Am I A Gigolo Chapter 361-362

Chapter 361

Night Zhen Ting did not dare to move Yue Yue anymore, so he let her sit on his shoulder like this, then pulled out a chair and sat down himself.

At this point, Chen Chen, who had come after him, saw that Night Zhen Ting had not hurt Yue Yue and was carefully coaxing her, so he slowly lowered his guard.

Night Zhen Ting looked at Chen Chen and said to him in a way that he would treat someone his own age, “You’re going to let your sister sit on my shoulder all the time?”

Chen Chen froze for a moment and hurried up to help Yue Yue down, “San Bao, come down quickly.”

Yue Yue, seeing her brother coming, was finally less scared and carefully slid down from Night Chen Ting’s shoulder ……

Night Hui hurriedly went forward to lend a hand and carried Yue Yue down, ready to place her on the chair next to Night Zhen Ting.

“No, I don’t want to sit next to him.” Yue Yue shouted anxiously before her feet hit the ground.

“Fine, fine!” Night Fai hurriedly carried Yue Yue to the chair opposite, “Is it okay here?”

“Mmm.” Yue Yue beamed and nodded her head.

Night Fai carefully placed her on the chair, as if holding a fragile piece of gla*s.

After setting it down and seeing her sitting firmly, he let out a long breath, as if he had accomplished something big.

But still, he shielded her with his hands, fearing that she might slip off the chair ……

“San Bao, are you alright?” Tenzin asked with concern.

“It’s fine.” Yue Yue shook her head and felt something in her hand, raising both her chubby little hands, which were actually tugging on a small strand of hair ……

“Uh 。。。。” Yue Yue weakly looked at Night Zhen Ting, raised the strand of hair in her hand and asked, “Is this yours?”

How naive and innocent!

The corners of Night Fai’s mouth twitched a few times, almost on the verge of vomiting blood and dying.

Chen Chen looked at the hair in her palm, and then at Night Zhen Ting, and couldn’t help but be a little timid.

This time it was their fault ……

The hair in Yueyue’s hand was a strand of hair, and his face instantly became dark and sullen, like the sky on the eve of a storm, with dark clouds ……

Growing up, who dared to sit on his shoulders?

Who dares to sit on his shoulder by tugging his hair?

Who would dare to sit on his shoulders by his hair and pull his hair down?

Only this chubby little girl in front of him ……

Not far away, Feng Qianxue, who witnessed all this, could not help but feel emboldened and anxious ……

How can this be, how can Yue Yue sit on the shoulder of the Night Devil? And pulling off the night devil’s hair?

It’s over, it’s over, the Night Devil is going to freak out!!!

“What’s wrong?” At this moment, Old Master Night came, saw the hair on Yue Yue’s hand and looked at Night Zhen Ting’s gloomy face, coughed twice in embarra*sment, then said in a rather symbolic and comforting manner, “You have so much hair, it’s fine to rip off a few.”

Night Zhending narrowed his eyes and looked at Old Master Night incredulously, “Are you my own grandfather?”

“Nonsense!” Old Master Night glared at him, “Do you still want to argue with a three-year-old child?”


Night Zhen Ting’s inner waves tumbled and his facial expression was beyond control.

“Yes, I’m sorry ……” Yue Yue apologized carefully in a milky voice, “I didn’t mean to!”

Night Zhen Ting looked at her coldly, clearly wanting to lose his temper, but that nameless fire was as if it was suppressed by her soft gaze, how could he not let it out.

It was a very stifling feeling!

At that moment, the waiter began to serve the meal, placing some pretty and delicate snacks on the table, along with various drinks.

Yue Yue picked up a pink cloud candyfloss and sincerely handed it to Night Zhen Ting: “It’s for you, don’t be angry!”

Night Zhen Ting gave her a blank look and did not take it, instead he drank silently with the gla*s of wine in front of him.

Yue Yue stood up and leaned over the dining table, handing that cloudy candyfloss to Night Zhen Ting once again, “Big grandson, I’m sorry, don’t be angry!”


