His Secret Lover Chapter 35-36

Chapter 35

Then with a “click”, the gla*s door actually opened.

Huo Yin?

Is that the little curmudgeon?

Mo Bao was dumbfounded.

It seemed that he had really guessed correctly that Huo Yin was that big bad guy’s son, and he, because he had the exact same face as Huo Yin, was also identified correctly here.

So, was that big bad guy, really his daddy too?

Mo Bao got a little angry again and came in through the gla*s door, he walked forward and realized that it wasn’t even a president’s office, but a particularly luxurious and upscale decorated resting place.

There was a TV, sofa, bed …… and so on, it looked just like home.

It seemed that this was probably where they rested, otherwise, they wouldn’t still have a gla*s door on the outside, and they would need face recognition to get in.

Murbaugh figured out the place and decided to go out and redirect to where he could find the big bad guy.

However, just then, it seemed like the sound of the gla*s door being opened again came from outside: “Face swipe successful, Huo Sijiu, can be opened!”

Mo Bao: “……”

Oh my god, it’s the big bad guy coming, what now?

Mo Bao panicked and hurriedly ran back again, he searched anxiously around the house before rushing to the bedroom and running into the wardrobe and hiding.

Although he had come to look for him, he hadn’t wanted to be found by the big bad man, he had just come to check on the enemy so that the next time the bad man bullied Mummy, he would take action against him.

Mo Bao held his breath and hid in the wardrobe.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the big bad guy came in and didn’t go anywhere, but came straight to him in this wardrobe.

“What the hell? You call this medicine? It’s bitter like this and smells bad like this!!!”


Huo Sijiu, who had just been forced to drink down a whole cup of Chinese medicine in his office, reached out and pulled open the wardrobe door!


For several seconds, a large and a small pair of people, standing at this closet door, you staring at me, I staring at you, both without any sound.

It’s over, they’ve been discovered!

Mo Bao in the closet, the little face is all white.

However, what made him feel very strange was that this big bad guy who had opened the wardrobe and found him, actually showed a very odd expression after staring at him for a while.

“Huo Yin, why have you come here? Weren’t you just in the office?”


Huo Yin?

That little curmudgeon was here too?

In a flash, this incredibly smart child understood what was going on, and at once, he stayed in the wardrobe and smiled sweetly at the big bad guy, “Yeah, Daddy, I just came up.”

Huo Siji froze!

This brat, he was smiling at him? Was he mistaken?

And, he had just come up? Then why didn’t he see it? He had just come up too, could it be that …… he had slipped up while he was on the phone?

The inquisitiveness in Huo Sijiu’s eyes intensified.

However, it was simply not up to him to think that carefully before his phone dripped again.

“Since you’re up here, stay well up there, that woman …… that doctor aunt has left, don’t run around, when daddy is done, take you home.”


Mo Bao blinked his little fox-like eyes.

Auntie doctor?

Was he talking about Mummy? Why had Mummy come over here? And with the little curmudgeon in tow.

Mo Bao’s little brain didn’t quite get this one right this time, but he was smart enough to nod obediently when he heard Daddy tell him to stay well up there.

“Okay, I won’t wander off, daddy, you go ahead and get busy.”

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Again, he froze for a moment at the bright smile on the little thing’s face.

It seemed that it must be that D*mn woman that was influencing him, I had said a long time ago that she should not be allowed to spend time with the child, and look what kind of child it had brought up?

Huo Siji went down with a gloomy face.

When Mo Bao saw that he had finally left, he hurriedly ran out of the house as well and got out of the gla*s door.

He had to get out of here quickly, now that the little curmudgeon had come over, if two identical children were found here, then things would be in big trouble.

He’d taken the lift down and was about to slip out of the building and back to the nursery!

However, just as he was leaving the door, he was shocked to see a taxi parked at the entrance of the building, and beside the car, an aunt in her forties or fifties, with a little pink and sticky girl, was dragging a little boy about his age into the car!

Ruo Ruo?!!!

Grandma Lan?

When did they get here? And! What are they doing dragging the little grouch?

Mo Bao felt like he was going crazy and rushed out, he was about to stop the two adventurous big-headed shrimps, but then, behind him, a voice also rang out.

“Little Young Master? Why have you come down here? Didn’t the president tell you to stay in the lounge upstairs? Why did you run here alone? It’s dangerous here, come on, Uncle Lin will take you back.”

What a coincidence, it was actually the president’s special a*sistant Xiao Lin!

So in the end, Mo Bao could only watch as his pitiful sister, and the old, confused Grandma Lan, dragged the violently struggling little curmudgeon into the car.

