Am I A Gigolo Chapter 567-568

Chapter 567

“The wood is already gone!” Night Zhen Ting stretched his hand, “The old man has to agree or not, there is no turning back!”

“This move of yours is really …… preemptive.”

Night Sen was so scared that his face turned pale and he was speechless.

“Uncle Sen, are you alright?” Night Fai held him up, but was pushed away by his old man, “Get lost, brat, and don’t say anything to persuade the young master.”

“I wouldn’t dare.” Night Fai muttered in a small voice.

“Uncle Sen, things have come to this, just help persuade the old man to accept Miss Feng.” Night Jun said cautiously, “Actually, Miss Wind is quite nice ……”

“Brat.” Night Sen threw a slap at Night Jun’s back, “You’re also following the nonsense!”

“He’s right.” Night Zhen Ting raised an eyebrow, “Where’s the nonsense?”

“。。。。” The corners of Night Sen’s mouth twitched as he squeezed out a stiff smile, “Yes, Young Master!”

“Then you are agreeing to help me convince grandpa?” Night Zhen Ting immediately took advantage of the fire, “Thank you Uncle Sen!”

“。。。。” Night Sen was stunned, he had actually accidentally fallen into the young master’s trap? This pit was dug too obviously.

“Thank you Uncle Sen!” Night Jun and Night Hui followed suit and thanked him.

Night Sen was suffocating, his face turned a saucy purple and he couldn’t say a word.

At that moment, the medical nurses came out with the children and said to Night Zhen Ting, “Chief Night, the old master is letting you in.”

“Hmm.” Night ZhenTing nodded and squatted down to say to the children, “Go to the lounge for snacks first and wait for daddy.”

“Got it, daddy.”

The children nodded obediently and followed their medical sisters to the lounge.

Night Zhen Ting gave Night Sen a deep look and turned to walk into the ward.

Knowing what he meant by that look, Night Sen felt embarra*sed, but he could only follow him in.

“Brat, you have finally lived up to my expectations!”

Old Master Night was still immersed in the joy of recognizing his great-grandson, his face beaming with a bright smile ……

“I thought that all those years of controlling you too strictly had caused you to be too stubborn about your feelings, but I didn’t expect that you were quite capable, actually giving me three great-grandchildren, hehehe!”

“It’s good that you’re happy.” Night Zhen Ting raised the corners of his lips.

“Happy is happy, but we also need to arrange for the follow-up.”

Speaking of this topic, Old Master Night became serious, “After all, they are our flesh and blood of the Night Clan, they can’t be strayed, let alone use other surnames, have you communicated with the children’s mother? Changing the children’s names and surnames?”

“Not really.”

Night Zhen Ting hadn’t considered this issue, he had grown up abroad and didn’t particularly care about surnames, he also thought the names Feng Qian Chen, Feng Qian Long and Feng Qian Yue were quite catchy.

So he hadn’t mentioned this matter to Feng Qianxue at all.

“Let’s discuss it today and go and change the surname tomorrow.” Old Master Night was very strict about such matters and could not be delayed, “Also, how do you plan to settle the children’s mother?”

“On this subject ……”

“My opinion is to give a sum of money, settle down for the future, and keep her away from the children.”

Without waiting for Night Zhen Ting to speak, the old man of the night had already stated his guidance, “After all, it’s not a famous family, marrying back is impossible, but she has given birth to three children for our night family, and she can’t be treated thinly ……”

“Grandfather ……” Night Zhen Ting interrupted the old lady of the night and frowned, “Our night family is rich and powerful, we don’t need to rely on marriage to increase our a*sets at all, what’s wrong with me marrying a commoner? ”

Hearing this, Old Master Night was a little surprised, “You mean, you want to marry the children’s mother?”

“Of course.” Night Zhen Ting was very resolute, “I have already received her into my home and have been waiting for you to wake up before preparing for the wedding.”


