I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1276

“Holy sh*t, I actually used this method.” Rongshu was stunned by this operation of Liu Linlin’s.

Fu Jingting’s face sank as if water was about to drip out of it, “Who gave permission for the person guarding the door to let people in?”

On the other end of the phone, Zhang’s a*sistant said back in defeat; “Mr. Fu, you only instructed them not to go out, you didn’t say that they were not allowed to call people in, so Liu Linlinlin took advantage of this loophole and ran away.”

Fu Jingting’s face turned even worse.

In that case, it was still his fault?

When Rongshu saw him like this, she snorted a laugh.

Fu Jingting rubbed his brow, “Is Elder Liu still here?”

“In.” a*sistant Zhang nodded, “There was only one waiter who came in, so only one could go out, and with Liu Linlin out, Elder Liu naturally had to stay inside.”

Fu Jingting hmmed, “Next, until I go over, no one else is allowed to go in or out, food and drinks are prepared for Elder Liu, and have someone go in every ten minutes to check on Elder Liu to ensure his safety.”

“Yes.” a*sistant Zhang nodded his head and answered.

He knew very well that the so-called safety and security from Mr. Fu’s mouth was false, and that making sure that Liu Lao wasn’t dying in the box and using it as a threat was the real thing.

“Also, change two people again to guard the door, the two before, send them back over to the security company, give them a new exercise to exercise their eyesight, they can’t even recognise when they’ve changed, what’s the use?” Fu Jingting pursed his thin lips and ordered in an extraordinarily bad tone.

a*sistant Zhang also felt that this even a bodyguard was indeed useless.

Liu Linlin pa*sed by them and they actually didn’t even recognise them.

It was time to go back to the furnace and rebuild.

“Understood, I’ll arrange it, but Liu Linlin ……”

“She will definitely come to the banquet hall, find someone to find her.” Fu Jingting ordered.


“Also, there is one more thing.” Fu Jingting narrowed his good-looking eyes.

a*sistant Zhang listened quietly to the command.

Fu Jingting spelled out his orders.

a*sistant Zhang exclaimed after hearing it, “Gu Manyin also went to the kimchi country?”

“It still needs to be confirmed whether or not you went there specifically, so that’s your next task.” Fu Jingting said in a light voice.

a*sistant Zhang looked serious, “Understood, I will arrange for someone to go over there and take a trip, as well as the capital side as well.”

Fu Jingting gave a hint.

When the call ended, he put down his phone and was about to go to carry the wine gla*s.

However, Rongshu put her hand over the top of the wine gla*s.

Fu Jingting looked at her in confusion, “What?”

“Don’t drink it.” Rongshu pushed the gla*s away from her, “You’ve had enough tonight, if you keep drinking, you’re going to get drunk, drink this.”

She parted half of her own juice out and put it in his hand.

Fu Jingting looked at the juice in the tall gla*s and suddenly smiled, “Okay, no more alcohol, listen to you, drink this.”

“That’s right.” Rongshu picked up a delicate fork and forked a piece of fruit to eat.

When she finished eating, she put down her fork and stood up.

Fu Jingting looked up at her, “Where to?”

“To the bathroom, too much juice.” Rongshu picked up her bag and said back.

Fu Jingting put the wine gla*s back on the table, “I’ll keep you company.”

Rongshu gave him a blank look, “You’re accompanying me? You’re going into the ladies’ room with me?”

“I’ll wait for you outside.” Fu Jingting said as he stood up.

Rongshu was amused, “No, I’m not a child, I still need you to go with me, besides, there are so many people at the party, it’s not good for people to see you guarding the door of the women’s washroom.

After saying that, she twisted her slender waist and walked in the direction of the washroom.

Fu Jingting just looked at her, watching her wriggling back, his eyes darkened as he picked up the juice and took another sip.

In the washroom, Rong Shu came out after taking a P*ss and stood in front of the sink washing her hands and touching up her make-up.

The only thing she said was that she was just putting on lipstick.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

After finishing her lipstick, Rongshu looked in the mirror to make sure there were no mistakes in her makeup before putting it away and walking towards the washroom door in a satisfied manner.

Just as she stepped out of the washroom door, a waitress walked in front of her.

When she saw the waitress, a hint of surprise flashed through Rongshu’s eyes, and she was stunned by the waitress’s appearance.

Her face was round in shape, her features were small and delicate, and her cheeks were bulging with collagen and baby fat, making people want to take a bite out of her.

The waitress is not very tall either, at most 5’5”, and has a pill head, with such a cute baby face, a proper loli.

If she put on a jk or lolita style dress, she would be a doll, right?

Rongshu thought to herself.

There was no one who didn’t like cute things, and neither did she.

If it wasn’t rude, she would have wanted to rub this waitress’s face, for it felt so good to rub.

Rongshu thought with regret as she surveyed the waitress who was getting closer and closer to her.

At the moment when Rongshu brushed against the waitress, the waitress suddenly stopped and slightly turned her head to look at Rongshu, “You are Rongshu, right?”

Not only did the waitress look like a doll, even her voice, was actually a doll’s voice.

Of course, this was not the most important thing, what was important was that this waitress, actually knew her!

A trace of slight surprise flashed in Rong Shu’s eyes, and she also subconsciously stopped, turning her head to look at the waitress at her side, “Hello, you know me?”

She admitted that she was Rong Shu.

The waitress had by now completely turned around and was facing up to Rong Shu.

The look in her eyes was filled with ruthlessness and jealousy.

Rongshu was startled by the jealousy in her eyes, not understanding why someone she didn’t know would be so malicious towards her.

But then when she looked at the waitress’ overalls, which were obviously a bit too big, she suddenly realised something.

Hadn’t a*sistant Zhang just said on the phone that Liu Linlin had knocked out a waitress and stripped the waitress’s clothes and ran away?

And Liu Linlin looked just like a cute doll face.

The oversized ill-fitting clothes and the cute doll face, these two factors that fit Liu Linlin’s characteristics appeared on this waiter at the same time.

So this waiter’s identity was already self-explanatory.

“Liu Linlin!” Without hesitation, Rongshu directly shouted out this waitress’s name.

The waitress, also known as Liu Linlin, hooked her lips and smiled, slowly looping her arms, “Looks like you know me too.”

She admitted her identity.

Rongshu’s red lips pursed slightly, “I’ve just heard of it, not really an acquaintance.”

She hadn’t expected to be so lucky, actually coming out of a toilet and meeting Liu Linlin who had sneaked out.

No, perhaps it was not that she was unlucky.

Rather, it was this Miss Liu, who had come specifically to look for her or not.

After all, from the beginning to the end, she hadn’t seen the slightest surprise towards her from this Miss Liu.

So it was obvious that this Miss Liu, had really come specifically to look for her.

Seeing Rong Shu answer like this, the smile on Liu Linlin’s face suddenly froze, her heart full of displeasure.

What do you mean by just having heard of her and not knowing her?

In her opinion, the two of them were love rivals.

She had spent a lot of time and money to collect all kinds of information about Rong Shu in order to be able to clean up this woman better in the future, so she could say that she knew this Rong Shu very thoroughly.

Rong Shu should be like that too, shouldn’t she?

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