Am I A Gigolo Chapter 591-592

Chapter 591

Night Zhen Ting has been holding his ground and has not made any response yet.

However, the business world is waiting to see what’s going on, not knowing when the curtain will rise on this war, and whoever wins or loses, it will set off a bloody storm in the business world!

“Why did they come to Si Hao Xuan and Chu Zi Han’s wedding? Could it be that the Si and Chu families have defected to the Leng Clan?” Feng Qianxue asked apprehensively.

“You’re not too stupid.” Night Zhen Ting pinched her chin.

“Wouldn’t that be a big disadvantage to you?” Feng Qianxue’s face instantly changed, “Plus now that you’ve broken off your engagement with Ling, if Ling also turns to defect to Leng, then ……”

“Already defected.” Night Zhen Ting rubbed his brow, “He’s dealing with this today.”

“No way?” Feng Qianxue was shocked, “Ling’s still has a project with Shengtian, how dare she defect to the Leng’s at this time? According to the contract, breaking the contract is a compensation of ten times the money.”

“That’s what the contract says, but I’m the one who’s in the wrong, so it won’t look good for either side.” Night Zhen Ting said indifferently, “The point is, Ling Feng night once had a kindness to our night family, I can’t really let Ling compensate.”

“Then ……”

“The project is terminated, the cooperation is dissolved, and we don’t owe each other.” Night Zhen Ting said indifferently, “From then on, what we owe to the Ling family will be cleared!”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue was speechless, others who were not clear about the situation might think that Night Zhending was arrogant and capricious, only she knew how much Night Zhending had sacrificed in order to give her a name and give the children a home.

He actually could have not had to rush to break off the marriage with the Ling family, if he had been a bit more slaggy and selfish and realistic, he could have married Ling Long first, dealt with the Leng side first, and then dealt with personal matters later ……

But he didn’t.

He would rather take the enormous pressure and risk to give her and the child an explanation.

This is a man’s duty and responsibility!

“Now then, don’t you have the upper hand?” Feng Qianxue was heartbroken when she thought of the pressure that Night Zhen Ting was resisting on his shoulders, “Leng has the a*sistance of Chu Si Ling’s three families, like a tiger with wings, while your Night’s a*sets were originally divided into two arms, so I’m afraid it won’t be easy for you to fight Leng alone.”

“It is not easy, but don’t worry, your husband I am capable of solving it.”

Night Zhen Ting touched her face, gentle and doting.

“I’m sorry, it’s all because I’ve dragged you down.”

Feng Qianxue felt very guilty, if it wasn’t because of her, Night Zhending would not have developed a grudge against the Si and Chu families, and even more so, he would not have been cut off from the Ling family.

No wonder the old man said that she was a red-headed bogeyman, in fact, on one level, it seemed to have some truth to it.

“Fool.” Night Zhen Ting frowned, “You have to have faith in me!”

“Mmhmm.” Feng Qianxue nodded repeatedly and changed the subject, “There’s one thing I don’t quite understand, how could Chairman Ling allow Ling Long to fool around? Does he not care if Ling Long is messing around like this?”

“Ling’s shares have already been possessed by Ling Long’s mother and daughter, Ling Feng night is just a vain name, she can’t be controlled at all now.”

Night Zhen Ting was also a bit speechless when he talked about this ……

“Ling Long was raised outside and suffered some hardships, Ling Fengye felt indebted to her and doted on her, plus she was smart and capable, so Ling Fengye gave the company to her to manage, not expecting that his own daughter would seek to seize the family fortune and overthrow him!”

“。。。。。” Feng Qianxue was stunned, “Ling Long is also too ruthless!”

“How can you do great things if you’re not ruthless?” Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows, “If everyone is like you, the business world will be peaceful!”

“Fine ……,” Feng Qianxue beamed unhappily.

“But ……” Night Zhen Ting cupped her face and smiled wickedly, “You look stupid and dumb, yet you can subdue me, the king, so you’re the best!”

Chapter 592

These words, simple and simple, but like fire tantalized Feng Qianxue’s heart ……

Feng Qianxue was very touched in her heart and reached out to hug him tightly.

“So enthusiastic?” Night Zhen Ting patted her back and deliberately teased her, “Go back and make out again!”

