I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1249

Liu Linlin is also an adult, although the other party did not say exactly how with her, but the heart can also roughly guess some.

Her heart immediately lifted, and her eyes gradually rose in hostility.

“What the hell is wrong, say ah.” Liu Linlin raised her voice loudly in anxiety and impatience.

The two women knew she was angry, their bodies trembled, not daring to delay any longer, they hurriedly returned, “That woman actually asked Mr. Fu to do that kind of unseemly thing with her at the banquet, and now the two have gone into the lounge.”

“What?” Liu Linlin’s pupils shrank and her voice instantly became shrill and harsh.

Her grip on the phone also tightened violently, as if she was about to crush it at any moment.

“She and brother Jingting were at the banquet …….” Liu Linlin’s body trembled terribly, and her eyes were even more terribly red, as if they were about to drip blood.

Liu Lao, who was sitting next to her taking a nap, heard his granddaughter’s angry voice and woke up from his sleep, turning his head to look, he saw his granddaughter looking like she was irritated and about to go crazy.

“Linlin, what’s wrong?”

“Grandpa.” Liu Linlin looked at Elder Liu with emotion, her face full of hatred, “That woman, Rong Shu, actually did that kind of thing with Brother Jingting in the lounge, they …… They ……”

Liu Linlin flowed out tears of unbridled resentment.

Liu Lao was startled by her words, “What? Doing that kind of thing? Linlin, don’t talk nonsense, Jing Ting is not that kind of person, such a rude thing, there is no way he doesn’t know that he can’t do it at someone else’s party venue.”

“Grandpa, what am I lying to you for? My two friends saw it with their own eyes, they are at the party right now, they said that brother Jingting and that Rong Shu went into the lounge together, what else could they do but do that kind of thing at this time?” Liu Linlin held her palms in a deadly grip, looking like she wanted to eat someone.

The two women on the other end of the phone also hurriedly echoed.

“Yes Liu Linlin, we saw it with our own eyes, there’s absolutely no way it could be fake.”

Liu Lao heard their voices and had to believe them even if he didn’t, hammering his thigh with a look of anger, “How can Jing Ting be so confused, even if his physical status is here and no one would say anything about him, but what would others say about him in private? Doesn’t he know that?”

“How could brother Jingting not know, but this is definitely not his original intention, it must be that Rong Shu forced her, she has a handle on brother Jingting in her hand, so brother Jingting can’t not do as he is told.” Liu Linlin bit her lip fiercely and said with her eyes wide open.

Old Liu thought it made sense, “If that’s true, that woman is truly abominable, she’s trying to ruin Jingting.”

“Grandpa, we have to stop them.” Liu Linlin’s eyes were red as she looked at Elder Liu, her eyes firm.

Elder Liu nodded soberly, “Yes, we have to stop them, we can’t let her ruin Jingting, but how can we stop them now that we haven’t arrived?”

“I have a way.” Liu Linlin’s gaze fell to the phone, “You two, find a way to ruin things for them.”

The two women on the other end of the phone looked at each other.

“But how do we sabotage them?”

Liu Linlin narrowed her icy eyes, “You can do whatever you want, as long as you can sabotage it, don’t worry, brother Jingting was threatened, he didn’t love that woman in the first place, how would he be willing to do such things with that woman, so if you go and sabotage it, it will be a good thing for brother Jingting instead, maybe brother Jingting will even be grateful to you. ”

“Grateful?” The two eyes brightened with spirit.

The corners of Liu Linlin’s mouth hooked into an evil smile as she encouraged, “That’s right, it’s gratitude, I heard that your family seems to be interested in letting you join in marriage, you’re not too willing are you? Maybe this time you have helped brother Jingting, so that brother Jingting will repay you and cooperate with your family company? And as you are the ones who are responsible for the cooperation between your family’s company and Fu’s, your family can’t wait to hold you up, so how could they be willing to let you marry each other, am I right?”

The two women nodded their heads in excitement, “Yes, yes, Miss Liu, you are too thoughtful for us, don’t worry, we will definitely succeed in destroying that woman’s plot.”

“Good, then you guys should hurry up and go.” The curvature of Liu Linlin’s lips grew thicker and thicker.

The two women hurriedly answered twice and hung up.

Liu Lao naturally heard everything in his ears, and as he looked at his granddaughter who slowly put down her phone, looking as if her purpose had been achieved, he asked with some unease, “Will they succeed?”

Liu Linlin put away her phone and turned her head to smile at Liu Lao, “Why not? As long as there is the intention to destroy, there is nothing that can’t be destroyed.”

“That’s true.” Elder Liu felt that it made sense.

Liu Linlin added, “No matter what, with these two hinds in front of me, I can at least have a little peace of mind here, I don’t have to worry all the time that brother Jingting and that woman really have something, even if those two women’s plan fails and angers brother Jingting, I don’t have to worry about getting into trouble, I can just put everything on those two women and let I can just put it all on those two women and let them take the blame, and I will still be safe.”

Hearing his granddaughter’s calculations, Liu Lao rubbed his beard with relief and laughed, “Not bad, not bad, everything is very well thought out, really worthy of being my Liu family’s child, you are much smarter than your brothers and sisters.”

That was why he doted on this granddaughter so much.

Liu Linlin smiled smugly.

The banquet, in the lounge.

After the lounge door closed, Fu Jingting directly picked up Rong Shu in a horizontal hug and headed in the direction of the big bed.

Rongshu was not at all expecting the man to suddenly hug her, so she was startled, and with an ahhh she hurriedly wrapped her arms around the man’s neck.

When the man saw her reaction, his thin lips curled and he threw her body upwards.

Rongshu let out another frightened ah, and wrapped her arms around his neck even tighter.

Fu Jingting laughed out loud in a good mood.

Rongshu reacted and stared at him with an ugly face, “Fu Jingting, you’re deliberately screwing me over, aren’t you?”

The dog man, actually pranked her.

Do you want to be so childish?

The man put her on the edge of the bed and sat down, squatting his body before saying, “I was just teasing you, not fixing you.”

Rongshu gave him a blank look, “What amusing me? You’re the only one who’s happy, laughing so loudly.”

The man lifted one of her feet and placed it on his lap, then carefully removed the high heels from her feet to check the places on her feet that had been hurt by her shoes.

Seeing the circle of red marks on the heel and ankle, Fu Jingting’s brow instantly wrinkled into a Chuan.

He gently touched the red mark with his thumb.

Rongshu let out a cry of pain, and her foot subconsciously shrank back.

But after shrinking for a moment, her ankle was grabbed by the man’s large hand, and the man put her foot back on his knee and let her step on it before looking up at her, “Does it hurt a lot?”

Rongshu’s eyes were a little red as she replied, “A little.”

The man’s thin lips pursed slightly.

This hadn’t broken the skin completely, just a little bit, it hadn’t bled yet, and it hurt when he touched it.

If the skin had been broken, what kind of pain would it have been?

Fortunately, it wasn’t that serious yet.

But even so, when Rong Shu was like this, it still made Fu Jingting’s heart ache.

He loved her and didn’t want to see her hurt in the slightest.

So when he saw her hurt now, even if it was just a little skin, he felt heartbroken.

Fu Jingting looked at the circle of red marks on Rong Shu’s ankle that was about to break the skin, his big hand tightened on the palm of her foot, then lowered his head and a kiss gently landed on the back of her foot.

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