innocent, carefree Night ZhenTing that he was before the changes that befell the Night family, or more precisely, he is another personality that Night ZhenTing wants to be deep inside ……

The three babies are like a clean slate in the world of Night Vibrant, an angel that he wants to protect!

These three babies, with their different personalities and unique characteristics, each one of them makes the old man of the night like them from the bottom of his heart ……

“You are welcome, from now on we are our own people.” Long Long was very bashful and even handed Old Master Night a shrimp dumpling, “Good things should be shared together, grandpa, this is for you to eat!”

“Hahaha, thank you!” Old Master Night didn’t care about the stain on Long Long’s hand, he took the shrimp dumpling and ate it, as he ate, he sighed, “My grandson also liked shrimp dumplings when he was young, but then he stopped eating them.”

“Why?” The three children asked curiously afterwards.

“Nothing ……,” Old Master Night raised a smile and changed the subject, “How was it? Did you get in touch with mum?”

“No ……,” Chen Chen’s little face instantly turned dark and he hung his little head in frustration.

“Ooooooooooo ……” as soon as Yue Yue heard her mommy, her little mouth immediately deflated and tears flowed out, “Mommy doesn’t want us anymore, she doesn’t even come to us ……”

The milk voice that cried was heartbreaking, and at once, everyone’s heart was seized.

“Good boy, don’t cry don’t cry.”

As soon as Old Master Night saw Yue Yue crying, he immediately panicked and hurriedly took out a handkerchief to wipe her tears, “Isn’t this with grandpa? Grandpa will take care of you.”

“San Bao, don’t cry.” Chen Chen hugged Yue Yue and put on a strong face to comfort her, “Mommy won’t not want us, she should be away on business. Did you forget? Mummy has a mean and bad boss who always makes Mummy work overtime.”


Chapter 330

“Yes, yes, yes!” With shrimp dumplings still wrapped in his mouth, Dragon excitedly agreed, “It must be that perverted boss who’s holding Mummy back at work and won’t let her go home.”

“Mmmmmm.” Yueyue’s fleshy little face was covered in tears, and with her little mouth deflated, she said in a resigned voice, “I’ve seen that man before, he’s so mean, and he almost strangled little SiBao, I hate him!”

“When he came to the nursery, he looked so high and mighty, he wouldn’t talk to me personally, he had his men talk to me.” Tenzin furrowed his little brow and said with a look of contempt, “I hate him too!”

“D*mnable guy.” Long Long clenched his little fist and said angrily, “How dare he bully my mummy and Big Bao San Bao and Little Si Bao, next time I let me see him, I will teach him a lesson!!!”

“Who is this man? How dare he bully a woman and a child.” Old Master Night heard the children talking and also felt indignant, “Tell me, I’ll help you teach him a lesson!!!”

“Grandpa, you are too old to beat him.” Long Long looked at Old Master Night and said in a serious manner, “That man has many bodyguards, is tall and big looking, and looks fierce!”

“Yes, his eyes were scary ……” Yue recalled the bad guy she saw at the mall and still felt scared, “His eyes looked like a lion in the animal world, like he was going to eat me up! ”

Speaking of this, Yue Yue’s little mouth deflated again, her eyes tearing up with pity ……

“Aiya, little baby don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.” Old Master Night looked at his heart melting, hurriedly hugged Yue Yue in his arms and soothed, “No matter if he is a lion or a tiger, grandpa can cure him!”

“Yes, your grandfather is awesome.” Night Sen laughed from the side, “In this world, there is no one he can’t cure!”

“Really?” Long Long came to be interested and came over to pull Old Master Night’s clothes and asked, “Grandpa, do you know martial arts?”

“Hahahaha ……” Old Master Night laughed, “Grandpa doesn’t know martial arts, but grandpa has this!”

He pointed to his head, “A person who has wisdom and ability is not afraid of anything!”

“Grandpa is right, that’s what my mummy says too.” Tenzin said with a determined face, “So we have to study hard now and grow up to be a useful person, no one can bully us!”

“Good boy, you’re right.” Old Master Night gently stroked Chen Chen’s hair, his eyes full of heartache, “You’re still young, you can do without being so understanding.”

These were words that the old man had always wanted to say to Night Zhen Ting, but had no chance ……

Now he said it to Chen Chen in the same mood.

He secretly made a decision and solemnly said to the three children –

“It’s a fate that grandpa knows you all. In the past, grandpa was not there to protect you, from now on, grandpa is your guardian god and will never let anyone bully you again!”

“Grandpa ……” Yue Yue’s eyes burst into tears and she stretched out her chubby little hands to hug Old Master Night’s neck and cried out in a whimper.

“Ai yo yo, little boy, don’t cry, don’t cry.” Old Master Night’s heart was about to melt and he hurriedly used his handkerchief to wipe Yue Yue’s tears, “When grandpa sees you crying, his heart is aching.”

“Grandpa, thank you!” Long Long’s nose got sore and his eyes got red, but he forced himself not to let the tears fall, “You’ve been so good to us, in the future when I grow up, I will protect you too!”

“And me!” Cinnabar patted his uplifted little chest and swore, “When we grow up, we’ll watch over Grandpa together!”

“Good boy, good, good!” Old Master Night was so moved that he put his arms around the three children and said to the crowd behind him, “Remember, all of you, these three children, in the future, will be closer than my own grandchildren, no one can bully them!”

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