I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1273

Fu Jingting knew the shock in her heart and gestured for her to take a sip of water to calm down.

Rongshu did as she was told.

After drinking the water, she temporarily suppressed the shock in her heart and looked at the man and asked, “How is it that this is suddenly not father and daughter? Is it possible that your initial investigation was wrong? Or did the system make a mistake?”

Fu Jingting nodded, “My investigation was not wrong, it was because there was an error in the system that my findings became wrong, everyone in the country trusts the state, including me, so when I saw the father-daughter record shown in the state system, I believed it without thinking much about it, until later I found something wrong that made me start to doubt whether they were actually father and daughter, and then. I spent a lot of time having someone investigate and get a sample of their dna, and in the end it was identified that they were not real father and daughter.”

“Hiss ……” Rong Shu sucked in a breath of cold air, “Then in that case, Su Cheng has someone in these relevant departments, doesn’t he? Then his power, we’ll have to rea*sess, this is definitely beyond our initial calculations, it’s much bigger than we imagined ah.”

If that was the case, Su Cheng would be even more difficult to deal with.

The company has already informed the Cheng family, which is helping me to investigate whether there are people from Su Cheng in these systems, and what the relationship with Su Cheng is, Su Cheng is just a merchant, and there is no ancestor above who is a meritorious person, so if we find out that he, a merchant, can meddle in the state. State system, got clear evidence, at that time I can not have to worry about at any time out of hand even more than 100,000 employees of the two groups, directly let the state side to strike, and finally the people to come over.”

“So then, it’s still a good thing to find out that these two people are not the real father and daughter.” Rongshu’s eyes lit up.

Fu Jingting was noncommittal, “Pretty much.”

“But even if Su Man is not Su Cheng’s daughter, it still won’t clear Su Cheng from still cheating. Cheating and still wronging your mother.” Rongshu bristled and said with contempt.

Fu Jingting hmmed, “I have never had my hatred for Su Cheng lessened in my heart because of something like this.”

“But speaking of which, why would Su Cheng want a stranger as his daughter? What about the purpose?” Rongshu furrowed her good-looking eyebrows.

The man coughed a little awkwardly at this moment please.

When Rongshu heard it, she narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at him suspiciously, “What do you mean? It wouldn’t have anything to do with you, would it?”

When the man saw that she had guessed the key reason at once, he awkwardly touched the tip of his nose.

Rongshu exclaimed, “It really has something to do with you?”

“Yes.” The man knew he couldn’t hide it and never wanted to hide it from her, so he opened his thin lips and said slowly, “Su Cheng asked Su Man to be his daughter, and let Su Man come to the city secretly, but deliberately hid the identity of Su Man as his ‘daughter’, in order to get close to me, to be Su Cheng’s spy, to pa*s on my news at any time, and to use a beauty trick to get me. And also wanted to use a beauty ploy to make me fall.”

When he said the words “beauty ploy”, Fu Jingting’s eyes became a little more cautious when he looked at Rong Shu.

He was still afraid that she would be unhappy.

Even if it wasn’t his fault.

But he cared about her mood.

As expected, after hearing Fu Jingting’s words, Rong Shu still got angry.

But not at Fu Jingting, but at that Su Cheng.

She bit her lower lip, her eyes filled with a flame of anger, “That old thing is really shameless, he can even come up with such underhanded tricks, what about the beauty scheme? Is he so sure that it will work?”

Fu Jingting was not a lustful man.

How could he send him a woman and he would definitely like it?

Su Cheng was probably not hysterical.

Rongshu thought with contempt in her heart.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


When Fu Jingting heard this, he gave her a speechless look, “What are you thinking, how could you possibly!”

Rongshu breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, but her face did not show happiness, “Since you won’t, then why did you make that face just now.”

“I was just thinking, don’t you see that Su Man is very much like someone?”

Rongshu was stunned for a moment, then asked, “Like who?”

Fu Jingting didn’t say anything, just looked at her steadily.

Rongshu was shivering from his deep gaze, and finally realised what was going on and opened her eyes incredulously, “No way, are you saying that she looks like me?”

She pointed at herself, her voice sharpening a fraction.

Clearly this realisation was a little too much for her to take in.

She stared intently at the man, desperately hoping that he would deny her this conjecture.

Eventually, however, this hope of hers vanished.

The man nodded slowly, answering her guess, “That’s right, she is very much like you, her eyebrows and eyes are almost exactly like yours, one could even say that she has had a facelift in your likeness, but afraid that we would see it at a glance, so she has done it very subtly, not exactly in your likeness, but only her eyebrows and eyes have been made to look like yours.”

“How is that possible?” Rongshu’s red lips twitched and her voice trembled a little.

Obviously there was some inability to believe such a fact.

However, she knew that men would not use such things to tease her, so this matter was, most likely, true.

So, Rong Shu hurriedly closed her eyes and began to recall Su Man’s face in her mind.

She wanted to find out what Su Man didn’t look like herself.

However, after remembering, Rong Shu’s face gradually turned white, because she found that the truth was just like what the man had said, Su Man’s eyebrows and eyes were exactly the same as hers.

The reason why she hadn’t noticed it before was because she was used to looking at her own face and wasn’t bothered about her own looks, so she hadn’t noticed at first glance that Su Man’s eyebrows were just like her own, nor did she feel comfortable or wrong about it, so she hadn’t noticed it until now.

Including men too.

At first, he only felt that Su Man’s facing was a bit subtle, but he couldn’t say what was subtle.

It was only when Zhang Cheng reminded him that he too was enlightened.

“What you said, is true ……” Rongshu opened her eyes and finally accepted the unacceptable thing that Su Man had followed her plastic surgery.

What if you can’t accept it?

People have been plasticized, they can only accept this reality.

If before the cosmetic surgery, it was known that someone wanted to follow their own cosmetic surgery, it could be stopped.

How could she stop it now?

Rongshu only felt that her head was even bigger.

“By the way, how did you find out?” After rubbing her brow, Rong Shu looked at Fu Jingting and asked.

Fu Jingting pursed his lips, “I didn’t find out, it was when I learned that Su Man was not Su Cheng’s daughter that Zhang Cheng reminded me of it. I know that if they appeared in front of me with someone else’s face, they wouldn’t even make me look at her more or even remember her, only with a face similar to yours would it be possible.”

Rong Shu pursed her red lips, “Then they really went to a lot of trouble, but unfortunately, it was a blunder.”

Speaking of this, Rong Shu looked at Fu Jingting and smiled, “They didn’t expect that you didn’t notice Su Man’s resemblance to me at first.”

Fu Jingting picked up his own red wine and took a sip, “That’s right, in my heart, you are unique, I would never think that anyone else would resemble you, so from the beginning I didn’t find out that Su Man deliberately followed your plastic surgery, otherwise, maybe I would really be impressed with that Su Man at first, of course.”

Fu Jingting hurriedly looked at Rong Shu and added: “My deep impression here refers to my incomparable disgust for this woman from the beginning, nothing else, don’t think too much about it.”

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