I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1250

At that moment, Rong Shu’s entire body was frozen, her eyes rounded in disbelief as she looked at the man who was still lowering his head and kissing the back of her foot for a long time before she came back to her senses.

“Fu Jingting you ……” She shrank her foot slightly and tried to pull it out of the man’s hand.

But the man held her foot tightly, making it impossible for her to pull it out.

And the man’s hand was hot, scalding the cold heart of her foot with a tingling sensation.

But no matter how much the man’s feet tripped and made her feet tingle, it was no greater than the shock the man’s thin lips gave her when they landed on the back of her foot.

But for a moment, not only did she feel the backs of her feet become hot, her entire body, as if it had been struck by electricity, made her sit there stiffly, not daring to move.

Until after a while, the man raised his head, she then dared to move the back of her feet with confidence and boldness, her small face red and dripping blood, “Fu Jingting you just ……”

“What’s wrong?” The man scratched the heart of her foot and looked up at her.

Rongshu’s feet were so itchy that she snorted and laughed, hurriedly pulling her feet out of the man’s hands and curling up on the bed to hide them, “What are you tickling me for?”

“Couldn’t help it, it was too soft so I wanted to scratch it.” The man stood up and graciously admitted that he just wanted to scratch.

Rongshu grunted, then added, “Why did you just kiss the back of my foot, you …… Don’t you feel dirty?”

She asked, embarra*sed and shy.

The man sat down beside her, “I kissed you because I felt sorry for you, and as for being dirty? How could it be!”

“How not?” Rongshu turned to face him, “Many people think feet are dirty and won’t even touch their hands, let alone their mouths, you ……”

She wasn’t just saying that.

Feet were indeed a very dirty part for the vast majority of people anyway.

Not only do they tend to sweat, but they also tend to stink.

Although she didn’t have any of these problems, she couldn’t help but think more about whether a man would feel the smell when he kissed her feet.

If they did, wouldn’t she be embarra*sed?

Furthermore, if she were to kiss the back of a man’s foot, she would not be able to do it anyway.

Seeming to see what was going through Rongshu’s mind, the man gave a low laugh, “To me, you’re not dirty all over, so how could I feel dirty, don’t think too much.”

He flicked her forehead.

Rongshu covered her forehead, “Even so, you’d better not do that in the future, in case my feet are really dirty or stinky one day, then wouldn’t I die in society?”

Fu Jingting’s smile grew thicker and was about to say something when there was a knock on the lounge door.

“I think it’s Zhang Cheng who’s here, I’ll go check.” He stood up, swallowing back what he was going to say for the time being.

Rongshu hmmmmmed twice and waved her hand, “Go go go.”

Fu Jingting gave a laugh and turned towards the door.

The door opened and there was indeed a*sistant Zhang outside the door.

When a*sistant Zhang saw Fu Jingting, he hurriedly handed over the two bags in his hand, “Mr. Fu, the things you asked me to buy.”

Fu Jingting reached out to take them, “Thank you for your hard work.”

a*sistant Zhang’s heart shook, his tone was touched and choked up, “It’s not hard work.”

God, Mr. Fu had really changed.

Not only had he been considerate of his subordinate, letting him not have to stay up late waiting for him in the future, but now he was telling him that he had worked hard.

Ah, Miss Rong, you are too great.

You have actually managed to train Mr. Fu to be such a considerate and good man to his subordinates.

Miss Rong, you are my idol.

a*sistant Zhang kept praising Rong Shu in his heart, but his face did not change in the slightest.

Because he knew that if Mr. Fu knew that he cared so much about Miss Rong in his heart, he might be jealous and clean him up.

As expected, Fu Jingting did not know what was in a*sistant Zhang’s heart, but when he saw how moved he was, his face was full of disgust.

“Alright, you go down first.” He drove people away in disgust.

There was no way, such a talentless subordinate, it was strange not to be disgusted.

The door to the room closed again and Fu Jingting returned to the bedside with the two bags.

Seeing him squatting down by the bed again, Rongshu asked curiously, “What did you just say to a*sistant Zhang, why did it sound to me like a*sistant Zhang was about to cry?”

Yes, she was in the room, although she didn’t hear what the two said.

But the choked tone of a*sistant Zhang’s voice still came through.

Her dog man, he wouldn’t have scolded a*sistant Zhang and made a big man like a*sistant Zhang cry, right?

It wasn’t impossible, after all, she knew how authoritative her own dog man usually was to outsiders.

Looking at Rong Shu’s flickering eyes, Fu Jingting probably guessed from what she was thinking and reached out to pinch her face, “What are you thinking about again?”

Rong Shu slapped his hand down and said with disgust, “Fu Jingting, you just touched my feet and haven’t even washed up yet, now you’re touching my face again, don’t you think it’s disgusting?”

The man laughed at her words, “What am I disgusted about? This is your own foot, I don’t even mind it, and you still mind it?”

Rongshu looked at him with blank eyes, “Even if it’s my own foot, there’s no such thing as touching your face after touching your foot.”

“Okay, okay, okay, you always have a point, okay don’t move, let’s put medicine on you.”

The man grabbed her foot and put it back on his knee, then opened a small bag and took out from it cotton swabs band-aids disinfectant water and other such trauma medicine.

Fu Jingting first used the cotton swab dipped in disinfectant water to disinfect the area where she had been abraded, and afterwards used the cotton swab to stick on anti-inflammatory powder and other medication to give her medicine.

After applying the medicine, Fu Jingting then ripped open several band-aids and put them all around her ankle.

After treating this foot, Fu Jingting then put Rong Shu’s other foot up and did the same thing.

Only after both feet had been medicated and band-aids applied did Fu Jingting open the large bag and take out a delicate shoe box from inside.

The same silvery white, the same surrounded by crystals and broken diamonds, the same luxurious luxury.

The only difference was the heels of the two pairs of high heels, one pair was sky-high and the other was about five centimeters high with a medium heel.

The pair in Fu Jingting’s hand was five centimeters high.

The heel is also soft, not as stiff as Rongshu’s previous pair.

The soft ones would not rub the feet and were comfortable to wear, and with such a height, they would not cause difficulty in walking, even if they stood for a long time, their feet would not hurt and their legs would not get sore.

Obviously, this pair of shoes, was specially asked by a*sistant Zhang to buy by Fu Jingting considering her current situation.

However, the height and shape of this pair of high heels was not suitable for wearing to a party.

The high heels for attending a party were basically sky-high, as this would be able to match the dress better.

This height of high heels, with some dresses, is a little forced, especially long dresses, wear this, will not support the temperament.

Comfortable is comfortable, beauty is also really beautiful, but not suitable.

This kind of high heels, only suitable for one occasion, and that is the wedding.

Yes, this is a pair of wedding shoes.

The uniform appearance standard for wedding shoes is a heel height of about five to seven centimeters, coupled with a shiny appearance.

It’s the same as the one Fu Jingting is holding now, isn’t it?

So, this was a pair of wedding shoes.

Fu Jingting had actually asked a*sistant Zhang to buy a pair of wedding shoes.

Did he know that they were wedding shoes?

Or did he not know that Zhang’s a*sistant had just bought them by chance?

Rongshu looked at Fu Jingting, who was putting on his own shoes, and thought with suspicion in her eyes.

Sensing her gaze, Fu Jingting lifted his head, “What’s wrong?”

Rongshu revealed a smile and shook her head, “Nothing.”

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