I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1234

The man in black looked at Rong Shu, obviously seeking her opinion.

Rong Shu gave him a slight nod, and only then did he follow those few secretaries and a*sistants into the big office to pack up Secretary Tong’s things.

A few people worked together very quickly, but in just a few minutes, Secretary Tong’s things had already been packed, two large paper boxes.

The man in black bent down and picked up the two paper boxes, and after greeting Rong Shu, he walked straight towards the lift.

Rongshu and Lina stood outside the large office door and watched him leave.

Lina sighed, “Although it’s a good thing to know that Secretary Tong is leaving for a better future, but as the same time, it’s still quite hard to see Secretary Tong leave.”

Saying that, she looked back at Rong Shu.

Originally, she thought that Rong Shu was also in the same mood, but unexpectedly, just as she saw Rong Shu looking straight at the direction the man left and frowning.

“Chairman, what’s wrong?” Lina looked at the direction the man in black had left and then at Rong Shu, and was busy asking, “Is it that man, what else is wrong?”

Why else would the chairman show such an expression.

Rong Shu shook her head and nodded again, “No, it’s because I feel like I’ve seen this person somewhere before.”

Originally, she had even dismissed the idea.

But just now, when she saw the back of that man in black leaving with the suitcase in his arms, that sense of familiarity, came rushing back again.

Twice in a row it had struck her as familiar, and she didn’t think it was a mistake.

So it followed that she had indeed seen this man before, she just couldn’t remember where.

“Seen it before?” Lina was slightly surprised, “That’s impossible, how could you, Chairman, have met Secretary Tong’s neighbour, unless you’ve been to Secretary Tong’s house.”

Rongshu shook her head, “It’s because I haven’t been there, yet I feel like I’ve seen this person before, that’s why I care this much, otherwise I wouldn’t be like this.”

“That’s strange.” Lina rubbed her chin, “By definition, as long as you haven’t been to Secretary Tong’s house, Chairman, then it’s only right that you and this person, couldn’t have met each other, could it be that you’ve met somewhere else?”

“That’s what I thought too, maybe I really have met somewhere.” Rongshu rubbed her temples back.

Lina added, “But that guy just now, he could pick up two big boxes so easily, there’s really nothing to say about his strength, and his aura is also very unusual, I don’t feel like a simple ordinary person, but somehow like a military, person or a bodyguard.”

“Bodyguard?” A flash of light suddenly flashed through Rongshu’s mind, and her eyes widened as she instantly remembered something.

Lina saw this, “Chairman, are you remembering?”

Rong Shu’s face was somewhat serious as she hmmed, “I remembered when you said bodyguard, I did meet this person, right in A Qi’s company, he was indeed a bodyguard too, one of A Qi’s bodyguards, but A Qi usually doesn’t like to have bodyguards around, so his bodyguards basically stay in Lu’s security department, I should have met this person in Lu’s. ”

“It’s actually Mr. Lu’s bodyguard.” Lina exclaimed with a face full of surprise, “Are you sure, Chairman?”

“I’m sure.” Rong Shu nodded seriously.

Lina looked in amazement at the direction the man in black had long since disappeared and swallowed, “Didn’t you say he was a neighbour of Secretary Tong’s family? How did he become Mr. Lu’s bodyguard again? Or is he lying?”

She immediately looked at Rong Shu.

Rong Shu pursed her red lips and didn’t say anything, because of this question, she also expressed that she couldn’t understand it.

Yes, if he was Ah Qi’s bodyguard, why did he say to them that he was Secretary Tong’s neighbour?

Or was it that this person was indeed Secretary Tong’s neighbour too, who happened to live near Secretary Tong and happened to be Ah Qi’s bodyguard?

Although this is a possibility, it should not be too likely.

Of course, there was another reason why, as Lina had guessed, this man had lied and was not Secretary Tong’s neighbour, but just Ah Qi’s bodyguard.

It was Ah Qi’s intention for him to come and get something for Secretary Tong.

How else could Secretary Tong have instructed Ah Qi’s bodyguard?

After all, Ah Qi hated Secretary Tong so much, not to mention that it was impossible for him to lend his bodyguard to Secretary Tong, let’s say that the two of them were not subordinates anymore, and Secretary Tong did not have the face to ask Ah Qi to borrow someone to get his things.

So what was going on in all this, she could only get the answer by calling Ah Qi or Secretary Tong herself.

And for some reason, she always felt that there must be some kind of secret hidden in here.

“Chairman?” Lina saw that Rong Shu was lost in thought and couldn’t help but wave her hand and shout out.

Rong Shu’s eyes twinkled as she looked back and smiled at it, “It’s alright, let me call Ah Qi and ask why it was his bodyguard who came to help Secretary Tong move his things, ask him if he knows about it or not.”

Lina nodded her head.

Rongshu turned around and went back to her office, sat down, immediately took out her mobile phone and dialed Lu Qi’s number.

Lu Qi quickly answered, and as soon as he opened his mouth, his boisterous voice came through, “Yo, why did you remember to call me, did you miss me? Hey, did you turn around and find out that I’m still good in the end, so you want to dump Fu Jingting and follow me?”

Of course, Rongshu knew that he was joking, there was no intention to say this to test her, after all, he himself knew very well that it was impossible for her to break up with Fu Jingting.

At least, it was impossible now.

So he was really just saying this because he wanted to tease her with a joke.

Rongshu rolled her eyes, “Alright Ah Qi, don’t be flippant, be serious, I’m looking for you for something.”

“Okay, I won’t make fun, what do you want to see me about?” At the other end of the phone, Lu Qi was also sitting in his office, originally leaning lazily on his office chair, with his two feet resting on his desk without any image.

As soon as he heard that Rong Shu had a business matter, he immediately stopped being frivolous and rambunctious, but hurriedly put his feet down and sat up properly.

“The actual fact is that it’s not a particularly important matter, but if I don’t ask about it, I’ll always have a knot in my heart.” Rongshu rubbed her brow and said in a somewhat heavy tone.

When Lu Qi heard this, he immediately lifted his heart, “Shushu, what exactly is it, tell me.”

I don’t want to ask what’s going on, but there’s always a lump in my heart, so it doesn’t seem like it’s as important as she says.

“Ah Qi, let me ask you, did you send bodyguards to my place to remove Secretary Tong’s things?” Rong Shu’s red lips pursed slightly as she asked.

On the other end of the phone, Lu Qi’s entire body was stunned.

Rong Shu waited for a few seconds without waiting for his reply, and already had an answer in her heart, “Sure enough, it was you who sent them, the person who said that he was Secretary Tong’s neighbour was a lie, he actually listened to you and came to my place to move things under the guise of Secretary Tong’s neighbour, and in case we didn’t believe you, you even made a special effort to say hello to Secretary Tong’s mother’s side as well. Thoughtful.”

If she hadn’t remembered that the man was his bodyguard, she really wouldn’t have known that he had made it look like a palace trick just to move something.

Lu Qi’s mouth opened for a moment before he found his voice, “Since you know all about it, then fine, I won’t hide it from you, the person was indeed sent by me, and I did say hello to Tong Xi and Tong Xi’s mother’s side, for ……”

“In order to be afraid that I would know that you sent them over, so you let Secretary Tong and Secretary Tong’s mother jointly put on a show to make me think that the people were the neighbours of Secretary Tong’s family and not your people, right?” Rongshu interrupted him with a grim little face.

Lu Qi lowered his head knowing that he was in the wrong, “Yes ……”

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