“Nasty!” Feng Qianxue bit his neck.

The two of them laughed and laughed, and then got out of the car.

The spring breeze struck and lifted Feng Qianxue’s long, silky black hair, and her angelic, holy and flawless face emitted an alluring lustre in the sunlight, so beautiful that it made people’s hearts flutter!

All the guests around were attracted by her and stopped to look at her.

There were even some uninformed wealthy businessmen who wanted to come up to her, but at that moment, Nicholas came down from the car and put his arm around her waist, and those people immediately turned away!

Who dares to have an idea about the woman of Night Zhen Ting?

“Mr. Night, welcome!”

Si Haoxuan’s father and Chu Zihan’s father greeted them respectfully, no matter how commercially warring they were, they didn’t dare to neglect Night ZhenTing.

“Congratulations.” Night ZhenTing politely congratulated.

Night Fai sent congratulatory gifts.

“Mr. Night is too polite.”

The two elders were respectful and attentive, and Chu Zihan’s father, Chu Shihao, even greeted Feng Qianxue warmly, “This is Miss Feng, right? Welcome!”

“Thank you!” Feng Qianxue smiled and nodded her head.

When Si Hao Xuan’s father, Si Zhiyuan, saw Feng Qianxue, he couldn’t help but feel a little embarra*sed.

At the beginning, he and Feng Qianyang were close friends, and Feng Qianyang had helped him a lot in business. The marriage between the two families was originally a happy event, but then when Feng Qianyang had an accident, the Si family took the wind out of their sails and temporarily cancelled the marriage contract, forcing Feng Qianyue to leave in anger, which led to the series of farces that followed ……

Now that Si Hao Xuan has divorced Bai Lu and married Chu Zi Han, and Feng Qian Xue is also with Night Zhen Ting, in Si Zhi Yuan’s opinion, Feng Qian Xue has climbed to another higher mountain ……

I can’t afford to offend, I can’t afford to be neglected.

“Two distinguished guests please come in!”

The two families led Night Zhen Ting into the hotel with his arm around Feng Qianxue, a group of guests all gathered around to exchange pleasantries, Night Zhen Ting dealt with a few words and took Feng Qianxue to a private room to rest.

Night Jun hurried in and reported in a low voice, “The Leng family entered through the side door, Chu Zihan and Si Hao Xuan personally greeted them, it seems that the legendary Mr. L doesn’t want to show his face yet.”

“Keep an eye on him, and report back to me immediately if anything happens.” Night Zhen Ting ordered.

“Yes.” The Night Army immediately went to do it.

“Night King, everything is ready.” Night Hui also rushed to report.

Night Zhen Ting nodded, slowly and methodically sipping his wine, with a grim chill between his brows.

Feng Qianxue was vaguely uneasy, always feeling that Night Zhenting was up to something big, and that this wedding today was actually a fight between him and the Leng family.

It was just that the legendary Mr. L of the Leng family was in the dark and Night Zhen Ting was in the light, so there was no telling what tactics the other side would use.

“Don’t be afraid.” Night Zhen Ting held Feng Qian Xue’s hand, “I’m here.”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue nodded and picked up the juice and was about to drink it when there was a sudden knock on the door outside, followed by a familiar voice, “Mr. Night, may I come in?”

“Please come in.” Night Fai stepped forward and opened the door.

Chu Zihan, dressed in an extravagant wedding gown, walked in holding Si Hao Xuan’s arm, the two of them springing to life, full of happiness!

When Feng Qianxue twisted her head to look over, Si Hao Xuan was still flustered and avoided her gaze.

“Welcome Mr. Night to our wedding!”

Chu Zihan walked over with Si Haoxuan and extended his hand to Night Zhenting with a smile on his face.

“Congratulations to the two of you.” Night ZhenTing rose to shake their hands, his lips curled in a shallow arc.

“Congratulations!” Feng Qianxue also shook hands with them politely.

“Thank you!” Chu Zihan smiled like a flower as he surveyed Feng Qianxue, “Qianxue, you are so beautiful today!”

“You’re the bride, you’re even prettier.” Feng Qianxue politely returned.

“When will it be our turn to drink your wedding wine?”

Chu Zihan smiled and looked at Feng Qianxue, although his smile was bright, his gaze was as cold as a knife.

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