Am I A Gigolo Chapter 333-334

Chapter 333

Old Master Night returned to the ward, followed by several bodyguards, carrying a large pile of gifts, one after another, placed on the hospital bed, piling up a hospital bed.

“Grandpa ……” Yue Yue immediately ran over and jumped into Old Master Night’s arms and pouted, “Grandpa, it’s good that you’re back, help us find Mummy.”

“Grandpa, I still can’t contact mommy, I may need your help.” Chen Chen walked up to Old Master Night and bowed, “I’m sorry for your trouble!”

“Don’t worry kids, your mum and dad have already contacted my grandson through the police.” Old Master Night took Chen Chen and Yue Yue in his arms and said lovingly, “Don’t worry, he will send you home.”

“Ah, going home? Great, great!” Yue Yue clapped her little hands and jumped up and down in excitement.

“Grandpa, can I go home too?” Dragon asked hurriedly, “I don’t want to stay in the hospital, I want to stay with Mummy and Granny.”

“I’ve asked the doctor, you can go home to recuperate and just come back every month for a review.” Old Master Night said lovingly, “Don’t worry, I will visit you often in the future.”

“Great!” Longlong was very happy and chatted idly with the pretty nurse sister next to him, “Sister, don’t miss me too much while I’m gone, oh.”

“Haha, that’s for sure I’ll miss.” Several of the little nurses were amused by him.

“Grandpa, I invite you to come to my house as a guest, my mother-in-law cooks delicious food.” Yue Yue raised her eyebrows excitedly and gestured with her small hands, “She makes such big buns and beef bone congee, it smells so good ……”

“Wow, grandpa’s mouth is watering just listening to it.” Old Master Night smiled, “Then I must go and try it!”

“Mmmmmm, be sure to come oh, let’s pull the hook.” Yueyue stretched out her chubby little hand and pulled the hook with Old Master Night, “Hang on the hook for a hundred years, whoever changes will be the big bad guy!”

“Hahahaha, grandpa can’t be the big bad guy.”

Old Master Night pulled the hook with Yue Yue, and the two of them even stamped their thumbs together, then both laughed.

Tatsu’s aside was silent, he always felt something was wrong, mommy and daddy? They don’t have a dad at all. ……

Could grandpa have been tricked?

“Old Master, the car is ready.” Night Sen came over to report.

“Hmm.” Old Master Night nodded and said to the three children, “Children, grandpa has to go, later my grandson will take you home, when you see your mum and dad, give grandpa a call.”

With that, he personally put the three phone watches on the children’s wrists ……

“This is the phone watch grandpa bought for you, it has grandpa’s phone number stored in it, you can call grandpa when you miss him, got it?”

“Yes!” Longlong and Yueyue replied in unison, “Thank you grandpa!”

“Chen Chen, why aren’t you talking?” Noticing that Chen Chen was preoccupied, Old Master Night gently stroked his head, “Is it because you can’t let go of Grandpa?”

“Grandpa, does this phone watch have a positioning system?” Chen Chen raised the phone watch on his right hand and asked, “If we are in danger, will the system send you a message.”

“Does it have this function?” Old Master Night asked Night Sen.

“The watch has its own location function, but it’s not comprehensive enough.” Night Sen shook his head, “Shall we have the young master install one? Shengtian is in the business of technology products, it shouldn’t be difficult to install a high-end positioning software on the phone watch.”

“Shengtian??” As soon as Chen Chen heard this word, his little face immediately changed colour and he hurriedly pursued, “Grandpa, your grandson’s company is called ……”

“Shengtian Group!”

A cold and arrogant voice came out, interrupting Chen Chen’s words.

It was accompanied by a slender, upright figure with a heavenly god-like overbearing aura ……


Chapter 334

Chen Chen looked up and touched a pair of domineering, dark and cold eyes, the corners of his lips hooked in a smirking arc: “Little friend, have you heard of Shengtian Group?”

