Am I A Gigolo Chapter 593-594

Chapter 593

“Next month.” Night Zhen Ting returned, “We’ll send you invitations then!”

“Really? It’s all set in stone?”

Chu Zi Han was very shocked, she had always thought that Night Zhen Ting was just playing around with Feng Qian Xue and couldn’t possibly marry her, but to her surprise, Night Zhen Ting had actually taken the initiative to talk about their marriage.

“Mm.” Night ZhenTing tenderly wrapped his arms around Feng QianXue, “It will take some time to customize QianXue’s wedding dress and jewellery, otherwise it would have been done this month.”

“Is it that urgent?” Si Haoxuan blurted out.

“Of course, what if the wife runs away?” Night Zhen Ting said jokingly.

Feng Qianxue laughed out loud, and the two of them looked at each other with affection and tenderness.

Chu Zi Han looked very jealous, today she was supposed to get married with Si Hao Xuan, but Feng Qian Xue was the one who made the most of it.

Ever since she was little, as long as there was Feng Qianxue around, her light would be overshadowed, even if it was her own wedding ……

“Quite well, congratulations.” Si Hao Xuan said congratulations without meaning to, and the smile on the corners of his mouth was extremely stiff.

“The two of you take a break first, we will go out to greet the other guests, the ceremony will officially begin in half an hour, please also move to the banquet hall.” Remember the website

Chu Zihan said with a smile.

“Okay, go and get busy.” Night Zhen Ting sat down with his arm around Feng Qian Xue.

Chu Zi Han pulled Si Hao Xuan away, and just as she walked around the corner, she couldn’t help but curse in a low voice, “Look at how Night always treats Feng Qian Xue? All eyes are on her, one movement and one look, all on her, and you, before you saw Feng Qianxue it was fine, once you saw her, you completely forgot about me.”

“You’re overly concerned.” Si Hao Xuan explained indifferently, “She is Night Zhen Ting’s woman, how could I have thoughts about her?”

“If she wasn’t Night Zhen Ting’s woman, you’d have thoughts about her, wouldn’t you?” Chu Zihan glared at him indignantly.

“It’s not ……” Si Haoxuan’s brow furrowed, “Today is our wedding day, will you stop being grumpy? This is not good for the child in your belly either.”

Thinking of the child, Chu Zihan’s temper was slightly suppressed, yet she still warned indignantly, “Si Haoxuan, I have given so much for you, even going so far as to use my entire family to a*sist you, if you fail me, I will never let you go.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen.” Si Hao Xuan put his arm around her intimately, “Let’s go out, there are other guests waiting for us.”

“That Mr. L and Mr. Night will definitely fight today, we’ll just sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, no matter who loses or wins, we can sit back and reap the benefits!”

“Hmm, I know ……”

In the room, Night Zhen Ting was answering the phone, but his eyes were looking at Feng Qian Xue.

Feng Qianxue was sitting on the sofa eating fruit with a good appetite, taking one bite of a raisin, and in no time he had eaten all of a bunch of raisins before going back to eating the cupcake.

After answering the phone, Night Zhen Ting pulled her into his arms, cupped her cheeks and said, “You have such a good appetite, could you be really pregnant? You should get it checked out ……”

“No way, I’ve always had a good appetite.” Feng Qianxue was still concerned about eating.

“It’s always right to check, I’ll take you to the hospital later.”

Night Zhen Ting was looking forward to Feng Qianxue giving him a few more children so that the family would be more lively.

“No.” Feng Qianxue shook her head, “I’ve even made an appointment with Zhu’s mother, I’ll rush to the countryside when the wedding is over.”

“Disobedient.” Night Zhen Ting bit her unhappily.

“Oooh, stop it!”

The two were frolicking when the night army hurriedly came to report, and when they saw the intimate scene, they hurriedly turned around again, “Night King, the wedding is about to start, everything is ready!”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting helped Feng Qian Xue to stand up.

The two of them straightened their attire and walked out together, holding hands.

