Am I A Gigolo Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

Still thinking about it, Night Zhen Ting had already walked out of the room ……

The maid who was waiting at the door had already closed the door.

The first thing you need to do is to get back on the bed and say to yourself that you need to take care of your injuries, and when you get better, everything will be fine.

Night Zhen Ting returned to his room, thinking about the way Feng Qian Xue was shaking in fear just now, his lips raised in a confusing curve.

That woman, silly and cute!

This night, Feng Qianxue didn’t sleep well, not because of the pain, but because her mind couldn’t stop.

One moment thinking about the chip, and the next thinking about Night Zhen Ting’s back ……

These two things were unrelated, but both involved her mood.

She was so distressed that she just wanted to solve it as soon as possible.

The next morning, Feng Qianxue was awakened by the ringing of the phone, it was the babies calling. She answered the phone, and after a few simple words of rea*surance, she found an excuse to hang up the phone.

She didn’t want anyone to know about the existence of the babies, after all, when Feng’s business became so big, it made a lot of enemies, once the news spread, once there will be former rivals deliberately make things difficult for her and her family …… Remember the website

When Lei Yu came in with his medical a*sistant to change Feng Qianxue’s medicine and opened the door to the room, Night Zhen Ting happened to pa*s by the door.

A straight black suit set off a domineering and mysterious aura, and his slender, upright body was even more solitary in the early morning sunlight.

As he walked and talked on the phone, he glanced at the room seemingly casually as he pa*sed by the door.

He met Feng Qianxue’s gaze, and he was calm and confident, while she was a little nervous.

In the end, it was he who averted his eyes first and left in a hurry.

And her eyes kept following his back, trying to tell if he was the same person or not ……

Although the back really resembled each other, she couldn’t connect him to the duck who waited on rich women every day.

“Miss Feng, I’m going to change your medicine now, it might hurt a bit, so bear with it.” Lei Yu reminded gently.

“Mm, come on.”

Feng Qianxue hadn’t taken it seriously, but when Lei Yu untied the gauze on her neck, she immediately screamed in pain, “Ah – it hurts, it hurts, it hurts -”

Hearing the sound, Night Zhen Ting, who was walking up the revolving staircase, stopped in his tracks and turned back to bark lowly, “Tell her to be gentle!”

“Yes, Night King.” The maid waiting at the door hurriedly went in to report.

Lei Yu and Feng Qianxue both heard Night ZhenTing’s voice, Lei Yu apologized repeatedly, “Sorry, Miss Feng, it hurts you, right?”

“It’s alright ……”

A warm current surged in Feng Qianxue’s heart, once again verifying her conclusion from yesterday: the boss had a crush on her!

Feng Qianxue had always had a fond wish that she could muddle through and get something for nothing.

She thought that she would not be able to realise this wish until she was old and her three babies grew up to be adults, but she never thought that it would come true now.

Two maids, two nurses and a doctor are waiting on her, and she is happy to have her food and clothes at her fingertips.

The maids of the night family are well trained and are very good at reading people’s minds.

Feng Qianxue just looked at the floor-to-ceiling window and sighed, “The sun is so nice!”

The maids immediately helped her to her wheelchair and pushed her to the garden to bask in the sun.

Walking out of the room, Feng Qianxue really saw the luxury of this villa.

The design was simple but extremely exquisite and clever, and the whole villa was dominated by a white tone.

Every piece of furniture and decoration was a limited edition designed by a famous master, and the paintings hanging on the walls and the floor-to-ceiling vases in the corners were all of great value.

Feng Qianxue’s father used to be the richest man in Hai Cheng, and as the daughter of a wealthy family, she was used to seeing nice things and big scenes.

But Night Zhen Ting’s home was far more luxurious than what she had seen a hundred times.

When she stepped out of the villa and then saw the gardens and lawns that were comparable to the royal gardens, she was even more amazed at the financial power of Night Zhen Ting.

