I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1239

Could it be that the people inside really didn’t do anything?

If that was the case, then Mr. Fu was too useless!

It was clear that he was going to strip Miss Rong naked and devour her, but in the end, he didn’t do anything.

Hey ……

The people looked at each other and saw the colour of regret in each other’s eyes, and gradually lost interest in eavesdropping, and stood up straight and walked away.

After all, there is no movement inside, so it is estimated that nothing is really happening, and there is no point for them to continue like this.

In case the door suddenly opens and Mr. Fu and Ms. Rong find out that they are eavesdropping here, they will definitely be in for a treat.

So it was better to leave quickly.

Of course, the people inside the door naturally did not know all this, they were still forgetting to kiss. They were still kissing.

Just a simple kiss. The only sounds were the heavy breathing of each other and a little bit of ambiguous… The only sounds were the ragged breathing of each other and a little ambiguous water. There was only the sound of each other’s ragged breathing, and a little bit of ambiguous water staining.

These sounds were so small that they could not have reached the door for anyone to hear.

That’s why the people outside the door thought that nothing was going on inside the door.

But in fact, the man and woman inside the door were making out with each other in the heat of the moment.

I don’t know how long it took, until Rong Shu’s body was so weak that she couldn’t stand anymore, and her body was gradually sliding down, when the man finally let go of her red lips, wrapped his palm around her waist, and wrapped her body upwards with force.

She avoided falling to the ground, but was carried to the dressing table and sat there.

Rongshu sat panting on the dressing table, her upper body leaning helplessly against the man’s arms, her arms also weakly wrapped around the man’s neck, her eyes dazed as she looked behind him, her red lips moving, wanting to say something, but without the strength to do so, she could not make a sound.

The man wrapped one arm around her back and held her waist with the other, his chin knocking on her shoulder, feeling the soft body in his arms, his thin lips hooked up in satisfaction.

After about a few minutes, Rongshu finally rested enough and the strength in her body began to gradually return, her breathing was no longer so rapid and gradually smoothed out.

She let go of the man’s neck and instead propped herself up on his shoulders, pushing him forward.

But Fu Jingting was holding her, so she couldn’t go far back even if she pushed, she could only push the man’s head away a little, almost 50 centimeters from her own, before she looked at the man and pouted: “Fu Jingting, you’ve messed up my makeup.”

Looking at the lipstick on the man’s thin lips, Rong Shu was angry and amused.

It was funny how the dog man looked like this.

It was even funnier than the way he had been photographed outside in the morning with his lipstick on top.

The man’s gaze also fell on Rong Shu’s lips.

The lipstick that was originally smeared on her lips was all gone now, and her bright red lips, too, had reverted back to the pink lip colour she came with.

At this moment, those lips, because they had just been moisturized by him, now looked slightly swollen, and the pink colour was slightly heavier than usual, turning into a peachy pink, and also shiny, looking very kissable.

Fu Jingting’s eyes darkened and his throat knot slid up and down twice.

If he hadn’t known that there wasn’t enough time and that she was going to be angry later.

He would definitely have continued, and would never have condescended to put up with it.

Thinking about it, a trace of regret flashed quickly in Fu Jingting’s eyes as he stretched out his thumb and tenderly wiped the remaining lipstick residue from her red lips, his voice low and husky, “It’s my fault, how about I make it up to you?”

Rongshu was slightly stunned, “You? Fix my makeup?”

Her suspicious gaze hit the man’s face, full of mistrust.

She couldn’t be blamed for her distrust, after all, she had never known that he could do make-up.

The man, who could not see what Rong Shu’s eyes were thinking, was somewhat displeased, and sidled up to pick up an individually wrapped makeup remover wipe from the dressing table, biting down on one corner of the package with his teeth before tearing it open with his other hand.

The whole action, Rong Shu look at the blush.

It’s not a good idea, who let the dog man tear a bag, the whole thing is exactly like his usual action of tearing condoms and condoms.

The first time they did that, Fu Jingting did have a condom on.

Although she couldn’t get pregnant during these two years, there was no guarantee that a miracle would happen.

So just in case, she and Fu Jingting still took measures, not wanting to take any chances.

Of course, at the beginning, they really didn’t have the self-awareness to take measures.

Because they really thought that not being able to get pregnant for two years meant that no matter what they did for two years, they would not be able to conceive a child.

It wasn’t until one time when she went to the First Hospital for a physical recheck that Lin Tianchen told them that although they couldn’t get pregnant for two years, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t be able to conceive for sure, and that they had better take measures.

Since then, they have been doing measures.

So the action of the man’s condom, the condom, became incredibly familiar to her.

It was the same as just tearing a wet wipe.

Originally, the wet wipe thing, it was a very decent thing.

But when the dog man did that, she suddenly had some trouble making the wipes official.

Rongshu was in tears at her own thoughts.

The man didn’t care what she was thinking, he removed the wet wipes after tearing them open, and only then did he answer her query just now, “Although I haven’t learnt all this, but I’ve seen all your usual make-up, not all of it, but some, it’s no problem to make up, not to mention that your make-up, other than the lipstick, is not blown, so just make up a lipstick. ”

“Really?” Rongshu was a little unconvinced.

The man let go of her waist, “See for yourself.”

“Just look.” Rongshu jumped off the dressing table and turned around to look at the mirror behind her.

The mirror showed herself with her makeup and hair still on, and it was indeed as Fu Jingting had said, only the lipstick had been eaten by him, and her hair and makeup hadn’t been affected at all.

It seemed that the dog man had exercised restraint just now.

Only after Rongshu looked around to make sure the makeup and hair were indeed fine did she turn back around with satisfaction and rea*surance and look at the man again, “It’s not bad that you have a sense of proportion.”

“I’ve always been very measured.” The man chuckled lightly as he rested his forehead against hers.

Rongshu grunted, “Give me the cotton pads.”

“I’ll do it.” The man shook his head and insisted on fixing her makeup.

Rongshu wanted to say something, but looking at the man’s eyes that had seriousness written all over them as well as rea*suring her, she couldn’t say the words behind them and nodded her head in agreement, “Alright then, you do it.”

He wanted to do something so badly that she was still a little uncomfortable if she refused him.

After all, the look in his eyes made her ruthless.

Just ask, if a person, looking at you with an expectant glowing gaze, would you be able to bear to refuse?

Especially if the refusal was followed by a lost and pitiful look from the other person.

She thought, if it were anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to resist refusing, right?

Hey ……

The dog man just knows how to take advantage of her.

Rong Shu rubbed her temples and smiled helplessly in her heart.


The only thing that can be done is to make up for the difference, and she can just reapply one herself.

And that way, the dog man would have another place for her to laugh at in her place.

Looking at the cunning in Rong Shu’s eyes, Fu Jingting didn’t need to think much before he knew what was going on in her head.

Unfortunately, ah, she was not destined to succeed.

The man’s eyes flashed, then he collected his expression and seriously picked up the makeup remover wipes and gently wiped them on Rong Shu’s red lips, wiping away the remnants of lipstick.

His wiping motion was not random, but he started from the corner of her upper lip, wiping over the upper lip flap and then the lower lip flap, wiping in a circle like this, tracing the shape of her lips once again.

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