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His Secret Lover Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37

“Why did Mummy come back?”

“Because kindergarten is on holiday, brother, it turns out that kindergartens here are all on half day on Wednesdays. Oh, the teacher said that it had to be disinfected and the children couldn’t stay here, so RuoRuo rushed to call Grandma Lan and asked her to take me with her to look for you.”

Baby Zoe was particularly proud when she said this.

She had taken the phone number left by her brother and found Grandma Lan, and asked her to come out and take her to her brother.

Ruo Ruo took her brother by the hand and bounced towards the cla*sroom.

Sure enough, just as she entered, the teacher of Form 2 cla*s was there, waving, “Ruo Ruo, you have found your brother, come quickly, your mummy will be here soon, carry your little school bags and go out with the teacher.”


The baby RuoRuo milk voice agreed, from the small school desk to take out their own small school bags on their backs.

Huo Yin: “……”

This was a kind of kindergarten life that he was completely uncomfortable with and hadn’t seen before.

About kindergarten, Huo Yin actually also has, however, that is the top kindergarten in the whole a city, where the environment is beautiful, the facilities are high-cla*s, and the people who go in, are also all rich people.

So, like this situation now, the teacher is so grounded and the children are so amicable, that is simply impossible.

Huo Yin let Ruo Ruo carry his little school bag for him, and then was brought out by the teacher.

“Mummy, you’re coming over!”

After being taken out of the cla*sroom, RuoRuo’s eyes were sharp enough to see a familiar figure waiting at the entrance of the kindergarten, and at once, she spread her feet and ran towards her as fast as she could.

Huo Yin: “……”


Wasn’t that their family’s doctor aunt? Not long ago they had just separated in front of daddy’s company, how did they become their mommy?

Huo Yin was a bit baffled, for a long time, he looked at the two people who were hugging in front of him and didn’t move much.

“MoMo? Why don’t you come over here? What’s wrong with you? It’s mommy, come on out, we’re going home!” Wen Shuxu noticed that this son hadn’t come over yet, and quickly waved at him.

It’s strange, why is her son not smiling today, is he angry again? Because she came too late?

Wen Shuxu put down his daughter and came over himself.

“MoMo, why are you not happy? Are you blaming Mummy for not coming over in time again? I’m really sorry, MoMo, Mommy didn’t know that kindergarten was only half day today, so when I got the call it was already late, don’t be angry, okay?”

Wen Shuxu stretched out her hand and wanted to touch her son’s little head.

However, as soon as she moved, the little guy reflexively turned his head away from her.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

For just a moment, she really thought that standing in front of her was not her Mo Bao, but another son that she had just spent the morning with today – Huo Yin!


“…… I’ll go by myself!”

Huo Yin finally only gave her a cold sentence before striding off on his little legs.

Wen Shuxu froze and watched for a while, snapped out of it, and only then hurriedly took his daughter and chased after him.

“MoMo, are you really angry? Okay, okay, don’t be angry, mommy knows it’s wrong, this way, mommy treats you to your favorite cone, okay?”

“Yes, yes, yes, Mommy, I want to eat the strawberry one, and I want to eat the baked hot dog, too.”

Huo Yin didn’t answer, but Ruo Ruo next to her clapped her hands happily when she heard it.

The two children had already finished two cones, two baked hot dogs, and a box of freshly baked egg tarts.

“Brother, is it good?”

Baby Ruoruo was definitely a foodie, and after coming in with her brother, her bulging little mouth was still stuffed with food, but she immediately asked her brother about it again.

These, in fact, were their daily routine as siblings.

Huo Yin was holding an egg tart in his hand, he was a little squirmy, but, again, couldn’t control its delicious temptation.

“Mmm ……”

He eventually nodded, his small mouth covered in pie crumbs, and took another bite of what was in his hand.

Indeed delicious, he used to, never ate these things, daddy did not let, said he was not good, so, all these years, he came out of the house to him specially prepared those, outside things have not eaten.

Wen Shuxu saw the two children eating happily, and went into the kitchen to cook himself.

A few minutes later, the phone at home suddenly rang.

“MoMo, answer the phone for mommy, mommy is cooking, see who is calling?”


Huo Yin glanced at the phone ringing on the TV cabinet not far away, finally, he stood up, went over and picked up the receiver, “Hello?”

“Huo Yin?”

I never expected that the person on the phone would actually call his name directly as soon as he picked up!

Huo Yin’s beautiful eyes widened: “Who are you?”

“I’m MoMo, are you at my house right now? My mommy and my sister both call you MoMo?”

The voice on the phone had a hint of playfulness to it, the tone was somewhat similar to his, but it sounded much lighter, like a little fox with a smile.


So he was Mo Mo?

