I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1240

I just don’t know if he was compulsive and had to rub his heart like this to feel better, or if there was something else going on.

But for Rongshu, it was definitely both.

Fu Jingting did have a slight case of OCD, so it wasn’t surprising that he would wipe her lips like this.

But Fu Jingting was not only wiping her lips like this because of his OCD, but also because he was teasing her. It was also to tease her, to provoke her. There was also an intention to tease her, to titillate her.

After all, she had never seen anyone remove their make-up and touch their lips with their fingers from time to time.

And the dog man, when wiping, not only moved slowly, but also deliberately touched her lips, deliberately creating a hint of ambiguity. ambiguous atmosphere.

Heh, man!

Although in her heart, Rongshu had already understood Fu Jingting’s mind clearly enough to be thorough.

However, she did not open her mouth to break up the dog man.

She still wanted to see how far the dog man still wanted to go.

Surely he would wait until he had finished wiping and then go up to his mouth to kiss her again?

However, surprisingly, Fu Jingting did not kiss her after wiping her lips, as Rongshu had thought.

He did intentionally wipe her lips in that way, with the intention of teasing her, and deliberately being ambiguous. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. It was true that he had deliberately wiped her mouth like that, with the intention of teasing her and being ambiguous.

But it was also true that he had no intention of kissing her.

After all, there really wasn’t enough time.

So after he finished wiping his lips, he picked up the lipstick and swirled it out, ready to reapply it to her.

Seeing this, Rongshu was still a little surprised, staring at the man with the words how could this be written all over her eyes.

Seeing her like this, the man stopped the lipstick in his hand and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Rongshu’s lips opened, but she finally pushed down the question in her mind, shaking her head and smiling, “Nothing, I’m just surprised that you’re quite skilled at turning your lipstick.”

Was that so?

The man raised his eyebrows, feeling vaguely in his heart that this was not what she wanted to say.

But he didn’t ask more, lifting her chin and applying her lipstick as he returned, “I have a few pens that are just rotating designs, probably because I’m used to turning pens, and turning this is similar to turning pens, that’s why you think I’m skilled.”

“So.” Rongshu didn’t dare to nod for fear of causing him to slip up, so she could only blink and sort of understand.

After that, she said nothing more and closed her eyes, allowing the man to trace her lips.

I thought the man was a novice and the process of tracing her lips must be slow.

That was why she closed her eyes and was prepared to wait slowly, lest she keep staring at the man and cause him psychological pressure to be even slower.

What she didn’t expect was that the man’s movements were faster than she could have imagined.

She hadn’t closed her eyes for two minutes before the man suddenly said, “It’s ready.”


It was ready?

Rongshu opened her eyes, her eyes first held a hint of bewilderment, and then she saw the sight of the man rotating the lipstick back and closing the lid.

So she had just heard correctly, the man had really put on her lipstick.

How could he have done it so quickly!

Why did she feel that he hadn’t finished applying the red?

With such suspicion, Rongshu twisted her head to look at the mirror behind her, expecting to see a scene of a car accident, such as lipstick applied to the outside, such as sausage mouth, such as uneven distribution of lipstick, dark on one side and light on the other, or lipstick cream piling up or something.

She was even mentally prepared to see all this and to encourage the man to compliment him against his will for having painted quite well the first time.

But unsurprisingly, all her fears were absent.

There was no crash site, no sausage lips, no uneven distribution of lipstick, no problems whatsoever.

On the contrary, the lipstick he applied to her was perfect, barely different from what the make-up artist had applied.

Perfect, as if it had been applied by the make-up artist in the first place and had never been smudged.

How was this possible!

The mirror was so perfect that there were no flaws.

Rong Shu slightly grew red lips, looking at herself in the mirror incredulously, unable to quell the shock in her heart for a long time.

The man stood behind her, satisfied with her reaction, his thin lips hooked up, “How about that? Now you know I’m not lying, right?”

Rongshu turned her head dumbly and stared at him blankly before finally nodding slowly.

“Well, I believe it.” She swallowed back, then took his arm and hastily asked, “When did you learn to draw lipstick? You don’t look like a novice at all, say, did you paint for another woman behind my back, that’s why you’re so good at it?”

She pointed at Fu Jingting with a questioning expression.

It was as if she would dare to make him look good if you dared to admit it.

Seeing this, Fu Jingting amusedly pressed Rong Shu’s hand down and rubbed her hair back: “What nonsense, apart from you, which woman can I do this kind of thing for? ”

Even when he was hypnotized and thought he loved Gu Manyin, he hadn’t even done it for Gu Manyin.

From the beginning to the end, he had only ever done this for her alone.

Rongshu actually knew that Fu Jingting had not done it for any other woman, she had just said so on purpose.

After all, the man’s handiwork was so surprising to her that it was hard not to wonder if the man had practiced specifically.

“Since you haven’t, then you ……”

“Didn’t I just say, usually watching you put on makeup, often, you will naturally know how to do it, it’s not that difficult, just follow the lip shape, as long as your hands don’t shake, you will naturally succeed in one go, so don’t think nonsense, eh?” The man gently patted Rongshu’s head.

Rongshu’s mouth opened, but she couldn’t say anything at once.

What could she say?

That the man was vanillaing her?

Or that the man was striking her down?

After all, what was an understatement to the man was not usually hard for her.

How can it be a blow to her that something that a man sees a few times and does once is something she has practiced for ages?

It took her more than ten years to get to this level of make-up.

It’s easy to lose one’s balance when a man can do it all at once.

Geniuses are different from mortals.

Rongshu held her forehead and shook her head in amusement.

“Okay, I believe you now.” Rongshu patted the man’s arm.

The man took his hand off the top of her head, “How’s that? I did a good job of drawing, didn’t I?”

Seeing the man’s expression of being quick to praise me, Rongshu covered her lips and let out a soft laugh, “Not bad, it’s this.”

She gave a thumbs up and didn’t mince words in praise.

The curvature of the man’s thin lips grew thicker, “Then from now on, how about letting me put on your lipstick?”

“You’ll put it on for me?” Rongshu froze slightly.

The man took her hand, put it to his lips and kissed it, “Of course, in the old days, there was a husband who traced his wife’s eyebrows, now there is me putting on your lipstick, don’t you think it’s very romantic?”

Rongshu was a little moved by his words and subconsciously nodded, “Sure, as long as you don’t find it troublesome.”

“No.” The man put her hand down from his lips.

Rongshu looked at him, “Well, it’s getting late, you haven’t changed your clothes and done your hair yet, let’s not delay any longer, get them in to style you, we have to leave before seven.”

After all, it was the host couple of the mall party she was begging, so she didn’t want to be late.

Even if the other party would not care on the face of Fu Jingting behind her, but what about in their hearts?

They would definitely think that since she had begged them, she was actually late on account of her man, obviously not putting them in her mind.

So even if they agreed to rent her a counter for Fu Jingting’s sake, there was no guarantee that they would not do something to the counter.

So in order to give the host couple of the mall party a good impression, she didn’t want to be late, and she didn’t want to rely on Fu Jingting to be a fox and make people think she was bullying them.

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