His Secret Lover Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43

What did she do?

What had happened here?

Everyone was dumbfounded, and it wasn’t until after Chen’s mother stopped twitching on the floor and everyone looked again and fixed their eyes on her neck that they finally understood when they found a long, shiny silver needle.

Oh my God!

All of a sudden, everyone was creeped out again, and Gu Xia, moreover, was scared to the point that she didn’t look half human, and was trembling so much that she couldn’t even speak.

“Wen Shuxu, what the hell are you doing? Have you gone mad? How dare you kill someone here? Are you out of your mind? Ah?!!!”

Huo Sijiu came to his senses, and in a flash, he stared at the servant who had fallen to the ground without moving with a roar, and his whole body exploded!

She’s crazy, she’s really crazy!

Does she know what she’s doing? This is a human being! Not an animal, she was killing her so casually, was she out of her mind? When did she become so bloody and violent?

For the first time, Huo Sijiu felt so angry that his brain was confused.

But this woman, however, did not have the slightest intention to panic, and when he yelled at her, she just stared at him and smiled coldly: “What’s wrong? Scared? If you’re afraid, then remember, Huo Sijiu, you better not challenge my bottom line!”

She was like a ghost, after saying these words word by word, she turned around, she lifted her feet and left the place.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Mo Bao: “……”

Gu Xia: “……”

In the large villa, at this time, she just walked away, surprisingly no one even remembered to stop her, until she left the front door, her figure was about to disappear, only then did Gu Xia react as if waking up from a dream.

“Stop her! Stop her! She has killed someone, how can we just let her go? Quickly! Get her over here, you guys!

She screamed harshly, finally no longer pretending to be a virtuous and decent person, with that resentful and fierce look in her eyes, she wanted to grab Wen Shuxu and tear her to pieces immediately.

Unfortunately, this wish of hers was not going to be granted.

The reason is, Wen Xuxu just walked outside, the restaurant fell to the ground Chen Ma, only to hear her throat “grunt” after a long breath out of her chest!

“Cough cough cough …… Miss Gu, I finally …… finally broke out of breath ……”


The restaurant, finally petrified once again ……

Old town, rental house.

Huo Yin received the call from Mo Bao at almost four o’clock in the afternoon, at that time, he was accompanying his sister in the living room watching anime, he didn’t like it, but his mommy said to keep a good eye on his sister, so he stayed at her side end.

The phone call came and he went over to answer it.


“Huo Yin, I’m asking you, is Mummy back yet?” The first thing Mo Bao said when he got on the phone, was this.


Huo Yin glanced around at the home where only the two siblings were left and frowned, “No, what’s wrong? Mommy is no longer at your place?”

Mo Bao’s little face instantly became even more gloomy.

It had been so long since she had left from No. 1 Royal Court and had not yet returned home, it seemed that this foolish mummy must have secretly hidden away in that place again to cry, when she was abroad in the past, if she was aggrieved outside, for fear that her two children would worry, she would secretly run away to a place and wait until she was in a calmer mood before she would return.

Mo Bao couldn’t wait to fly home immediately and go get this stupid mummy back!

“Huo Yin, shall we change back?”

“Huh?” Huo Yin was taken aback when he heard this, “Switch back? Now? Didn’t we say …… we’ll change it tomorrow?”

After noon, he was already a bit attached to this, wanting to spend more time with mommy and not wanting to go back to that big, cold house.

However, when Mo Bao heard him ask this, he suddenly became angry over the phone, “No, I can’t stay, Huo Yin, this hellhole of yours, I can’t stay for a moment!


“It’s because of daddy! Huo Yin, let me ask you, that woman called Gu Xia, what the hell is she? Why does daddy still pretend he can’t see when she’s acting so poorly? Why does daddy pretend not to see her poor acting? Is daddy so dumb that he can’t tell right from wrong?


After a while, Huo Yin, whose face also showed a hint of disgust, only spoke in a cold voice over here, “She’s daddy’s girlfriend.”

“What did you say? Girlfriend?” Mo Bao’s little face instantly became even uglier: “So …… she’s likely to become your stepmother in the future?!”

Huo Yin shook his head, “I don’t know, maybe, but I don’t like her, and I don’t want her to be my stepmother.”

He expressed his attitude very clearly.

When Mo Bao heard this, his mood finally eased a little.

“Huo Yin, I am very relieved as a brother that you have such thoughts, you know? Originally, at the beginning, after I found out who we were, I wanted to set up daddy and mommy, but the ones I saw today, I really want to explode with anger, daddy he’s too disappointing and too sad for me, I’ve just never seen such a scum of a man!”

Mo Bao almost yelled out the last sentence, and, as a son, he also used the word “scum” in a very rude way.

It was clear how badly he had been affected by the incident at noon today!


