I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1255

The thin woman nodded hastily at the side, indicating that what she said was true.

When the fat woman saw the expression on the faces of Rong Shu and Fu Jing Ting who did not interrupt her but instead let her continue, she settled her frightened mind and continued, “It was probably because we were on good terms in the past, so we had not met Liu Linlin twice, plus Liu Linlin recalled many interesting things from her university days with us, so we were just taken down by her and resumed our friendship, then we asked how she suddenly left the country six years ago without even saying hello to us, and Liu Linlin suddenly cried and told us that she was forced to leave the country ……”

Speaking of this, the fat woman timidly glanced at Rong Shu.

Rong Shu raised her eyebrows, “What do you mean? Is Liu Linlin saying that I forced her to leave the country?”

The fat woman nodded her head, “Yes, that’s what she said.”

As if she had heard a big joke, Rongshu hugged the man’s arm and shook it, “Fu Jingting, did you hear that? She actually said that she was forced to leave the country by me, isn’t that funny?

What’s more, she couldn’t do that kind of thing of forcing someone to go far away from home.

Hearing Rong Shu say that she didn’t even know Liu Linlin six years ago, the two women felt both surprised and somewhat expected.

After all, Liu Linlin had lied to them so much, it seemed like it wouldn’t be surprising to see one more in this.

“I didn’t expect her to leave the country either, but there was actually a reason for you to do so?” A hint of coldness flashed through Fu Jingting’s eyes.

Rongshu knew he was mocking, and breathlessly spread her hands, “Yes, people sit at home, but pots come from the sky, I also want to know, I don’t even know her, and how on earth did I force her to leave the country, can’t there be another me?”

With that, she laughed.

Fu Jingting squeezed her hand.

Rongshu suddenly asked, “By the way, Liu Linlin six years ago, why exactly did she leave the country?”

“It was said that she studied abroad, but who knows the truth, six years of studying abroad, and I haven’t seen her get a doctorate degree.” Fu Jingting said coldly.

It was evident how fake this so-called study abroad really was.

Rong Shu rubbed her chin, “So it’s very likely that Liu Linlin went abroad six years ago, not to study abroad, but for some other reason, and even this reason, it made her not return once she had been there for six years, I’m suddenly a bit interested.”

“Since you want to know, just ask her directly afterwards, what’s most important now, is another thing.” Fu Jingting stroked her brain, then looked at the two women across from each other again, his appearance became ice-cold to the core again.

Looking at Fu Jingting, who had gone from being a gentle and good man when he was with Rong Shu to turning into a cold-faced king of hell all of a sudden when facing them, the two women looked at each other.

Now, they were completely sure that what Liu Linlin had said was bullsh*t.

What Mr. Fu has no feelings for Miss Rong.

Mr. Fu has deep feelings for Miss Rong.

Can’t you see that Mr. Fu only treats Miss Rong tenderly?

If this is called having no feelings, then what is called having feelings?

That stinking female cousin!

In their hearts, the two women hated Liu Linlin to death, hating and cursing her.

Then, they heard Fu Jingting’s cold voice, “Why did Liu Linlin tell you that she left the country six years ago and was forced out by my lover?”

The fat woman swallowed and hurried back, “Because Liu Linlin wanted to arouse our sympathy and pity for her, as well as our hatred and disgust for Miss Rong.”

“Oh?” Rong Shu became interested, “Tell me.”

The fat woman didn’t dare to delay and hurriedly returned, “Liu Linlin adores you, Mr. Fu, but you, Mr. Fu, are Miss Rong, and Liu Linlin can’t accept this fact and is bent on having you break up.”

This was something that Rong Shu and Fu Jingting did not deny.

“Continue.” Fu Jingting pursed his lips.

The fat woman shrank her neck, “Probably because of what happened online two days ago, Liu Linlin struck once, and now it has become a joke all over the internet, so Liu Linlin plans to lurk on her own and not strike out personally, so she deliberately re-befriended us both, and then deliberately deceived us, saying that Mr. Fu and Miss Rong were together, not because of feelings, but that you, Mr. Fu, had a handle that was held by Miss Rong Miss took hold of it, and Miss Rong threatened you with it before you agreed to get back together with Miss Rong, and even six years ago when she left the country, she was forced out of the country by Miss Rong, because she said that six years ago Miss Rong couldn’t see her getting close to you, Mr. Fu, so she forced her out of the country behind your back.”

“Hahahaha ……” This time, Rong Shu was really laughing out loud, not to mention how loudly she laughed, tears came out of the corners of her eyes.

Even Fu Jingting, who hadn’t expected Liu Linlin to say these words to these two women, also found it ridiculous to the extreme.

Only he never let all his emotions out, unless only Rong Shu was around, even if he encountered something that made his emotions change again, he would still be very bashful.

“Fu Jingting, did you hear that? They actually said that you got back together with me because I had something on you that threatened you, and that’s why you had to agree to get back together with me. hahaha, oh my god, that’s the funniest joke I’ve heard this year hahaha ……”

Rongshu laughed as her body curled up and fell backwards and forwards.

Fu Jingting hastily embraced her, doting and helpless, “Be careful, don’t fall or hit anything, and don’t laugh, doesn’t your stomach hurt?”

Seeing that she kept covering her stomach, Fu Jingting guessed that she must have laughed so hard that her stomach was uncomfortable at this moment.

However, even so, Rong Shu still didn’t stop.

Because, it was just too funny.

“It hurts, but I can’t stop.” Rongshu lifted a small face that was red with laughter and looked at her with teary eyes, pitifully.

The man sighed helplessly, wrapped his arms around the back of her head and gave her a kiss on her red lips.

Rongshu was caught off guard by the man’s kiss, her whole body froze and her laughter stopped all of a sudden.

Seeing this, Fu Jingting was satisfied and let her go, “It doesn’t stop now.”

Rongshu pouted at the man and pushed him away.

The man laughed lightly.

Rongshu let out a deep breath and rubbed her cheeks, which were just a little sore from laughing, before looking at the two embarra*sed women, “So, you guys believe Liu Linlin when she says that? Really think that I took advantage of him and threatened him to stay with me?”

The two women nodded their heads in disgrace.

They did believe it.

Even, with little doubt, believed it.

“Foolish.” Rong Shu snorted coldly, “No wonder you all were used by Liu Linlin, do you all have no brains? You all believe whatever she says? What kind of person is Fu Jingting, can I get a hold of him? Let alone the fact that I don’t have the ability to do so, even if I did, and I had his leverage, do you think he would obediently listen to me? No, rather he would just snap my neck and snuff me out as a threat, completely, do you understand?”

Again, the two women nodded their heads.

This time, they understood, really understood.

Without Liu Linlin’s deception and compulsion, some of the things they hadn’t seen clearly in the past, some of the things they hadn’t thought about, they now saw clearly and thought about.

This includes the possibility that a big man like Fu Jingting can be easily grabbed and easily taken advantage of or not.

It was because they had figured it out that they realised that what Rong Shu had said was true, how could someone like Fu Jingting be threatened?

So, how stupid had they been in the past to believe Liu Linlin without hesitation.

Miss Rong was really not wrong when she said they were stupid.

Fu Jingting ignored those two women, instead his eyes were gentle and deep as he looked at Rong Shu, “If it was to someone else, I would indeed break his neck, but if it was you, I would really be obedient.”

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