His Secret Lover Chapter 33-34

Chapter 33

Huo Siji’s face was all iron blue, and his mood could be seen to be freezing as fast as the naked eye could see!

“Who told you to come over again? Wen Shuxu, you’re really getting bolder and bolder, huh?”

“The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items on the market.

Wen Shuxu waved the medicine bag he brought in front of this man.

When Huo Sijiu saw it, all of a sudden, his face became even more ugly!

“No need!”

“Ah? Why don’t you need it? Huo Sijiu, you’re the patient, I’m your doctor now, you have to listen to me!”

Wen Shuxu didn’t even give him a chance to refuse, grabbing his hand, she took his pulse directly at the gate.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and they’ve been in the business for a long time.

It was really an expression that only a doctor would have when diagnosing a patient.

“Well, it’s similar to what I thought, still stagnant, it’s fine, I prescribed this prescription for you to drink enough for a week and you’ll be much better.”

Wen Shuxu loosened his fingers and very seriously told this man the results he had diagnosed to.

Huo Sijiu’s expression had calmed down, hearing this, nothing emotional pulled his hand back, then his eyes coldly swept over those medicine bags she was carrying in her hand.

“Then you can just give it to the maid here.”

“Ah ……” Wen Shu Shu was really dumbfounded, “That …… won’t work, I have to personally decoct this medicine, I’m afraid they will boil it badly. ”

“Medicine will be decocted badly? You think the maids I’ve used for more than ten years in the Huo Sijiu household are all ornamental? You really think I am a child of three? You think I won’t know what you’re up to?”


With just one sentence, Wen Xuxu’s face went completely white as she stood there!

She knew that she couldn’t hide it from this man, he was too shrewd, no matter how she used her tricks, he would see it.

“Yes, I admit it, I just wanted to take this opportunity to see my son, is that too much? I’m his mother, it’s not illegal for me to want to see him. Even by law, couples are allowed to see their children after a divorce, so why can’t I see them? Besides, I’m really helping you with your illness, just think of it as making me whole for once, why not?”

She finally raised her head again, her pretty watery eyes misting over as she looked up at him with red eyes, her delicate white face full of grievance and sadness.

Huo Sijiu was stunned for a moment.

At this moment, his mind suddenly recalled the piece of gla*s that this woman had stabbed herself with in order to get him to save her son on the boat that night.

Yes, even if she had a thousand faults, however, it could not be denied that she did love the child.

Huo Sijiu finally left without saying anything, and Xiao Lin, who was hiding not far away, saw it and gave Wen Shuxu a silent thumbs up on the way out.

Well done, madam!

Wen Shuxu was allowed to stay, and right then, after excitedly getting the medicine packets into the kitchen, she ran upstairs to find her son.

“Yin Yin? Yin Yin?”

“What are you shouting for? Young master hasn’t gotten up yet, sir asked you to stay to brew medicine for him, he didn’t say you should disturb young master!”

Still that annoying maid, after seeing that Wen Shuxu was calling Huo Yin, was there to block it again in a very angry manner.

Wen Shuxu was too lazy to care about her!

She has already obtained Huo Sijiu’s permission, she can go to her son all in the open, still need to pay attention to this fly?

When Wen Shuxu saw that the child was still not up, she first went to the kitchen and made a fine children’s breakfast, then carried it to the first floor and, using her memory from last night, found the room where the child was staying.

“Knock knock knock–”

“Yin Yin, it’s Auntie Nancy, are you up? I made you a very delicious breakfast, there are mashed potato pancakes, and shrimp wonton, and a lotus egg with tomato sauce oh, do you like it?”

Wen Xuoxu found the room and called tenderly to the little one inside after knocking gently.

However, to her disappointment, she called several times, but there was still no movement inside, what happened? Is he not up yet?

Wen Shuxu was ready to push the door open and go in.

But at that moment, in the corridor to her right, a small figure appeared coldly.

“What are you doing here? Who told you to come up here?!”


Wen Shuxu was taken aback and immediately turned her head sideways, only then did she realize that her son was not in the room, but outside.


