I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1268

Since he was still in prison, it was somewhat suspicious that Meng Ke knew this.

“You went to see Gao Meiling in prison?” Rongshu narrowed her eyes and stared at Meng Ke speculating.

Meng Ke shook her head repeatedly, “No, I haven’t gone out for the past few months, I haven’t gone to see her in prison, and my relationship with her is not even that of a friend, she also thinks that I have a low family background and doesn’t bother to befriend me at all, so I didn’t bother to visit her, I only met her by chance when I was buying a dress a few days ago.”

“Wait, you said you met her by chance?” Rongshu’s face changed slightly, “She’s not in jail?”

Meng Ke nodded, “She’s out of jail.”

“How is that possible!” Rongshu obviously didn’t believe this fact, her eyebrows knitted tightly, “She was sentenced for some years, how could she be out of jail.”

“But, what I said is true.” Meng Ke looked at her timidly, “When I saw her that day, I was also surprised how she was outside, after all, she was in jail, although the outside world did not know, but in our circle, it was open and transparent, so I could see her that day, I also asked her how she was outside, she did not tell me, just asked me if Gu Manyin had looked for me, I was completely baffled, Gu Manyin was dead, how could she look for me? She was dead, how could she look for me? I thought that I would be a ghost looking for me, so I answered her back, and then she told me the shocking news that Gu Manyin was not dead, and she also said that the reason why Gu Manyin was not dead was because she helped from it.”

As she said this, Meng Ke paid attention to the change in Rong Shu’s expression.

The fact that she was not dead was a shocking news, and she also said that the reason why Gu Manyin did not die was because she helped. Li Zhennan doesn’t like her and is determined to divorce her, but the Gao family is not to be messed with either.

Rongshu nodded noncommittally, “I know.”

Gao Meiling and Li Zhennan’s marriage was one of the jokes that people in the circle had after dinner.

Of course, she and Fu Jingting were too.

Therefore, she hadn’t heard much gossip about Gao Meiling and Li Zhennan’s dogged marital status.

“So all these years, Li Zhennan was separated from Gao Meiling, even though Li Zhennan found many women outside to force Gao Meiling to get a divorce, Gao Meiling had her heart set on him and refused to agree to divorce until ……” Meng Ke sneaked a glance at Rong Shu, and his voice was also much smaller, “until that time a few months ago, Gao Meiling meddled in the political affairs of other cities, was caught by you, and together with the Cheng family let the Gao family planted a heel, most of the political figures of the Gao family were investigated, although not completely down, but now the Gao family is far less than the previous Gao family, so Li Zhennan seized this opportunity and threatened Gao Meiling with divorce, but even after the divorce, Gao Meiling was still not dead to Li Zhennan and was bent on getting a divorce, which was then divorced by Gu Manyin.”

“Gu Manyin used Li Zhennan to get Gao Meiling to see her at the mental hospital.” Rongshu said.

Meng Ke hurriedly nodded, “That’s right, Gao Meiling said it herself, Gu Mangyin said she had some evidence in her hand of Li Zhennan’s violation of the law and discipline, and asked Gao Meiling to go see her, and said bluntly that as long as Gao Meiling helped her cheat death, she would give the evidence to Gao Meiling, and Gao Meiling could use the evidence to threaten Li Zhennan to remarry.”

“So that’s how it is. Rongshu’s eyes flickered a few times, and her red lips were tightly pursed.

It turned out that there was still such a hidden agenda within this.

The first time they found out that the corpse was not Gu Manyin, they found out that Gao Meiling had helped Gu Manyin to fraudulently die, and immediately arrested Gao Meiling.

The first thing you need to do is to find out that it was Gu Mangyin who threatened her, but it is not known what kind of threat was used.

It is only now that I know that this is actually the case, and I understand why Gao Meiling does not talk about it.

The evidence that Li Zhennan broke the law, ah, say it, is not to get your beloved one into it?

The fact that Gao Meiling loves Li Zhennan so much, naturally she would not do so.

“Gao Meiling believed Gu Mangyin’s words, on the spot agreed to help Gu Mangyin fraudulent death, Gu Mangyin let Gao Meiling to pick a woman of her age and figure are similar to her to replace her staged suicide jump, Gao Meiling spent four or five days to find in another mental hospital, and then get out, Gu Mangyin then and according to a woman swap, secretly left the mental hospital At that time, although Gao Meiling was not as prosperous as she used to be, the Gao family had not completely collapsed and she still had some power, so she was able to get the other people in the asylum to leave with Gu Manyin. The most important thing is that one of the police officers watching Gu Mangyin is an admirer of Gao Meiling’s and can buy time for Gao Meiling and Gu Mangyin, so that they are not discovered by the police at once. The police department found out.”

Rong Shu wasn’t surprised by what Meng Ke said, she was aware of it.

After Gao Meiling had fallen into the net, the police officers who helped her. Not only did they lose such a sacred profession, but they also ended up bringing shame to their family and putting themselves in jail.

From a police officer to a criminal. Was it really worth it to go from being a police officer to a criminal, just for a relationship that had no possibility?

Of course, Rong Shu does not pity this policeman. As an adult, she had to take responsibility for all the things she had done.

As a police officer, she thought it was impossible for him not to be. As a police officer, she thought it was impossible for him not to know the consequences of his actions, but he still did it, what does this mean?

It meant that in his heart, this career was not as important as helping Gao Meiling.

If that was the case, there was no need to pity him.

What she really pitied was the woman who died on Gu Manyin’s behalf.

That woman was a neurotic, without the cognition of a normal person, and I’m afraid she didn’t even know how she actually died, foolishly brought out by Gao Meiling, and then died for Gu Manyin’s plan.

Although they are psychopaths, they still have the right to live, while Gu Manyin and Gao Meiling, both of them, let an innocent life end because of their selfish desires.

These two women are simply vicious to the point of outrage.

The most absurd thing was that Gao Meiling had not even been jailed and was out of prison!

“Miss Rong?” Seeing Rong Shu’s ugly face, Meng Ke was also guilty of fear in her heart.

What was the situation, what was wrong with her?

Rong Shu squeezed her palms to death and took several deep breaths before she could barely suppress the pounding anger in her heart and asked in an icy voice, “Does the family know about the one Gao Meiling brought out?”

Meng Ke knew who she was asking about, and a touch of mockery appeared on her face, “Why don’t you know? Of course they do, otherwise even if Gao Meiling was powerful enough to bring someone out, wouldn’t her family make a scene? I know what you want to ask Miss Rong, I also asked this question, Gao Meiling also told me very readily, she said she spent a million to the woman’s family, the woman’s family at first still have feelings for the woman, after all, is a family member, but Miss Rong you also know there is a saying that there is no filial son before the bed for a long time, the woman has been crazy for years, her family also from the beginning of the sad gradually become bored, and in the end ……”

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