Chapter 362


Night Zhen Ting shuddered and looked up at her, “What did you call me?”

“Big grandson!”

Yue Yue had an innocent look on her face, directly shoving the cloud of candyfloss into Night Zhen Ting’s mouth, smiling and patting her little chubby hand, “Eat the candyfloss and consider yourself forgiven!”

Night Zhen Ting was stunned there, his mouth stuffed with marshmallows, his eyes burning with fire.

Night Hui secretly cried out in his heart, Mr. Night had been provoked by this little baby again and again today, and he had a belly full of anger inside, but he couldn’t let it out, so I guess they, his men, would have to suffer.

“Cough cough!” Night Sen coughed dryly a few times and reminded in a low voice, “Princess Yue Yue, this is not the right name for you, you can’t call it that anymore.”

“Why?” Yue Yue tilted her little head and asked in confusion, “He is grandpa’s eldest grandson, short for eldest grandson!”


The table of adults was speechless and crying with laughter.

“Hahahaha, childish talk, childish talk!” Remember the website

Old Master Night laughed cheerfully, in his mind, there was no problem for these three precious grandsons to do anything.

“San Bao, you can’t call them that.” Chen Chen gently reminded Yue Yue, “We have to be polite!”

“Okay.” Yue Yue pouted her little mouth and asked in a resigned voice, “Then what should we call him?”

“Call him Big Brother!” Dragon suddenly said.

“Pff–” Old Master Night almost choked on the coffee that had reached his mouth, he knew that this little good grandson liked martial arts fighting, but he didn’t expect his personality to be so jaded, much like his younger days.

“Yes, according to the seniority, he should be called big brother.” Chen Chen nodded in a serious manner, “We are grandpa’s grandsons, he is also grandpa’s grandson, he is older than both of us, therefore, we should call him big brother!”


Night Zhen Ting’s head was full of black lines and he was speechless.

What kind of impulse had he committed today that he had to come here to suffer?

This kind of creature, cannot be beaten or scolded, even the eyes cannot be too fierce ……

The actual fact is that you can’t even look at them too fiercely, or else they will cry and make him upset.

So, no matter what they say or do, even if they pull a handful of his hair and call him “big grandson”, he has to put up with it ……

But when did he ever have the word “tolerate” in his dictionary?

The actual fact is that the woman has a child with someone else.

He didn’t want to stay for a second, so he got up and prepared to leave ……

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

Night Zhen Ting stared at that back, his eyes narrowed dangerously ……

“The Night King calm down, I will immediately go and prepare the car.” Night Hui thought that Night Zhen Ting was leaving and immediately gestured to his bodyguard.

But at that moment, Night Zhen Ting sat down again, and also picked up his napkin and set it in front of him, ready to eat.

“Not leaving?” Old Master Night looked at him in surprise.

“I haven’t eaten, so I’ll eat before I leave.” Night Zhen Ting picked up his wine and took a sip, then began to cut the steak.

“Big grandson ……,” Yue Yue retracted the name on her lips in time and changed it, saying weakly, “Big brother, this is for you, thank you for carrying me just now!”

Her chubby little hand held a cola chicken wing and handed it to Night Zhen Ting.

This was her favourite food, and there was only one on the plate, but she shared it with Night Tremor.

Although he looked fierce and cold and she was scared and cried, he didn’t bully her and carried her to her seat ……

The sensible Yue Yue knew she should thank him.

Night Zhen Ting looked at Yue Yue’s oily little fat hands and then at the cola chicken wings and couldn’t help but frown ……

This little girl was just like her mother, she liked to eat with her hands.

“Use a fork to eat, don’t use your hands.” Night Zhen Ting said.

“Oh!” Yue Yue put down the chicken wings, wiped her hands carefully with a wet wipe, then reinserted the piece of cola chicken wings with her fork and handed it to him, “Now it’s okay!”

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