Chapter 34

“Yin Yin? So you’re up already, so why don’t you go down and have breakfast? Aren’t you hungry? Also, why aren’t you even wearing your jacket?”


No one paid any attention to her, the boy turned around and walked away again after appearing for so long.

What was he up to? It’s so early in the morning!

When Wen Shuxu saw this, she just had to follow behind him and also went over together, but found that after the mother and son came out, there was a big sky garden in front of them, and at that moment, this child came out and ran alone to play in a children’s playground in this garden.

Tsk, what a rich man’s world!

Wen Shuxu put the breakfast brought to him on a stone table in the garden and also came over to this side of the playground.

“Yin Yin, let’s eat breakfast first before we play, okay? Otherwise we’ll get hungry.”


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Or else this way, as long as you finish your breakfast, Auntie promises to take you to him!”

“Are you telling the truth?”

Almost immediately, the boy reacted.

That’s right, a child with autism is like that, he is withdrawn and cold, refusing to communicate with people and get along, but this kind of person, in his heart, often lives a very dependent person.

The person they can’t live without is the one they can’t live without.

Wen Shuxu suddenly became a little jealous of that dog man.

Just wait, one day, she will become that person too!

Huo Yin ended up really eating all of the breakfast Wen Xuxu served up, and when Chen Ma came up to collect the bowls, her eyes were about to fall to the floor.

“Little Young Master, you finished all of this ……?”

“Yes, he ate it all, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

Wen Shuxu heard this and felt very strange, this is the amount of a child, how come she reacted so much? The child could not eat this much before?

Wen Shuxu then did not know that the previous Huo Yin, at home really did not eat much.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The young master actually ate everything she cooked today.”


Gu Xia heard it on the other side of the phone, and she was pruning the branch, and with a click, she cut the flower branch cleanly!

“Yes, I had even lied to Sir, saying that the dumplings he made for the young master yesterday were still there before he went to work, then I waited for him to leave and cooked some randomly, and the young master really didn’t eat them, I was going to take this opportunity to call you to make them for him, but this female doctor was so obnoxious that she came over again.”

This maid said over the phone with great hatred, as if she could not wait to drive Wen Shuxu out of the inside immediately.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The sharp scissors, ruthless, in no time, will be a pot of well-blooming flowers.

It was completely cut down to just a bald pole.

“Miss Gu?”

“Got it, it’s okay, it’s okay if you can get the little young master to eat, everything is about the child’s body.”

She put down the scissors and gave another softly rea*suring word on this side of the phone.

When Chen Ma heard this, she was immediately moved over here, her eyes were red: “Miss Gu, you are really kind, you are still so generous at this point, but it’s okay, we have plenty of opportunities, don’t worry.”

She was giving this woman another a*surance before hanging up the phone.

Nancy right, I’m not going to let you bounce around here for long!

Since Huo Yin had already finished his breakfast, Wen Shuxu made good on her promise and planned to take him to Huo’s to find Huo Sijiu.

Anyway, she was also going to deliver the medicine there.

However, she didn’t know that just at noon that day, her other son, too, had gone to that place.

“Brother, be careful oh, if you see the big bad guy, make sure you teach him a lesson for Ruo Ruo too, so he won’t bully Mummy again.”

In the kindergarten, Mo Bao was setting off with a puffed up Ruo Ruo baby barking repeatedly in his ear.

Mo Bao patted his little chest and readily agreed.

Twenty minutes or so later, downtown Huo’s building-

Because he was afraid of being discovered, Mo Bao, who was wearing a blue armoured warrior sweatshirt with a grey and black denim waistcoat over it, deliberately did not choose to go in through the front door, but after going around to the underground car park, he got into the lift.

The boy, that was very clever.

Only, when he rode the lift to the floor he had found out from his information, he came out and suddenly found that in front of him was a gla*s door, locked, and he couldn’t get in at all.

“No, this is the president’s office, why is there still this gla*s door? Did he make a mistake?”

A little depressed, he stood there and looked around for a while, seeing no response, and was planning to go back into the lift and check out the other floors.

But then, a mechanical woman’s voice suddenly sounded on this gla*s door: “Face swipe successful, Huo Yin, can be opened!”

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