Night Zhen Ting’s tall and upright body was like a beast, proudly looking down at the weak Chen Chen.

At this moment, this big one and small one, the two looked at each other, forming a strong contrast ratio.

“Is that you?” Chen Chen looked straight into Night Zhen Ting’s gaze, his small eyebrows furrowing up as he clenched his hands into fists.


Yue Yue suddenly screamed in terror, then hid behind Old Master Night, her small hands tugging at his lapels, trembling in fear.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!” Old Master Night hurriedly shielded Yueyue behind him and gently coaxed, “Yueyue, this is my grandson, he is not a bad person.”

Saying that, he then pointed at Night Zhen Ting and gulped lowly, “Look at you, you’ve scared the children.”

“He’s your grandson?” Chen Chen was shocked.

“He, he, he ……”

Yue Yue was so frightened that she stammered and couldn’t even speak clearly, she just hid behind Old Master Night, shivering.

“What? Not like that?” Night Zhen Ting raised the corners of his lips, revealing a false smile, “Don’t be afraid, uncle won’t hurt you, uncle will send you home.”

“No need for you to send.” Chen Chen frowned his little brow and glared at him angrily.

“Chen Chen, what’s wrong with you?” Old Master Night felt that Chen Chen’s attitude was not right and immediately walked over to coax him, “Don’t be afraid, you guys don’t want him to send you, grandpa will do it.”

Then, he frowned and said to Night Zhen Ting, “Look at how you’ve scared the children, there’s no need for you to send them, I’ll send them back.”

“I didn’t do anything.” Night Zhen Ting stretched his hands helplessly, “Maybe I’m scarier looking?”

“Get out, don’t scare the children.” Old Master Night gave him an impatient push.

“Grandpa, I’m your own grandson.”

Night Zhen Ting was speechless, this old man, when he saw other people’s children, he didn’t even recognize him as his own grandson.

“I told you to get lost, didn’t you hear me?” Old Master Night raised his cane and was about to beat him up.

“Chen Chen, Long Long, Yue Yue ……”

At this moment, several gentle voices came, followed by Little Apple Kindergarten’s Principal Liu, Teacher Chen, and the life teacher walking quickly into the ward ……

“Finally, we see you guys, you’ve scared the teacher to death.”

“Yes, we all called the police.”

“Principal Liu, Teacher Chen, Teacher Zhu!” Yue rushed over and jumped into Teacher Chen’s arms, almost knocking the skinny Teacher Chen to the ground, “Oooooooooooooh, it’s so good to see you guys!”

“I’ve been looking all over for you, I was scared to death.” Teacher Chen hugged Yue Yue tightly.

“Teacher what are you guys doing here?”

When Tenzin saw his teachers, and the police officers behind them, his originally tight little brow finally relaxed and he felt a sense of security.

“Teacher ……,” Longlong saw his teacher, also as if he saw a relative, and desperately wanted to get out of bed.

“Don’t move.” Headmaster Liu stepped forward and calmed Longlong, “Don’t be afraid, the teacher is here to take you home.”

“Relieved now?” Night Zhen Ting stretched out his hand to Old Master Night, “Go home at ease, leave this place to me!”

“Not bad for a thoughtful job.” Old Master Night glared at him and solemnly reminded, “Make sure you deliver the children to their parents, and ah, don’t scare them anymore.”

“Your grandson has a domineering face, what can be done about it.” Night Zhen Ting had a helpless face.

“Can’t you just smile? Be a little more amiable?” Old Master Night said without good humour, “If you have a boss face and frown, can children not be afraid of you?”

“It’s not my son, why should I smile at people?” Night Zhen Ting shot back.

“Sinful beast, sooner or later you’ll be P*ssed off!!!” Old Master Night gave him a fierce smack on the buttocks with his cane, “If you could give birth to such a cute son, I would die in peace!”

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