I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1269

“How was it at the end?” Rongshu asked with a frown.

Meng Ke shook her head and said, “In the end, they all wanted to get rid of this woman. To them, a woman living meant burning money, meaning that they could never live a normal life and had to keep running around for this woman’s various medical bills. They just want to get rid of this burden, just at this time the appearance of Gao Meiling and Gu Manyin means to help them solve their urgent needs, not only solve the urgent needs, but also earn a sum of money for nothing.”

Speaking of which, even though Meng Ke herself did not feel like a good person, what that woman had suffered had made her feel uncomfortable inside.

That was why the tone of voice when mentioning that woman’s family was one of disgust.

“I’m afraid that to that woman’s family, a woman has dragged them down for so long, it’s only right for a woman to make them a million dollars.”

Rongshu sucked in a breath of cold air, her whole body felt creepy, “How can there be such terrible people, are they still her relatives?”

“There’s no such thing as family, the devil is more like it.” Meng Ke returned.

Rong Shu closed her eyes, “Don’t they know that giving their loved ones to Gao Meiling and the girls could lead to death?”

“Know, Miss Rong did I not just say, women are no longer relatives to them, they are hot potatoes, they are burdens, they are burdens, they are the culprits that pull down their lives, they are the culprits that keep them in debt, they have never been caused by a short period of time from willingly healing women at the beginning to hating to get rid of them, it is long years, they have long wanted The woman was dead, it’s just that in the end she was related to them by blood, that’s why they didn’t dare to do it, they were also afraid of taking legal responsibility, now that Gao Meiling and the others spent a million to buy out the woman’s future, they couldn’t be happier, of course they knew that Gao Meiling and the others buying her out might kill her, but so what.”

Meng Ke spread his hands, “They already wanted the woman dead, and now they have someone to help them out, and they can’t carry the legal responsibility, and they can still make a million dollars, they can’t be happy enough.”

“What a bunch of devils.” Rongshu took a long time before she gritted her teeth and made such a comment.

She admitted that the hardships of life would turn people into devils.

But it was the first time she had met all her family members turning into devils.

Even Meng Ke had nothing to say at this moment.

It was only when Rongshu was in a better mood and asked her some questions again that she also eased up.

“Gao Meiling, why did she tell you all this, you basically didn’t have much dealings with her, why did she tell you all these things, in such detail?” Rongshu’s gaze was locked on Meng Ke.

That was what she wanted to know the most.

To know all of this, it could be used as incriminating evidence.

As long as Meng Ke recorded it to report Gao Meiling, Gao Meiling would definitely not be able to escape.

She did not believe that Gao Meiling did not know about this.

Gao Meiling definitely knew, but still told Meng Ke, what was the purpose?

“I don’t know either.” Meng Ke shook her head blankly, “I just met her by chance that day, she asked about whether I had seen Gu Manyin and then told me all this, I guess it was because she thought that I was very close to Gu Manyin and Gu Manyin would definitely come to me after she came out, so she asked me this, or maybe she wanted to talk to someone and then told me all this, speaking of which, I was really I was so shocked that I almost didn’t recognize her.”

Rongshu could see that the confusion on Meng Ke’s face was not feigned, she really didn’t know what Gao Meiling’s purpose was in telling her this, and she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in her heart.

“Oh? How did that scare you?” Rong Shu asked.

Meng Ke looked horrified, “It’s the current Gao Meiling, which is completely different from the previous Gao Meiling, if she hadn’t taken the initiative to call out to me, I really wouldn’t have believed that it was actually her, the previous her was not wearing high fashion, she walked everywhere with her nose in the air, arrogant and unbearable, yet people were incomparably envious, after all, not all famous girls can live as wantonly as she did, yet now The clothes she wears are of unknown brand and look a bit old, her hair is also in a mess, she doesn’t look at people as proud and complacent as before and doesn’t put anyone in her eyes, but her gaze is averted and she scowls, sometimes, she even mutters nonsense to herself, she doesn’t look mentally normal. ”

Hearing her say this, the image of a very downtrodden and mentally unstable woman instantly came to Rong Shu’s mind.

No wonder Meng Ke was shocked, it was she who would also be shocked if she saw such a Gao Meiling.

But it seemed understandable why Gao Meiling was like this.

The Gao family had completely collapsed because of her help in Gu Manyin’s fraudulent death.

Without the halo of her family background and the status of the Li family’s daughter-in-law, the golden girl had become the commoner she used to despise the most, and how could this fallout not make the proud Gao Meiling crumble.

Meng Ke did not know what Rong Shu was thinking, sighed and said, “I also asked her why she was looking for Gu Mangyin, Gao Meiling said that Gu Mangyin had lied to her, that Gao Meiling did not have any evidence of Li Zhennan’s violation of law and discipline in her hands, and that she said that just to make Gao Meiling fall for it.”

“I have already guessed this.” Rong Shu sneered, “Although the Li family was not as powerful as the Gao family, they were still a powerful family. It’s Gao Meiling’s own stupidity, she was so focused on Li Zhennan that she didn’t see what she deserved to be fooled.”

Now that Li Zhennan has a new fiancée, Gao Meiling feels that she can’t remarry Li Zhennan because Gu Manyin has delayed her. If she hadn’t helped Gu Manyin, she would have had more time to pester Li Zhennan, and perhaps Li Zhennan would have ended her again without a new fiancée. Now she’s hell bent on finding Gu Manyin to settle the score.”

“And what about you?” Rongshu looked at her with a smile on her face, “You suddenly asked me if I knew Gu Manyin was still alive, and then told me all this, you can’t just be talking for fun, you must have your own agenda too, right?”

The expression on Meng Ke’s face froze, then she met Rong Shu’s cold eyes and knew she couldn’t conceal it, so she could only compromise, “You’re still smart, Miss Rong, yes, I do have a purpose, but I can guarantee that I don’t mean any harm. I just hope that you can make Gu Manyin pay a painful price quickly, so that I can feel that I have taken my revenge.”

“Revenge?” Rongshu laughed, “Weren’t you Gu Manyin’s friend before, why, do you still want to seek revenge on Gu Manyin?”

“What friend, just her lapdog, although it’s quite a sight to be with her, but no one knows how she treats me in private.”

At that, Meng Ke bit her lower lip, and finally seemed to have made up her mind about something, and slightly fished the skirt of her big puffy dress upwards, revealing a pair of legs covered with ugly scars.

Seeing such a pair of legs, Rong Shu’s pupils shook, and her whole body sucked in a breath of cold air, her scalp was in trouble.

What kind of pair of legs were they? The exposed area was barely a piece of good flesh, full of scars, some of which even had stitches, one by one, coiled on top like a centipede, making people sick to their stomachs.

Rongshu couldn’t help but avert her eyes and cover her lips, her face looking very ugly.

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