And he himself was forcibly carried back to the top floor again.

This is a big joke!


Chapter 36

“Huo Yin, why don’t you say anything? I asked you a question? Why don’t I stay well upstairs? What did I tell you when I came down? Have you become so disobedient now?”

After hearing the news that his son had sneaked down, Huo Sijiu, who had been forced to interrupt even his meeting, walked into the office and gave a scolding.

Mo Bao: ‘……”

Mo Bao was also aggrieved, he wanted to say that he wasn’t the son you were looking for at all, he was another one, he D*mn well knew that little curmudgeon was suddenly going to run down ah?

Mo Bao sat dejectedly on the sofa, holding his little face in sulking.

“Daddy, don’t argue with me, I’m annoyed now too, I’m going to run down, naturally I’m going to play, I’m five years old, no longer a dinky little kid, I can’t be cooped up all the time!”


Huo Sijiu sat in his desk, thinking he’d heard wrong!

Huo Yin was someone who definitely didn’t say a lot of things at once, much less tell people he was annoying, he was someone who was withdrawn to the point of being almost autistic, angry, except for locking himself in his room.

There is absolutely no way to hear the word “annoyed” from his lips.

What’s more, he also said he couldn’t be locked up, he wasn’t a little carrot ding, he wanted to go out and play ……


“Huo Yin, look up at me, I’m asking you, did that aunt say something to you?”


Mo Bao immediately raised his head, his pair of crescent moon like eyes blinking and looking at daddy.

Seeing this, Huo Sijiu’s cold brow wrinkled even tighter: “It’s that doctor aunt who brought you here, what did she say to you this morning? Why did you suddenly follow her here? What exactly happened between you two?”

This was a complete tone of questioning, as if the doctor he was talking about had done something unforgivable to his son, and his face was full of disgust and hatred.

So this was how he usually bullied Mummy?

A big man who leaves a woman and two other children behind, and then has the nerve to scold her? Bullying her?

Mo Bao got angry and stood up from the sofa with his head held high and stood in front of daddy!

“Daddy, what do you mean by that? Auntie, what did she do? She treated you and brought me here, what did she do wrong? What did she do wrong to make you question her like that?”

This child even used the word “questioning”.

Huo Sijiu was stunned!

He had never known that this son could still argue. In the past, he would either hide away and sulk, or shut up and not see anyone, when did he learn to argue with him, his father?

“Huo Yin, I’m not questioning her, I’m just telling you, don’t trust others easily!”

“Auntie is not someone else, Auntie is the best and finest person to me!”

Mo Bao was finally furious, after he yelled at this big bad daddy in anger, he jumped off the sofa and rushed out towards the door.

He didn’t want him to be his daddy, this big, bad man!

He didn’t even want this big bad daddy, he wouldn’t want his mommy either.

Mo Bao ran quickly to the door, even his little eyes were red.

Huo Sijiu was already at his wits’ end behind him and was about to chase him over, when Xiao Lin, however, happened to come in at the door and was shocked to see the little young master rushing over with red eyes.

“What’s going on here? President, why did you even make the little young master cry?”

He closed the door and immediately stopped Mo Bao who was about to go out.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Squeezing his fingers a little stiffly by the sofa, finally, he came over.

“y, it’s daddy’s fault, daddy apologizes to you, shouldn’t have gone on about that aunt like that, you forgive daddy, okay?”

Huo Sijiu squatted down in front of the child and opened his mouth to apologize directly to the child.

This is something that this man does quite well, he teaches his children that wrong is wrong and right is right, as long as it is wrong, even if he is the daddy, he will personally apologize to the child.

And in this incident today, when you think about it, it is true that his comments were biased.

The woman, although abominable, but he was right, she gave him treatment, as well as for this child, really did not have second thoughts, he should not use his colored gla*ses in front of him to vilify her.

Huo Siji picked up the child, who had stopped fussing, and went back into the office.

On the other hand, Huo Yin, who had been forcibly taken back to the kindergarten, had the most frightening scene of his life.

“Brother, I’m telling you, it’s lucky that Baby RuoRuo went to bring you back, or else Mommy would have come back.”

After Baby RuoRuo successfully brought his brother back to kindergarten with the help of Grandma Lan, she held his little hand and whispered this in her ear.

Huo Yin was originally very resistant, he didn’t like to be touched.

But on the way, this little girl not only a pair of fleshy little hands constantly touching his body, and finally also the whole person hanging on his body after.

Basically, he had gone numb.

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