I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1241

What was going through Rongshu’s mind, how could Fu Jingting not know.

He gently pinched her face and answered her words.

“Then I’ll go open the door and let them in.” Rongshu said, and was about to step on her silvery and luxurious high heels to open the door.

Fu Jingting pulled her hand, “Wait a minute.”

“What’s wrong?” Rongshu turned back, some confusion in her eyes.

The man pointed at his thin lips, “You want your husband to be seen like this, huh?”

The lipstick stain on his thin lips here and there hadn’t been wiped off yet.

In other words, he had been wearing this comical look, wiping her mouth and tracing her lips, and otherwise not taking care of himself at all.

Hearing Fu Jingting’s words, Rong Shu then reacted and covered her red lips with a puff of laughter, “Sorry, I forgot about that, that’s fine, you wipe it first, I’ll call them in when you’re done.”

She knew that if the people outside saw Fu Jingting like this, they would definitely laugh, even if they didn’t dare to laugh to his face, when they didn’t know, they would definitely laugh out loud.

After all, she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw it, let alone others.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if she laughs, after all, the relationship between the two of them is here, and he won’t mind.

But if others laughed at him, not to mention that Fu Jingting himself might not be happy, she wouldn’t be happy either.

He is her lover, how can she tolerate others laughing at him.

In saying that, at noon Fu Jingting had already been in the hot seat once because of his lipstick and was laughed at by the majority of netizens.

She didn’t want him to be laughed at twice in a row because of his lipstick, either.

After Rong Shu finished speaking, Fu Jingting ripped open a new makeup remover wipe and looked in the mirror to clean up his image.

The difference between Fu Jingting wiping himself and Rongshu was somewhat greater.

When he wiped for Rong Shu, his movements couldn’t be more gentle, and he wiped in a way that traced a circle along his lips.

However, when he wiped himself, he was not so careful, not to mention the force, but also the haphazard movement of wiping, and he finished it in three or two strokes.

He was so happy to see Rongshu, but at the same time, his heart was also sweet.

After all, the way he acted like this showed that in her heart, she was more important than even himself.

“Is it done?” Seeing Fu Jingting throwing the used makeup remover towel into the trash, Rong Shu asked.

The man groomed his somewhat messy hair and nodded slightly, “It’s done.”

“I’ll go and open the door then.”


Rong Shu turned towards the door and opened it.

The few people sitting or standing outside the door heard the sound of the door opening and hurriedly stood to look at it.

Seeing Rong Shu who came out, several people quickly walked over.

“Miss Rong.”

As they greeted, their eyes were also sneaking glances at Rong Shu.

Although Rong Shu’s makeup looked the same as it did before they came out, there was no difference.

But they were still professionals who had been in the business for many years, and their eyes couldn’t be any sharper.

At a glance, they could see the slightest imperceptible change underneath Rong Shu’s perfect make-up.

There was something different about her lips.

In particular, the make-up artist who painted Rong Shu’s lipstick could tell right away that Rong Shu’s lips were a little bit more swollen than when she painted her lipstick.

As for why they were swollen?

They would never believe that it was the cause of their lipstick.

If it was the lipstick that caused Miss Rong’s mouth to swell, Miss Rong and Mr. Fu would have been looking for them to settle the score long ago.

So Miss Rong’s lips would be swollen, it must be because of some other reason.

As for what exactly was the reason?

Several people secretly glanced at each other and all saw an aunt’s smile in each other’s eyes.

What else could it be, being kissed by Mr. Fu.

They had thought that they hadn’t heard any movement inside, that they had done nothing.

Now they realised that it wasn’t that they hadn’t done anything, it was really just that they hadn’t heard it.

Not only did they do it in there, but it was quite intense, even their lips were swollen.

Tsk tsk, Mr. Fu was wild on time.

The one who was most excited would have to be the a*sistant.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

She herself, of course, was so excited and thrilled that she almost fainted.

Of course, what was going on in these people’s minds was unknown to Rong Shu, and although she felt that they were acting a little strange, she didn’t think deeply about it and responded with a smile and a nod, “Please go in now and do the styling for Mr. Fu.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go in now.”

Several people nodded their heads in response.

Rongshu made a please gesture and led a few people back into the lounge.

Once inside, she sat to the side and watched as these people did Fu Jingting’s hair.

Men were not as complicated as women.

They also needed to wear delicate make-up.

He only needed to fix his hair and slightly trim his face, the whole process wouldn’t take long at all.

The whole process would not take long at all, at most half an hour or so to complete.

Just as Fu Jingting finished his hair and went to change his clothes, the mobile phone in Rong Shu’s diamond handbag suddenly rang.

She looked down and took out her phone to see the caller ID, a happy smile appeared on her face, “Hello, auntie, good evening.”

It was already half past six, the sky had gradually darkened, and it was not too much to say that it was evening.

The call was from Mrs. Lu, and when she heard Rong Shu’s voice, she hurriedly asked, “Shu Shu, you’re going to the shopping mall banquet, right?”

“Yes.” Rongshu nodded her head.

Then, realising the urgency in Mrs. Lu’s tone, the smile on her face gradually suppressed and became serious, “Auntie, what’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

On the other end of the phone, Mrs. Lu shook her head and said back, “It’s me, it’s me who has something to remind, remember what I told you last time you and Jing Ting came to the Lu family?”

The last time you went to the Lu family and said something?

Rongshu C*cked her head and thought about it.

Then something occurred to her and she bit her lower lip, “Auntie Mother, what you said about the Wang family?”

Seeing that she hadn’t forgotten, Mrs. Lu was slightly relieved, “That’s right, it’s the Wang family, the Wang family’s seafood business is in trouble, and they’ve been looking for a marriage with a powerful family, and they’re ambitious, and once they look for the top one, they’re looking for the most powerful family.”

Speaking of this, Mrs. Lu’s white eyes were rolling up to the sky.

The Wang family was just a small, unranked family, so they were looking for a third-rate family in the city, but they were still looking for the best one.

They don’t even know if they are good enough.

It was not that she looked down on the Wang family, it was that the Wang family could not see themselves.

Do they really think they can succeed just because they are looking for the best?

The Wang family will not only be unsuccessful, but will also offend the other gentry.

After all, everyone knows that the Wang family is not qualified to climb on the best gentry, not even to climb on them.

But the Wang family, by crossing over to them and going for the best one, isn’t that telling others that the Wang family looks down on them and only looks up to the best one?

So yeah, the Wang family will either succeed or wait to be suppressed by all the gentry next.

Of course, Madam Lu knew that there was only one thing that would happen to the Wang family, and that would really be to be suppressed by all the gentry, after all, the best one could never have anything to do with the Wang family.

Because the best one, the one in charge of the gentry, was already their Shushu’s.

That’s right, the best one is the Fu family.

The reason why I told you last time that the Wang family is looking for connections to attend the banquet tonight is because they know that Jing Ting will be there, so they are trying to find an opportunity to befriend Jing Ting, and they might even use underhanded tricks or something. I’m calling you because I’m afraid you’ll forget about it, so I’m specifically reminding you.

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