She suddenly remembered what Si Hao Xuan said, “It seems that you don’t understand the strength of Mr. Night ……”


Chapter 66

Feng Qianxue used her mobile phone to search for information about Night ZhenTing, and indeed found something she did not know.

It turns out that Shengshi Group is only one of the properties under the name of Night Zhen Ting, occupying only a small share.

This is still what can be searched, there is no telling how much more ……

It is no wonder that the Si family, who is the richest person in Haicheng, is now bending over backwards to support Night Zhen Ting!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

“Miss, there’s a guest at home.” Zhu Ma’s voice was nervous and uneasy.

“Guests?” Feng Qianxue was puzzled, how could she have any guests at home?

“Let me talk to Qianxue. ……” A voice came from the other end of the phone, “Ah Qianxue, this is aunt.”

“Auntie?” Feng Qianxue’s heart sank for a moment, her aunt Bai Qiuyu, Bai Lu’s mother, how did she find her home?

“Qianxue, I heard about it from Lulu before I knew you were back and immediately came to visit you and the children with gifts, your second uncle has been thinking of you a lot ……”

“Auntie.” Feng Qianxue interrupted her and said politely, “I’m not at home right now, what do you want to do?”

Ever since she was a child, Feng Qianxue had never liked this aunt, being profit-oriented and tending to be influential was what she was talking about.

Cousin Feng Shiyuan had joined the Bai family in his early years and had basically no dealings with the Feng family.

Later, when the Feng family became the richest, Feng Shiyuan came to pay his respects and his father, Feng Qianyang, kept him in the company for the sake of his brotherly love.

Feng Shiyuan family to Feng Qianyang father and daughter has always been warm and eager, but then the wind family fell, Feng Qianyang’s afterlife, Feng Shiyuan family did not come, and then directly disappeared to break contact ……

The wind Qianxue heard that Feng Shiyuan opened his own company, named Baifeng Group, doing well.

There are rumors that it is because of the glory of the Si family, while others say that Feng Shiyuan had made a lot of money in the Feng family and used the savings to set up his own business ……

Either way, Feng Qianxue didn’t want to have any more dealings with their family.

I didn’t expect Bai Qiuyu to actually come to my door.

“I just came to see you and the children.” Bai Qiuyu said with a wry smile, “Your second uncle has set up a family banquet and invited you and the children to come to the house for dinner, just in time, your children and our Mu Feng are cla*smates, so we can still play together.”

“No need ……” Feng Qianxue was about to excuse herself.

“What’s so polite, we’re all family.” Bai Qiuyu interrupted Feng Qianxue and said with a smile, “Those uncles and uncles of the Feng family used to care about you too, they are all shareholders of Baifeng Group now, you know them all ……”

Feng Qianxue didn’t want to hear any further at all, forcing her heart to hold back the revulsion and wait for her to finish her words

“By the way, there are also those media reporters who have been following your whereabouts.”

Finally, Bai Qiuyu got to the point –

“Although the Feng family has fallen from grace, but you, the former rich family’s daughter, have also had quite a few news hot spots, I think they should be eager to know who the father of those three children is, right?”

“What the hell do you want?” Feng Qianxue gritted her teeth and shouted angrily.

“Tsk tsk, you child.” Bai Qiuyu laughed sadly, “Auntie just came to ask you to bring the children to the house for a casual meal, why are you getting angry? Is it wrong for us to care about you?”

“Time and place, I will arrive on time.”

Feng Qianxue knew she couldn’t refuse, or else Bai Qiuyu would definitely stir up the child’s story to the media, adding fuel to the fire and making a big deal out of it.

Nowadays, internet violence was so horrible, by then, not to mention the children would not be able to go to kindergarten, I was afraid that even their normal lives would be affected.

“The address is the former Feng family ah.” Bai Qiuyu sneered braggingly, “You still don’t know, right, that villa is now my family’s, for the past four years, we’ve been living there.”

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