I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1254

Realizing this, the two women shivered in unison, not daring to delay any longer, the fat woman hurried back, “I say I say, Mr. Fu, Miss Rong, we didn’t mean to come and smash the door either, it was someone who wanted us to stop you from being intimate in the lounge ……”

“What?” Rong Shu froze, and it took her several seconds to react to the meaning of this fat woman’s words.

This person was saying that she and Fu Jingting were doing that kind of thing in the lounge.

And then they had come to stop it because they couldn’t stand to see it!

Rongshu laughed in anger.

Fu Jingting’s face was even more gloomy and terrifying, “Whatever we were doing in there, what does it have to do with you guys that you need to meddle? Is your tutelage that you have your eyes on other people’s business and then go and wreak havoc?”

The murderous intent in his tone became more and more obvious.

The two women’s bodies shook even harder, fluttering their heads as if they were trying to shake them off.

“No, we don’t mean to keep an eye on you guys, it’s …… It’s Miss Liu la!” The fat woman’s eyes were closed and her heart was crossed, and she finally betrayed Liu Linlin.

Although she and Liu Linlin were friends, but now she couldn’t even protect herself, so what did she care about Liu Linlin?

The thin woman was a little surprised when the fat woman confessed Liu Linlin, but soon reacted to their current situation and could only confess Liu Linlin out.

They could only confess Liu Linlin to them, and let Liu Linlin take the lead for them, otherwise they would definitely not have a good time next.

Anyway, it was Liu Linlin who had originally authorized them to do such things, and since they had been caught, it was all the more natural that Liu Linlin, as the one behind the scenes, should rush ahead of them and share the greatest guilt for them.

“Miss Liu?” A name flashed through Rongshu’s mind, “You mean, Liu Linlin?”

Fu Jingting’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Once again, the two women nodded their heads like chickens pecking rice, “That’s right, it’s her.”

“It’s really her.” Rong Shu was really angry and laughed out loud at this moment.

She then looked at the man beside her with a smirk, “It seems that your attitude towards the Liu family in the past two days hasn’t made her realise that you’ve come to be true to the Liu family, so now you still dare to come and provoke us?”

Fu Jingting’s thin lips pursed out a few moments of coldness, “I also didn’t expect that she was that brainless, but it’s good, since she wants her Liu family to rush to their own destruction so much, then I’ll make her whole!”

On the opposite side, the two women, one standing and one lying down, heard the conversation between the two and once again looked at each other.

This time, both saw shock and trepidation in each other’s eyes.

God, they seemed to have been tricked by Miss Liu again!

Miss Liu said that Mr. Fu and Rongshu got back together not because of their feelings, but because Rongshu had a handle on Mr. Fu in her hand, so Mr. Fu had to get back together with Rongshu.

But what they saw now, went not like that at all.

So, this was the first deception they found out about Miss Liu.

And now, the second one was discovered.

That was, Miss Liu said that Mr. Fu was somewhat indifferent to their Liu family these days, but also meant to teach them a small lesson, to teach them that the Liu family had taken the liberty of tripping up on Rong Shu without Mr. Fu’s consent, so Mr. Fu felt that he had been balked by the Liu family and wanted to teach the Liu family a lesson, and did not really mean to deal with the Liu family. After a while, they would make up with their Liu family.

So they were convinced, and their parents did not ask them to stay away from Miss Liu, but let them continue to be friends with her.

In order to wait until Mr. Fu re-admits the Liu family, the Liu family can look at their two families for their unfailing devotion to their Liu family and put in a good word with Mr. Fu to help them out.

So they continued to surround Liu Linlin and had hardly ever doubted anything Liu Linlin had said.

But now, they realized that they had been lied to again.

Mr. Fu simply did not just want to teach the Liu family a small lesson, but really intended to break up with the Liu family.

President Fu and Liu Linlin have no childhood sweetheart friendship.

But if there was a little bit of childhood friendship, how could Mr. Fu mention Miss Liu without a trace of emotion in his eyes, no different from them?

At this moment, the two people completely panicked, and completely realized that they had been tricked by Liu Linlin, and were being used as a gun by Liu Linlin.

Liu Linlin had deliberately told them this, in order to draw them in and confuse them, so that they could become a knife in her hand, to step in and deal with Rong Shu for her.

She herself, on the other hand, was hiding behind the scenes to reap the benefits.

If Fu’s relationship with Liu’s family, and with her, is really what she says it is, then what they do for her can really help her achieve her goal.

Even if they only realised in the end that they had been cheated, they had done what they needed to do, and then Liu Linlin was still clean behind the scenes with both hands and could walk away with her whole body.

I have to say, Liu Linlin is so heavy-hearted!

Thinking of this, the two women hated Liu Linlin so much in their hearts that their eyes turned bloodshot and their emotions were overwhelming.

The two women had been watching their reactions in their eyes, and when they saw how they looked at that moment, they guessed what was going on.

Rongshu said sympathetically and contemptuously, “It seems that you have been used.”

These words were undoubtedly like a knife that plunged fiercely into the hearts of the two women.

It made the two women’s hatred for Liu Linlin grow thicker and thicker.

Yes, they had been used.

They admitted that they were just little people who wanted to get benefits from Liu Linlin.

Liu Linlin could use them, but only if everything Liu Linlin said was true and not a deliberate deception.

But apparently, they were just deliberately deceived by Liu Linlin, and really foolishly came to charge for Liu Linlin, ending up in an imminent miserable end.

But it doesn’t matter, they are finished and will bring down Liu Linlin everything.

Why should they be covered in filth while Liu Linlin was still standing on the shore all tidy and clean?

They would never allow such a thing to happen.

With this in mind, the two women looked at each other, both seeing determination in each other’s eyes.

In the end, the fat woman gritted her teeth as she endured the severe pain in her abdomen and got up from the ground.

The thin woman held her up, and only then did she manage to stand firmly, her face painfully looking at Rong Shu and Fu Jingting, her voice weak as she spoke, “Mr. Fu, Miss Rong, this matter, we know we were wrong, we will tell everything.”

This was exactly what Fu Jingting and Rong Shu wanted to see.

If it weren’t for the fact that this was someone else’s banquet and making a big deal out of it would be rude to the host couple of the banquet and would also ruin their banquet, he wouldn’t even be wasting time following the two women here, instead he would have directly asked Zhang Cheng to bring the people down and interrogate them in detail.

When the time came, he was still afraid that these two women would not say anything?

If they didn’t, then he would take the family behind them.

“Then say it.” Fu Jingting took Rong Shu’s hand and went to sit down in front of the sofa in the lounge, elegantly folding his legs and looking at the two women like a monarch.

The two women took a deep breath and finally the fat woman spoke up, “We were Liu Linlin’s college cla*smates and had a good relationship, but six years ago Liu Linlin left the country, so our relationship was severed, but this time, Liu Linlin suddenly returned to China and took the initiative to contact us, saying that she wanted to restore our friendship. We were actually reluctant at first, after all, after so many years of separation, our relationship had long faded, but we had to listen to our family’s orders, so we could only do as we were told.”

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