His Secret Lover Chapter 45-46

Chapter 45

It was a full three hours later that Wen Xuoxu returned home.

She went to consult a lawyer about fighting for custody of her eldest son, but to her dismay, the lawyer, after hearing her story, told her straight away that the chances of getting it back were almost zero!

For one, the issue of her faked death status.

The second was that the other side was too powerful for her to resist.

The fake death identity issue was fine, the big deal was to get the domicile restored again and then divorce the dog man, thinking that, as he was so disgusted with her, he would be very painful to divorce her.

But this issue of strength was too much for her!

The actual fact is that you will be able to find a strong background to fight with him, and Huo’s is now a top-ranked international company.

The company is now a major international company.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Uncle Qiao came over and bought us a lot of things.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The two of them met abroad and have been for many years.

When Wen Shuxu heard this, she gathered her emotions and hurried in.

“So it was Shiqian who came over, did these two little things of our family call you again? To make you come all the way here?”

“No, it was me who came over on purpose to see the children, they’ve been back for so many days, or I met them when I came the other day, and then you came back and didn’t come to see them.”

Qiao Shiqian is also a lawyer, svelte-looking, face also wore a pair of rimmed gla*ses, a glance, eyebrows clear and elegant, temperament warm and light, very pleasing to the eye.

Wen Shuxu looked at the messy home and was a little embarra*sed.

“I’m sorry, Shiqian, I didn’t know you were coming, the house wasn’t even cleaned up.”

“It’s alright.”

Qiao Shiqian smiled lightly again, “Why are we still being so polite to each other, by the way, I heard Mo Mo say that you went to see someone? How was it? Did that patient get better?”


It was fine not to mention this topic, but when it was mentioned, Wen Shuxu’s mood became a little worse again.

“It’s not cured, it’s fine, don’t mind him!” She said indignantly.

Then, after looking at this person twice, she suddenly thought of something: “Right Shiqian, I forgot you are also a lawyer, there is a question I want to ask you haha, is that if a couple divorce in the award of child custody, is one of the parties particularly rich, basically the other party will have no hope of fighting?”


Qiao Shiqian reentered the small sofa and sat down, his posture elegant, his gaze even had a noticeable pause as he swept over Wen Shuxu.

“Yes, basically zero!”


For a moment, Wen Xu Xu didn’t want to say anything.

When Qiao Shiqian saw this frosted look on her face, he couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“But you don’t have to worry so much, although money is important, it’s not everything, there are provisions in the law that under certain conditions, it is possible to deprive the other party of custody.”

“Really?” Wen Shuxu heard that and immediately looked up at the man again as if she had seen hope.

“Yes, such as harming the child, or if the guardian commits a crime, it can be deprived, what’s wrong? Do you have a friend who wants to file this type of lawsuit?”

Qiao Shiqian asked in pa*sing after explaining in detail.

He wouldn’t actually ask her too much about it, but today for the first time he heard her consult about it, he was still a little curious.

Unfortunately, Wen Shuxu didn’t really want to tell him.

She casually made a perfunctory comment: “A friend, she is getting divorced, but her child has been held by the man, and then wanted to consult.”

Qiao Shiqian then smiled.

On the contrary, Mo Bao, who had been secretly watching the two of them, heard their conversation and was immediately shocked to the point where her little mouth opened directly into a “” shape!


What does mommy want? Is she trying to get custody of Huo Yin?

Wow! If that’s the case, if you get Huo Yin, then the three siblings will be reunited, and then together with mommy, the family will be complete.

As for that stinking daddy?

Mo Bao’s eyes twinkled and saw Uncle Qiao who had been secretly looking at Mummy in the living room, and immediately, a hint of cunning crossed his moonlit eyes.

“Wow, Uncle Qiao, you’re so good, why don’t you just teach my mommy, she doesn’t know anything.”

“Teach her?”

“Yeah, you can take it to teach after dinner, don’t worry, I’ll take care of my sister.”

