Am I A Gigolo Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53

Feng Qianxue hurriedly pulled Tenzin to ask about the situation.

“A few mysterious people came to me today and asked me about the chip, I was all confused, then I watched the surveillance video and realized that they took me for Longlong ……”

Chen Chen told everyone the details of what happened.

Feng Qianxue felt incredulous, she didn’t expect that the chip that Long Long said was true, and it was the same chip that was stolen from Shengtian Group ……

“Wow, so that chip recorded the secret of the new technology, no wonder they are all grabbing it.”

Dragon felt that he had done something amazing and was beaming with joy, “I’ve been protecting the chip for so long, so I’m getting credit for it.”

“And you say that, you’re leading the wolf into the house.” Tenzin frowned and criticised harshly, “You shouldn’t have accepted something from that man in black if you didn’t even know him, luckily there was no danger today, what if something happened to you and Yue Yue!”

“I didn’t even react at that time, he just shoved something into my pocket.” Long Long beamed, very unconvinced, “And I said long ago that Little Four Treasures had swallowed the chip and you guys didn’t believe me.”

“It’s Mommy’s fault, Mommy didn’t expect things to be so serious.” Feng Qianxue apologised to Long Long, “If Mummy had paid attention to it earlier, all these things wouldn’t have happened today.”

“Anyway, now that the chip has been snatched by the bad guys and Shengtian Group’s people are tracking it down, this matter has nothing to do with us anymore.” Tenzin inclined his little head in a rational analysis.

“That may not be true ……,” Zhu’s mother suddenly said. Remember the website

“Ah? Why?” Feng Qianxue looked at her in confusion.

Zhu Ma walked to the door and looked to make sure no one was outside, and immediately covered the battered door before returning, holding her voice and whispering, “The …… contained in that box is not a chip!”

“Huh?” The whole family looked at her, surprised, and asked, “It’s not a chip? Then what is it?”

“It’s ……,” Zhu’s mother said as she looked at the little four-pack in Yue’s arms.

Little SiBao buried her furry little head under her wings with a shameful look on her face ……


“Chief Night, the chip was snatched away by Black Tiger, we are chasing it with all our might.”

Night Hui called Night Zhen Ting to report while leading his men to chase after Black Tiger.

“Rubbish!” Night ZhenTing bellowed angrily, “If you can’t chase after the chip, don’t come back.”

“Yes!” Night Fai waved his hand and said impa*sionedly to his bodyguards, “Tonight even if we die, we will retrieve the chip!”

“Swear to die to recover the chip!”

The Night Family’s gold-medal bodyguards fought for their lives in pursuit, laying down a net of heaven and earth.

Black Tiger was on the run, and the journey was so dangerous that he pa*sed by the door of a ghost several times.

But no matter how difficult it was, Black Tiger kept on gritting his teeth. He had a firm belief in his heart that he had to deliver the chip to his employer!

Once he succeeded, he would be paid $100 million, and he and his brothers would never have to worry about anything in their lives!

At 2.30am, Night Fai led his men to round up Black Tiger on the South Lord’s Coast.

Countless blinding lights were focused on Black Tiger, while dozens of guns were aimed at him.

If he dared to resist, he would be beaten into a hornet’s nest!

Night Fai bellowed angrily, “Black Tiger, hand over the chip and let you live!”

Faced with a heavy crisis, Black Tiger decided to throw in the towel: swallow the chip and jump into the sea, there might still be a chance of survival ……

With this in mind, he took out the silver box containing the chip from his pocket, eagerly ripped off the pink bow, opened the box and prepared to take out the chip ……

However, seeing the contents of the box, he froze.

In an instant, his expression went from dumbfounded, to shocked, to stunned, and finally to a full face twitch, with twitching lips and moist eyes ……

The fat face of Long Long’s little witty boy came to mind.

Hating with a hundred claws, Black Tiger gritted his teeth and cursed angrily, “Devils, a family are devils ……”


Chapter 54


A shot rang out and Black Tiger was hit in the arm, the small silver box in his hand fell into the sea.

He screamed in pain, and before he knew it, a group of black-clad bodyguards jumped into the sea to retrieve the “chip”.

Black Tiger froze for a moment, and then a wicked grin rose on his face: “You want the chip, don’t you? Find a needle in a haystack, take your time to find it ……”

“How outrageous.” Night Hui was so angry that his face turned blue, “Black Tiger, you would rather throw the chip into the sea than give it to me, you’re dead!”

“Deploy divers, make sure to retrieve the chip.”



The family of five opened their eyes wide and were filled with curiosity as they gathered around the little four-pack and looked at it carefully.

“Granny, are you saying that Little Four Treasures has laid an egg?” Longlong opened his big soulful eyes and stared curiously at Little Four Treasures’ buttocks, “How could it lay an egg? It’s a parrot, it’s not a chicken.”

“It’s not only chickens that lay eggs.” Tenzin wore his gla*ses and used the computer to access information, “All birds lay eggs.”

“But doesn’t it take a male and a female to lay eggs? I only have one parrot at home, Little Four Treasures.” Dragon was incredulous, “She’s a single parrot, how could she be laying eggs?”

“Could it be that Little Four Treasures has found a boyfriend without telling us?” Yue Yue picked up Little Four Treasures’ little head and questioned it fiercely, “Little Four Treasures, tell us honestly, are you hiding a boyfriend from us?”

“Boy friend, boy friend!” Little Four Treasures repeated the word.

“I remember, the tenant of the building opposite also has a parrot, and Little Four Treasures often flies over to play with it.” It dawned on Zhu’s mother.

“Zhu Ma, when did you find out that Little Four Treasures laid eggs?” Feng Qianxue asked afterwards.

“It’s like this ……,” Zhu’s mum recounted what happened, “I went to clean Little Four Treasures’ cage this afternoon and I was surprised to find that it had laid an egg.

I saw on TV that if you don’t put the egg away, it will eat its own egg, so I took it out and wiped it clean and put it away.

Then I thought of another surprise for you guys, so I put the egg in a pretty little box and tied a bow with a pink floating ribbon, not realising that the bad guy had snatched it away as some kind of chip ……”

“That box is the one that held the chip before.” Dragon held up his chubby little hand and said excitedly, “I put it on the table in my room before, and when I saw it in the cage today, I thought it was the chip.”

“This is also a misadventure, a crooked one.” Feng Qianxue patted her heart and said, “If that person hadn’t mistaken the box for the chip and thought of grabbing it and hurrying away, I’m afraid he would have made a move on you guys.”

“In that case, we should thank Granny and Little Four Treasures.”

Yue Yue stroked Little Four Treasures’ little head dotingly.

“Zhu Ma, did Little Four Treasures pull the chip out then?” Feng Qianxue asked the key question.

“No.” Zhu Ma frowned and shook her head, “I’ve been paying attention every day, and it hasn’t pulled out the chip.”

“That’s bad!” Feng Qianxue’s face turned gloomy.

“Mummy, what’s bad?” Yue Yue tilted her little head and asked curiously.

“Don’t you guys understand?”

Tenzin turned into a serious face, wagging his finger, and said in a serious manner –

“That bad guy thought that what was in the box was the chip, and then the people of Shengtian Group also thought that he had snatched the chip and followed after him. But afterwards, they must have found out that it wasn’t a chip that was in there, so ……”

“So they will still come after us?”

Dragon and Yue shouted in unison.

The next second, Yue Yue scrambled into Feng Qianxue’s arms, pulling her mother’s clothes to cover her face, her chubby little body shivering with fear.

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