Just as they walked out of the room, they ran into Chu Zi Mo who came face to face, he was dressed in a black suit, tied up his long hair, revealing a few literary touches in his handsomeness, seeing Feng Qianxue, he froze at once ……

Chapter 594

“Zimo!” Feng Qianxue was first stunned for a moment, then greeted with a smile, “Long time no see!”

“Long time no see!” Chu Zimo’s gaze never moved away from Feng Qianxue since the beginning, “How are you doing?”

“Pretty good.” Feng Qianxue took hold of Night Zhen Ting’s arm in time before his face turned dark and said with a smile, “We are getting married soon too, please come and join us when the time comes!”

“Oh, okay.”

Chu Zi Mo’s gaze fell into the crook of Night Zhen Ting’s arm, like a falling star, becoming dull and dull. How he wished that one day Feng Qianxue could also hold him like this now.

This wish had been longed for for years and had never come true, and I was afraid it would be difficult to achieve in the future ……

“When the wedding date is set, send an invitation to you.”

Night Zhen Ting said politely and led Feng Qianxue away.

Feng Qianxue brushed Chu Zimo’s shoulder and left straight away without the slightest fondness.

Although he had long been mentally prepared and had imagined countless scenes of reencounter, this moment, when the two brushed past each other, Chu Zimo was still sad in his heart ……

He lowered his eyes and stood motionlessly in place, waiting for the sound of footsteps behind him to fade away.

Imagining Feng Qianxue’s leaving back, Chu Zimo couldn’t help but sigh, perhaps in this life, they were destined to miss out ……

Feng Qianxue had some guilt in her heart towards Chu Zimo, but she didn’t turn back, she knew that a dry and sharp refusal was better than a drawn out ambiguity, she couldn’t delay him any longer.

“Why don’t we chat for a while more when old friends get together?” Night Zhen Ting said rather casually.

“I don’t think he’s gone yet, I’ll go and talk to him then.” Feng Qianxue pretended to turn back.

“How dare you?” Night Zhen Ting immediately yanked her and confined her in his arms, pinching her cheeks in exasperation, “You’re used to being lawless!”

“Who told you to be shady.” Feng Qianxue kissed him and explained, “There was nothing between me and Zi Mo in the first place, to say the least, I owe him a debt and shouldn’t have used him as a shield.”

“If it’s over, it’s over.”

Night Zhen Ting also felt in his heart that he had been a bit reckless at first, but his mouth didn’t want to admit it, after all, a man’s face was important.

Feng Qianxue gave him a blank look and changed the subject, “It seems like the wedding is about to start, let’s get going.”

Although she did not approve of Si Hao Xuan and Chu Zi Han in her heart, the atmosphere of the wedding would still be infectious.

Feng Qianxue was even thinking about how she was going to plan her future wedding ……

Romantic and melodious music came from the banquet hall, and the wedding ceremony was about to begin.

Si Zhiyuan and Chu Shihao greeted Night Zhenting and Feng Qianxue at the entrance, respectfully inviting them to the main guest table, where the other guests smiled at them and greeted them with a very attentive attitude.

Night Zhen Ting swept around without moving a muscle, and did not see the legendary Mr L.

Since he was here, but he didn’t show up?

Did he attend the wedding just to see him?

Night Zhen Ting looked cold and elegant as he tasted his wine.

Feng Qianxue sat next to him, quietly watching the wedding ceremony on stage.

Thinking of that night four years ago, when she and Si Hao Xuan were almost engaged, back then, he was also wearing a white suit like now, dignified and elegant!

Only at that time, his eyes were clear, and even though they had some flaws, they could not hide the justice within.

And now he has a pair of eyes written with calculations, it’s really chilling ……

“Miss Chu Zihan, may I ask if you are willing to marry Mr. Si Hao Xuan and become his wife, for richer or poorer, in health or in sickness, forever?” The MC was making the final relief.

“I am willing!” Chu Zihan replied without hesitation.

“Mr. Si Hao Xuan, are you willing to take Miss Chu Zi Han as your wife, for richer or poorer, in health or in sickness, and never leave her?” The MC asked Si Haoxuan.

Si Hao Xuan glanced towards the stage, his gaze touched Feng Qianxue and quickly withdrew, raising his smiling face and saying, “I do!”

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