Huo Yin finally understood, and all of a sudden, his little face turned gloomy!


Chapter 38

“What the hell is going on here? Why was I brought here as you? And, where are you again?”

“I’m at your house, Huo Yin, and let me tell you, we actually look exactly the same, that’s why they got it wrong, if I’m not wrong, we should be twins.”

“Huh? Twins?”

Huo Yin was shocked by these words, standing by the TV cabinet holding the phone, for a long time people were blindfolded.

Mo Bao nodded: “Yes, I was supposed to go to your daddy today because he always bullies mummy, but when I got there, I found that they all took me for you, even your daddy didn’t recognise me, so Huo Yin, I think we’re twins!”


“Yes, twins! Think about it, after you were brought back to my house, Mommy and RuoRuo also thought you were me, which means we are identical, twins are the only ones who are identical, aren’t they?”

Huo Yin: “……”

That seemed to be the case.

Huo Yin finally agreed with this, but once he did, he listened to the sound of the vegetables being stir-fried over in the kitchen, and the memory of the things he had eaten not too long ago that he had never eaten before.

His white, clean little face immediately went gloomy again.

“If we’re twins, then …… why did she want you without me? Daddy even told me that she was dead!”


It was Murbaugh’s turn to be baffled on the other side of the phone.

By her, did the little curmudgeon mean Mummy? He was blaming Mummy for not wanting her? And saying that Mummy is dead?!!!

Mo Bao got angry: “You believe him even when he says that? The mouth of a man, the ghost of a liar, then Mommy also told me and my sister that Daddy is also dead, so is he dead?”

Huo Yin: “……”

Finally, he stood there with an ironic little face and stopped not speaking.

Why are all adults so bad?

“Huo Yin, adults are all very complicated, let’s not trust them so easily, our next step is to find out, what happened to the two of them? Why are they separated? Also, why are the two of us, me and you, one and the other?”

Mo Bao talked about the real purpose of making this call.

Huo Yin heard it and said he agreed with him on that.

“So what do we do now? How about going about figuring it out?”

“Well …… I think we’d better meet up first, right? Meet and talk, also, now we are interchangeable, after a long time, I am afraid that we will be found out by daddy and mommy, so we’d better switch back first.”

Mo Bao made this suggestion after thinking carefully.

Indeed, the first thing that needs to be addressed now is for them to return to their respective places first, otherwise when they are found out, there is really no telling what will happen? Judging from the current situation, Mummy should be aware of the existence of the little curmudgeon.

Yet, Daddy was completely unaware of him and his sister, or else he knew all about Mummy but hadn’t even mentioned that he wanted to see the other two children.

Mo Bao was smart enough to spot this and he decided it was better to switch back with this brother as soon as possible.

Huo Yin also agreed.

“MoMo, RuoRuo, come and eat, Mummy has made your favourite sweet and sour pork, and big braised chicken legs.”

Just as the two brothers were talking on the phone, Wen Shuxu’s shout came from the kitchen.

Mo Bao heard it over the phone and his little fox-like eyes curled up in a smile there, “Go eat, Mommy is already calling you to eat, Huo Yin, you haven’t spent time with Mommy yet, enjoy today oh, I’m telling you, Mommy is the best and finest person in this world.”

Huo Yin: “……”

A hint of anger came up and he hung up the phone with a “pop”.

“Huh? MoMo, who’s calling?” Just at this time, Wen Shuxu came out with the dishes, seeing this scene, she asked in confusion.

Huo Yin had a grim smile on his face, “No one, trash call!”

Rubbish calls?

When Wen Shuxu heard that, she didn’t care anymore, bringing up all the cooked dishes and rice, she first filled a small bowl of rice and placed it in front of her son: “Mo Mo, this is yours, see? There are your favourite sweet and sour pork ribs there.”

“What about me? What about me? Mummy, you can’t be partial, there’s also Ruo Ruo baby’s big chicken leg.”

“Oh yes, yes, yes, and our Ruo Ruo baby, come on, little baby, this is yours!” Wen Shuxu was again chucking a big chicken leg into her daughter’s little bowl.

This picture, really warm.

Mother and son three, although the house is not as big and luxurious as the One Royal Court in Repulse Bay, but, the atmosphere inside this is much better, we all eat around a small table, you eat mine, I eat yours, such warmth and happiness, completely that cold big house is not.

Huo Yin eventually lowered his head and also picked up his chopsticks, and at that moment, his bowl was already piled up like a small mountain ……

Mo Bao was also eating with his daddy this day at noon, well, also he made it himself.

However, while father and son were eating, a man suddenly came outside the villa.

“Sir, that …… Miss Gu suddenly came, she said to give the young master autumn pear paste, the previous one that the young master drank had run out, so she specially brought it here.”

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