I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1233

Secretary Tong has no other friends and no other relatives.

Then it was suspicious for this person to appear here and claim to help Secretary Tong get something.

“If you don’t give an honest explanation, don’t blame me for calling the police, and this is Tian Sheng, it’s my territory, as long as I want, you won’t be able to walk out.” Rong Shu stared closely at the man in black, ready to strike if the man in black dared to make a mess.

Although she had always been a weak-minded woman, there were so many people here, together, were they still afraid that they could not subdue each other?

Not to mention Rong Shu, even Lina and the others were ready to fight at any time, and a few of them had even taken out their mobile phones, planning to call the police at any time.

“I’m not Tong Xi’s friend, nor am I Tong Xi’s relative.” Just then, the man in black finally spoke up, and also turned his face around to face Rong Shu.

Before, the man in black had been slightly half-lowering his head, so that Rong Shu could not see his full face.

Now that she could see it clearly, Rongshu was stunned for a moment.

Strange, why did she feel as if she had seen this man before?

This person gave her a very familiar feeling.

Was it an illusion?

Rongshu pursed her red lips and searched her mind carefully for memories, but she could not find out where she had seen this person before.

Helplessly, she could only suppress her suspicions for the time being and stared at the other party and asked, “If you’re not a friend or a relative, then who are you? And, how did you get up here?”

That was the key.

When a stranger came to the company, the receptionist would ask about the purpose of his visit, and only after asking him clearly would he agree to be released.

Of course, this consent is not a unilateral release from the front desk, but a phone call to the department the person wants to go to, or the person they want to find, and wait for the opposite side to agree before releasing them, not just letting them go.

So what was the reason for this person, and what was the reason for the front desk to let him go?

And who did the receptionist contact, and who agreed to let the receptionist up?

As she thought, Rongshu turned her head to look at Lina and gave her a look.

Lina nodded knowingly and took out her mobile phone to start contacting the front desk to investigate what had happened.

Of course, when she asked, Lina deliberately walked a little further away, just in case the man in black stopped her from investigating.

What she didn’t expect, however, was that the man in black just took one look at Lina before returning his gaze to Rong Shu, with no intention of stopping Lina at all.

“Sorry Miss Rong, for not introducing myself, I’m Tong Xi’s neighbour.” The man in black bowed slightly towards Rong Shu and introduced himself politely.

Rong Shu was puzzled, “Neighbour?”

“Yes, I was asked by Tong Xi to come and help her get her things before she got on the plane, her mother’s legs are not too good so she can only ask me, if Miss Rong doesn’t believe me, she can contact Tong Xi or contact Tong Xi’s mother.” The man in black nodded back.

When Rong Shu saw him say this frankly, she actually had some trust in her heart, but just in case, she still decided to have someone contact Secretary Tong or Secretary Tong’s mother to ask about it.

She entrusted this matter to one of the secretaries.

That secretary received Rong Shu’s order and immediately nodded in response, while also giving the man in black a vicious glare, “Even if you say so, who knows if you’re deliberately lowering our guard, although Secretary Tong left her job, but all the things are here, her salary section is not low, leaving behind things that are quite valuable, who knows if you’re a thief near Secretary Tong’s house, who knows if you’re a thief and a petty thief. Who knows if you are a thief near Secretary Tong’s house, knowing that she resigned and didn’t take her things away, so you deliberately pretend to be Secretary Tong’s neighbour and come to take her things out for sale? Hum, you wait, I’ll call them here, once they find out you have a problem, you’ll be finished.”

“That’s right.” The other secretarial a*sistants also nodded one after another.

When the man in black saw this scene, his heart was full of helplessness.

He was only instructed by his boss to come and get Secretary Tong’s things.

Who knew that when he came, he would find that the task was actually so difficult.

The man in black didn’t know how to answer the question, he wasn’t an articulate person in the first place, otherwise he wouldn’t have stalled with these people for so long just now, he didn’t even introduce himself.

Seeing these people yelling to call for confirmation of his identity, he didn’t bother to say anything, and after making a go ahead gesture, he completely stopped talking and went quiet.

When Rongshu saw how calm he was, the level of belief in her heart increased once again.

Now she was only waiting for the secretary’s call to seek confirmation of the result.

Two minutes later, the secretary who had called returned after answering the phone, her expression becoming somewhat subtle.

The secretary’s expression became even more embarra*sed especially when the others asked for the results and asked if the man in black was a bad guy or not.

She looked at the man in black, put down the phone and shook her head with an embarra*sed smile and said, “That …… I just called Secretary Tong, and it was probably nighttime on Secretary Tong’s side, so no one answered, so I called Secretary Tong’s mother again, and her mother said that Secretary Tong did ask their neighbour to come to the company to get something, and it was him, and I specifically asked Secretary Tong’s mother about the dress of the person who came, and it was the same.”

Once this was said, the others became vain and embarra*sed when they looked at the man in black again.

“So what, so it’s really neighbours hahaha ……”

“Looks like we really misunderstood.”

Several people laughed in embarra*sment.

At this time, Lina also came back and gave the man in black a glance before she then said back to Rong Shu, “Chairman, I asked the receptionist, the receptionist said that he claimed to be Secretary Tong’s neighbour and came to help Secretary Tong move his things, and also took out the text message that Secretary Tong asked him to, the phone number shown on it was Secretary Tong’s, so the receptionist side just let it go without informing us. ”

“So that’s how it is.” Rongshu nodded slightly, finally figuring out how this person had come up.

When Secretary Tong was around, as her secretary, she was equivalent to the existence of the second in command of the company, so usually if someone was looking for Secretary Tong, the receptionist could indeed contact Secretary Tong directly without having to contact her.

It also made sense for this person to have a text message from Secretary Tong, so it would make sense for the receptionist to let the person up directly without contacting her.

“Don’t worry, this person was indeed asked to come over by Secretary Tong, and I’ve just asked for confirmation from Secretary Tong’s mother.” Rong Shu patted Lina’s shoulder and said.

At that, Lina was relieved, “So that’s how it is, since it’s not some suspicious character, then I’m relieved, but ……”

Said Lina, staring at the man in black with dissatisfaction, “Since you have Secretary Tong’s text messages in your hand, why didn’t you show them to us in the first place, and didn’t even say you were Secretary Tong’s neighbour?”

“That’s right, causing us to misunderstand.”

The others were also a bit upset.

The man in black knew he was in the wrong and returned, “Sorry, I didn’t think of getting up to take the text message, but I said I was here to help Secretary Tong get something, it’s you guys who didn’t believe me.”

Thought he was a bad guy and was going to send him to the police station.

The others listened to his explanation and didn’t accept it.

“What do you mean we don’t believe it, you only said you came to help Secretary Tong get his things, you didn’t say you were Secretary Tong’s neighbour, don’t Secretary Tong asked to come over, so suddenly a person of unknown life and death said so, there is no relevant evidence yet, of course we won’t let you in ah.”


The man in black also knew that there was something wrong with his expression, embarra*sed to squeeze out a smile, “Sorry, I am not very good at talking, so ……”

“Forget it, you don’t have to say anything, since your identity has been established, come in, hurry up and take your things away, we have to go to work!” A secretary interrupted him.

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