Chapter 44

Huo Yin finally stopped saying anything.

That woman Gu Xia, he knew, she liked to put on a show in front of him, one thing in front of daddy and another behind his back. However, he was too lazy to be nosy and had never said anything to daddy.

As for Daddy, that temper he knew even better.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen his attitude towards Mummy on the boat, it was really bad!

So Huo Yin finally agreed to the two exchanging right away, hung up the phone, and after he coaxed his sister down to buy her something delicious, as Mo Bao had said, he left this rented room, then took a taxi and went to Repulse Bay.

A few minutes later, inside One Royal Court in Repulse Bay, Huo Yin quietly sneaked into his room, and the two twins, who had never seen each other since birth, finally actually met.

“So we really do look alike!”

This was the first exclamation Mo Bao made upon seeing the other.

Huo Yin felt the same, but before he could even say anything, this brother, who was enthusiastic by nature, had already opened his tiny arms and gave him a big hug.

Huo Yin: “……”

It was a strange feeling, for just a moment, he felt a warmth grow in his small chest.

“Okay, I have to go now, Mommy should be going home, I have to hurry back.” After cuddling for a while, Mo Bao was worried about both children being here and being found out, so he planned to leave.

When Huo Yin heard that, he instantly became a bit depressed: “So …… when can we still see each other? And …… mommy will she still come over here?”

He heard Mo Bao say what happened today, and it sounded so serious that he was worried that mommy wouldn’t even come over in the future.

But Mo Bao patted his shoulder: “No, Mommy loves you very, very much, she won’t leave you alone, she will definitely come to see you again, you just need to remember that when she comes, just don’t let her be bullied by stinky daddy again, got it?”

Huo Yin immediately nodded, “I won’t!”

And so the two brothers separated.

As soon as they were separated, Huo Sijiu came up downstairs, not long after that dead woman Wen Shuxu had left, his son had also thrown a huge tantrum at him, and for the first time he pointed at him and said he hated him and never wanted to see him again!

Then he ran upstairs to hide.

Huo Sijiu frowned and came up, pondering for a moment before knocking on the door outside: “Huo Yin, it’s daddy, open the door, daddy come in and talk to you.”

The Huo Yin in the room heard, immediately hugged the pillow and ran to bed to sleep down.

He does not want to care about daddy, not at all, if what Mo Bao said is true, then he is really too much, how can he for such a woman, so to bully mommy?

Huo Yin buried his little head into the pillow.

“Huo Yin?”

“I’m already asleep!”

A small child’s voice without the slightest warmth came out of the room impatiently, causing the corners of Huo Sijiu’s eyes to jump fiercely outside.

This little brat, when did he become so bold? He had the guts to ignore him!

Huo Sijiu finally had a hint of anger in his heart, and without asking his son’s permission again, he directly used his own fingerprints to open the lock.

“Huo Yin?”

“Daddy, have you always liked this? Doing whatever you want without asking others’ opinions? Do you know that you’re annoying like this?”

No one expected that just as Huo Sijiu opened the door, a very angry child’s voice inside roared over, the intensity of which was completely unprecedented before.

Huo Sijiu was stunned for a moment.

I guess he didn’t expect that this child would still throw such a tantrum at himself.

“Y, it’s daddy’s fault, daddy was just a little worried about you, that’s why he came in without permission, Huo Yin, I think we need to talk about this matter about your aunt Gu.”

Auntie Gu?

When Huo Yin heard that, his little face became even more indignant: “What else do you want to say?”

Huo Sijiu held back: “I know you have a big problem with me today, you think I am unfair to you …… that doctor aunt, but daddy needs to tell you that she is a stranger and your aunt Gu, on the other hand, is the one who will be living with us in the future, so daddy will definitely be on her side, you understand?”


“Because she is the woman Daddy loves and Daddy’s future life partner.” Huo Siji answered his son’s question indifferently, casually as if it was any piece of business he was negotiating in the company.

Huo Yin finally stopped talking.

He was not Mo Bao, he who had never been around his mommy, could not feel so strongly the hurt that daddy was causing mommy when he said those words.

And Gu Xia, a woman who had stayed by daddy’s side for the past five years, he had actually acquiesced to this state of affairs.

“Daddy, you have to think clearly, if you must marry Auntie Gu, then Auntie Doctor doesn’t belong to you anymore, she will not even have anything to do with you in the future.”

Huo Yin could only say this in the end.

“What did you say?”

Huo Si’s eyes immediately narrowed, and for a moment, he actually wondered if he had heard wrong?

The doctor’s aunt?

Why did he mention that woman for good reason? And, what do you mean, not belonging to him? She was born a member of the Huo family and died a ghost of the Huo family, how dare she not belong to him?

For no reason at all, even he didn’t notice that a hint of anger had arisen!

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