I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1272

She was very clear about how much Fu Jingting liked women.

After all, Fu Jingting’s status, appearance and price are there, that is a gold mountain, no one does not want to think about it.

But no one has ever gotten this gold, so these women are not good at fighting.

But now there is a woman who has got this golden mountain, isn’t there?

How can these women still be stable?

Shouldn’t they secretly make a move to pull this woman down?

This is the normal way of development.

So now these women are sitting there motionless, only looking at Rong Shu with envious eyes for what?

Move, go and count on Rong Shu!

It’s hard to believe that if they sit there and look at Rong Shu with envy, Rong Shu will be able to leave Fu Jingting’s side?


Dream on!

For a while, Su Man hated these indifferent women in her heart, thinking that these women were not only useless, but also stupid.

There were things that one had to fight for, and none of these women had actually fought for them, which really P*ssed her off.

Su Man couldn’t look at her anymore, she just felt full of fire in her stomach, and finally, with a cold snort of anger, she mobilised her wheelchair and left the banquet hall.

She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would really be infuriated by these women.

She was also tormented by the loving scene between Fu Jingting and Rong Shu.

Of course, neither Rong Shu nor Fu Jingting knew about all this.

Even if they did, they would not care.

Fu Jingting obeyed Rong Shu’s words and reluctantly let her go.

She sat down beside him.

Fu Jingting picked up a gla*s of juice that he had prepared for her long ago, just to give her when she returned, “Look at you smiling so happily when you return, did the talk work out?”

Rongshu took the juice handed to her by the man and first frowned sadly, “I just drank too much grape juice over there to keep Madam company, my mouth is still sour at the moment, I don’t want to drink it.”

“Then don’t drink it, drink some plain water.” Fu Jingting said, taking the juice out of her hands again and slipping her a gla*s of plain water again.

Only then did Rong Shu smile in satisfaction, and after taking a sip of water, she returned, “Yes, the deal was agreed, and I was asked to go over to the mall tomorrow to look at the counters, the counters on the first floor, except for the middlemost position, the others are at my disposal, and this happens to be the counter position that I can take down in my current position, from this point of view, the couple, the hosts of the banquet, did not specially take care of me just because of our relationship This makes me feel very happy, and at the same time, it also lets me know that this negotiation, is really on my own ability to negotiate, and not because of you.”

Seeing her so happy, Fu Jingting was also happy for her in his heart.

Rubbing her soft hair, he softly praised, “Not bad, I know you’re the best.”

“I think so too.” Rongshu smiled and raised her delicate chin.

It was probably because of the things she had made on her own ability, so at this moment, she did drift a little.

Fu Jingting also saw it, but did not remind her, instead looking at her with a doting face.

If you can do something on your own, you can float a little.

Otherwise, this is also a reward and recognition for oneself.

Just don’t drift to the point of being irrational.

“By the way, Madam even complimented me on my good drinking ability, saying that when there is any wine exhibition in the future, she would contact me to go with her.” Speaking of this, Rong Shu was a little embarra*sed, “You don’t know how vain I was at that time, afraid of revealing that what I was drinking was not wine, but juice, and at the same time, I also felt a little sorry for Madam, after all, Madam admired me so much, and even said she would invite me to the wine show, obviously Madam treated me as a friend, while I ……”

“Don’t worry.” Fu Jingting put his hand on her shoulder, his big hand gently squeezed her round white shoulder, “When you are exposed later, just send some gifts to make up for it, she is not a stingy person and can understand you.”

“I think so too, but in my heart I still feel more or less sorry for listening to her.” Rongshu sighed.

Fu Jingting patted her shoulder and did not say anything.

It was useless to say more, there were some things that she needed to figure out on her own.

Otherwise, it was all in vain.

It was a good thing that Rongshu was not really someone who liked to dwell too much on one kind of thing, and after a moment of silence, she returned to her normal state of mind, then looped her arms and looked at the man with a smiling look.

When the man came into contact with her eyes, his heart thudded, and he had an inexplicable feeling of bad foreboding.

She looked like this, and it was quite scary.

She was smiling, but her smile was very fake, the kind of smile that she was forcing out of her anger and then exploding in the next moment.

So, what had he done to P*ss her off?

But Fu Jingting thought for a while, but he didn’t think of what he had done to P*ss her off, so his thin lips moved and asked directly, “What’s wrong?”

“I heard that someone is very lucky, after I left, there was a beautiful woman to talk to, and the beautiful woman likes you so much that she wants to get to know you even though she has difficulty with her legs. Rongshu said with a smile.

However, the sourness and the sinister tone in her voice were not disguised in the slightest.

Fu Jingting raised his eyebrows, knowing what she was talking about, and was somewhat amused.

“You’re talking about that woman Su Man ah.” Fu Jingting folded his legs.

Rongshu gave a muffled grunt.

The man pulled her hand over and lowered his head to kiss the back of her hand, “Jealous?”

Fu Jingting pulled his hand back, “No.”

“Not yet, your mouth is all puckered up, you could hang an oil bottle.” Fu Jingting’s long, slender index finger scraped Rong Shu’s red lips.

Naturally, his finger, again, was stained with some lipstick.

Rong Shu gave him a blank look, “Your mouth is the one that can hang oil bottles, hurry up and wipe it off, don’t get it on your clothes.”

She took out a wet wipe from her delicate handbag and tore it open and threw it to the man.

The man saw that she was eating it up while not forgetting to care for herself and let out a low laugh, “Don’t worry, there’s no way I’ll have anything with that woman.”

He wiped his fingers as he rea*sured her.

Rongshu’s attitude softened, “I know, if you really looked at that woman, I would despise you, that woman is not a good person at first glance, if you look at her, it is enough to show how bad your eyesight is, but even so, I am still a bit uncomfortable to learn that she came to accost you, I hate her, and she should not be in the hospital receiving treatment at this moment, why Why is she here at the party?”

“Su Cheng’s orders, she didn’t dare disobey.” At the mention of these two people, Fu Jingting’s handsome face sank, “Of course, she was happy to show up herself.”

Rongshu bristled, “These two, father and daughter, are really annoying, what did you all say?”

She asked curiously.

Fu Jingting didn’t hide anything from her, and told her briefly about the conversation he and Su Man had at that time.

After listening, Rongshu’s heart was incomparably shocked and her voice couldn’t help but raise, “What? Not biological father and daughter?”

Fu Jingting lifted his chin indifferently.

It was only after a while that Rongshu’s mouth grew big, and she could barely slow down, her voice was hoarse from the shock, “This …… How can this be? When you first investigated Su Man’s identity, didn’t you just find out that she was Su Cheng’s illegitimate daughter? This, the census system, as well as the family relationship online also shows that it is father and daughter ah, how come now it has become not father and daughter again? My head is a bit big.”

She held her forehead.

More than big enough, it was dizzying.

She was shocked by this news.

Su Cheng and Su Man, actually not father and daughter!

This ……

Rongshu’s heart could not calm down for a long time.

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