The little guy was quick-witted and after learning that daddy liked that smelly woman, he started to encourage mummy to find a boyfriend too.


Doesn’t anyone love my mummy? So many people are grabbing for it.


Chapter 46

Wen Shuxu was furious at her son’s actions!

But in the end, she actually went out with her best friend that night, on the grounds that he said he had a few books on the subject.

Then Wen Shuxu went.

She really wanted her other son back so badly.

The night of the shallow water bay did not wait for Wen Shuxu to come over.

Lin Ziyang didn’t know how the young master upstairs was doing, but the one in the living room underneath, he could clearly feel, his breath was too seeping.

“Well? Still haven’t found anyone?”

“No, we’ve been to her aunt’s house twice, we haven’t seen anyone, and we’ve been squatting there for a long time, but we haven’t seen her come out either, a*sistant Lin, did she not go back?”

The bodyguard told Lin Ziyang helplessly in front of him the results of the whole night of tossing and turning.

Indeed, this possibility could not be ruled out, because I heard that in the afternoon, these two had a fierce argument, and Wen Xuxu was so angry that she even put down Chen’s mother at one point.


Lin Ziyang was very headstrong.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

But at that moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang.


“a*sistant Lin, I finally saw Miss Wen, she came out of the Old Town, in a BMW 5, and went to Cloud One.”

“What did you say? Cloudy First Cla*s?”

Lin Ziyang even wondered if she had heard wrong?

Cloudy One Piece?

He was talking about the one opposite their Huo’s, Yun Duan Yi Pin? The high-tech electronic information company that had risen rapidly in recent years and had been taken seriously by Huo’s family?

What was wrong with her? What was she doing there?

“Did you see it wrong? Why would she go there if she had nothing to do.”

“I’m not very sure about that, but someone saw it and took pictures over.”

This bodyguard said over the phone, then casually sent a photo to Lin Ziyang.

When Lin Ziyang saw it, he then put away the phone line and carefully examined this photo. It was true, the photo was indeed taken in front of the Cloud One building, and at that moment, the dead woman they had been looking for all night was being led inside by a young man carrying a briefcase and wearing gold-rimmed gla*ses.

She was really crazy!

How dare she go to Huo’s rival company with a young man at the time of the CEO’s medical appointment? Didn’t she want to live?

Lin Ziyang enlarged the photo a little more, but he didn’t expect that when he got a clear look at the young man’s features, another breath of cold air came out of his throat.

D*mn, this is a big game!

“Lin Ziyang, what are you doing? Have you found that dead woman yet?”

At this moment, Huo Sijiu in the living room had run out of patience, and after seeing that there was no movement outside, he opened his scarlet eyes again and finally couldn’t help but ask in a stern voice.

When Lin Ziyang heard this, his legs went weak again.

However, there was no way out, he still had to face it, so in the end, he could only come to this ancestor with trepidation.

“President, that …… search was found, however, too …… Miss Wen she went somewhere else.”

“Other places?”

The man who was starting to get a headache heard, and really the hostility between his eyebrows got heavier: “Who gave her the guts to do this? Don’t you know that this is the time to give me a needle? How dare you go somewhere else?”

This man, indeed, is used to being bossy and domineering.

Wen Shuxu only took the initiative to kindly come and treat him once, but in his eyes, she has become his special doctor, and she can’t do anything except treat him.

Lin Ziyang finally failed to hold back and blurted out, “President, Miss Wen is not obligated to treat you, she came to treat you purely because she could come here to see the young master, but now that you have Miss Gu back as well, it’s normal for her not to come!”

“What did you say? Say that again?”

With a single word, the atmosphere in this living room became even more terrifying.

Lin Ziyang was scared out of his mind, so he didn’t say anything and directly handed his phone over warily, letting this ancestor look at it himself.

Then he hid away honestly with his head in his hands.

This is really a very frightening atmosphere, the whole living room, as if Xuan sunk, so oppressive that people can even hear their own breathing, particularly quiet, a second past, as if the night has frozen.

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