Chapter 568

“What are you messing around with?” Old Master Night frowned in exasperation, “Your marriage to Ling Long has already been announced to the public, and the date of the engagement ceremony has been set.”

“Just cancel it.” Night Zhen Ting didn’t think so, “It’s not like I set it anyway!”

“You ……” the old man was so angry that his face turned blue, “Are you out of your mind? Can’t you recognize the situation clearly? Leng has entered the domestic market and your aunt is at odds with you, you are now in external and internal trouble, if Ling and Chu turn to Leng, it will be quite detrimental to us, don’t you know that?”

“The Chu’s have already defected to the Leng’s.” Night Zhen Ting said indifferently.

“What? It’s already confirmed?” Old Master Night was shocked.

“It’s confirmed.” Night Zhen Ting nodded, “Si Hao Xuan has a problem with me, he and Chu Zi Han will be getting married soon, the Chu family will naturally defect to the Leng family, and the two families have already reached an alliance and are ready to take the South Lord Sea.”

“Since that’s the case, all the more reason why you can’t dissolve your marriage with Ling Long.” Old Master Night frowned, “Or else ……”

“It has already been dissolved.” Night Zhen Ting gave another blow.

“Young master ……” Night Sen couldn’t even stop him, he still wanted to let Night ZhenTing talk about this matter later, after all, the old man had just woken up, but Night ZhenTing had already said it out loud.

“What did you say?” Old Master Night’s eyes widened in shock.

“It was lifted this morning.” Night Zhen Ting said with calmness and righteousness, “I won’t describe the details to you, lest you can’t bear it ……”

“You, you unfilial son!!!”

Old Master Night was furious, grabbed the water cup in his hand and smashed it towards Night Zhen Ting.

Without slowing down, Night Zhen Ting dodged and the cup smashed to the ground, shattering.

Outside, the attendants who heard the sound were startled.

Night Jun and Night Hui looked at each other with a stony expression.

“Just a moment ago, they were praising me for my abilities, and now they are scolding people for being unfilial.” Night Zhen Ting muttered unhappily.

“You, you are deliberately trying to P*ss me off!!!”

Old Master Night was so angry that his face turned pale, covering his heart which was heaving up and down, panting hard.

“Old master, calm down, calm down.” Night Sen hurriedly smoothed his heart, “You’ve just woken up, you mustn’t be stimulated again.”

“Quickly inhale the oxygen!”

The medical nurse immediately gave the old man oxygen.

Soon, Old Master Night calmed down and his face gradually returned to normal, but his eyebrows were always knotted together.

Night Sen was afraid that if Night Zhen Ting continued to talk like this, it would make the old man even more irritated, so he cautiously reminded, “Young master, why don’t you take the young master and princesses back first, and come back in a few days when the old man’s health is more stable.”

“Oh, fine.” Night Zhen Ting looked at Old Master Night, “Grandpa, I’m leaving then?”

“Where are you going to go? You stay here and face the wall and think about it.” Old Master Night shouted angrily in agitation.

Night Zhen Ting did not resist, and stood obediently facing the wall, like a child who was punished for standing.

He knew the old man’s personality too well, and he would not let him go until the matter was clear.

It was only after a while that Old Master Night subsided, pointing at Night Zhending and shouting angrily, “Turn around for me!”

Night Zhending meekly turned around and looked at him good-naturedly.

“Give me an honest explanation, what do you want?” Old Master Night covered his heart and questioned, “You’ve been undergoing devilish training since you were six years old, and you’ve never slacked off for a moment in over twenty years, so why are you now so unconcerned about the greater good? What the hell is going on in your head?”

“I can’t marry a woman I don’t love, what’s more, this woman has a wrong heart and a violent temperament, if I marry her, she will give me trouble every day, and I won’t be interested in expanding my career in the future, in fact, you are looking at it from this perspective, it’s also a long-term interest, right?”

Night Zhen Ting reasoned with the old man.

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