I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1237

This was not the first time the a*sistant had seen Rong Shu wearing this gown.

After all, when Rong Shu and Fu Jingting had gone to the shop to pick up the dress, Rong Shu had tried it on.

At that time, Rongshu was also very beautiful and she was also stunned.

So reasonably speaking, the a*sistant, who had already been stunned once, should not have such a big reaction now, and should be much more calm compared to the others.

However, this time, the a*sistant’s amazement was even more obvious than the last time.

It was only because last time Rong Shu had only tried on the dress hastily, with no hair or makeup or anything, so even if it looked good, it wouldn’t be good enough to see.

But this time was different, this time Rong Shu’s face was painted with makeup that specifically matched this gown and her hair was styled accordingly, so in terms of beauty, it naturally doubled.

It was no surprise then that the a*sistant would be so stunning.

“Miss Rong, you’re so beautiful.” The a*sistant was also the one who reacted first, coming up to Rong Shu and cupping her hands in front of her heart, her eyes full of excitement.

Rong Shu saw the way her eyes were glowing as she stared at herself and laughed in her heart, “Thank you for the compliment then.”

“This is not a compliment, this is the truth, by the way Miss Rong, you have jewellery? It will be more beautiful if you wear jewellery.” The a*sistant asked as she surveyed Rong Shu’s long, slender swan neck.

The white neck was empty, obviously missing some ornaments.

The other make-up artists also nodded their heads in agreement with the a*sistant’s words.

As professional make-up artists and stylists, they were more sensitive than the a*sistants when it came to matching jewellery.

Back when Rong Shu had just come out in her gown, they had noticed that she was missing jewellery.

Although she was beautiful without jewellery, something was ultimately missing, so much so that the beautiful her had an extra touch of imperfection.

It was a rare occasion that they served such a beautiful employer, and of course they wanted their employer to be perfect.

Of course, if their employer did not currently have jewellery, they would find a way to help her get it.

Hearing her a*sistant’s question, Rongshu smiled as she pulled open the drawer at the end of the lounge bed and took out an exquisite jewellery box from inside and opened it.

The dazzling and stunning ruby jewellery set was exposed to the air and reflected in everyone’s eyes.

Once again, the crowd gasped.

“Oh my, it’s actually top quality chicken blood rubies, and looking at the colour and transparency of these stones, they should have been cut from the same original ruby stone, that’s even rarer, I’ve seen so many ruby jewellery sets, this is the first time I’ve seen such a full set, now I can see clearly even if I’m dead.”

“No, rubies of this grade are already very rare, and I’ve never even heard of a ruby that can be cut down to make a full set of jewellery.

Everyone looked at Rong Shu with excitement.

Rong Shu handed the box over, “It’s not mine, it’s my boyfriend’s mother’s relic, my boyfriend brought it for me to match my dress.”

The day after Fu Jingting took it to her, she was worried that it would not be safe to leave it in her flat in Repulse Bay.

After all, it was too valuable, so she brought it straight to the office.

In the company’s lounge, there was a safe deposit box, which was safer to keep in there and to put her mind at ease.

It was only after she came to the office at noon today that she took it out of the safe and put it in the drawer of the drawer.

The a*sistant took the jewellery, wanting to touch but not daring to touch, after all, too valuable, shoot themselves accidentally broken can not afford to pay, can only stare at it.

Even the other people who came up to admire the rubies were the same, not daring to touch them with their hands.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

First of all, it was not her jewellery, and she had to be careful to wear it herself for fear of losing it and breaking it.

Not to mention them, who have nothing to do with the jewellery.

They were also afraid that they would break the jewellery themselves, so they restrained themselves from touching it.

Moreover, Rongshu knew very well that even if she shouted at them to touch it, they would not agree to do so, as they really could not afford to pay for it after all.

Understanding their thoughts, Rong Shu pretended that she hadn’t seen anything.

“Well, it’s getting late, help me put it on.” Rong Shu returned to the make-up table and sat down.

A few make-up artists nodded, and one by one, they carefully took the jewellery out of the box.

That action was really too careful, even their expressions were very serious and tense, afraid that they might not be careful and drop the jewellery, which made Rong Shu laugh.

She thought that it was the same when she got it.

Fu Jingting even told her not to be so nervous, saying that it was just a bunch of nice stones and she didn’t need to be so careful.

She gave him a blank stare then.

To him, who was rich, they were indeed worthless pretty stones, but to her, they were piles and piles of money.

He was really big-hearted to give her such a valuable item to wear straight away, and said that it would be hers in the future anyway, so giving it to her now was just early.

Although it is true that she will inherit all the jewellery left behind by his mother, if nothing else, but not yet?

Then they weren’t hers, and they were so valuable that she had to be careful!

Finally, under the careful hands of several people, Rongshu put on the jewellery.

With the jewellery, Rongshu’s make-up and hair, as well as the dress she wore, were instantly given a new lift and looked even more beautiful.

Especially for the make-up artists, the little imperfection of the missing jewellery had been made up for at this moment.

“Miss Rong, you’re really beautiful.” The a*sistant held her heart and looked at Rong Shu with starry eyes.

Rong Shu also looked at herself in the mirror, looking slightly stunned.

She had actually always known that she was beautiful, but she had never taken her beauty to heart, nor had she ever been proud of it.

Because she knew very well that she was definitely not the most beautiful, there were beauties in all circles, and there were many more than her.

So this bit of her beauty was naturally not surprising, nor was it something she should be proud of.

But she had never imagined that she would be so beautiful and so aggressively beautiful after wearing a specially designed dress, the most exquisite make-up and the most beautiful jewellery.

So, one day, she could eat with her face too.

Rongshu touched her face, her red lips slowly curving up in a slight arc.

That smile was magnificent and beautiful.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air and stared at her in a daze, forgetting their words and launching into a daze.

“So beautiful ……” Some people couldn’t help but whisper their admiration.

Hearing this, Fu Jingting, who suddenly appeared at the entrance of the lounge, nodded his head in approval without hesitation, then looked at the woman sitting in front of the mirror, his dark eyes burning with a thick, hot fire.

He hadn’t thought he would be so lucky to see her, who had just put on her make-up, as soon as he arrived.

And with her make-up on, her dress changed and her jewellery on, she would be so beautiful as to be so compelling.

A supreme siren, no less.

In the past, he had never cared for those tropes like the wretched demon concubine, from which the king did not go to court in the morning.

He felt that there was a limit to how beautiful a person could be, how could anyone be so beautiful as to possess such powers.

All these tropes were just exaggerations.

But now, he believed it!

He even regrets it a little ……

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