I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1277

The two of them, they were love rivals.

Rongshu should have done the same to her and gotten to know her well.

Yet Rongshu actually didn’t do anything!

This is really ……

For a while, Liu Linlin was furious in her heart, it was like she was bitterly looking at her love rival as incredibly important, while her love rival didn’t look at her at all.

The first thing you can do is to ask yourself who would not be angry if this kind of thing were to happen to you.

Seeing the way Liu Linlin gritted her teeth and completely ruined her lovely face, Rong Shu only felt that the heavens were not open to give such a lovely face to such a person.

Such a lovely face should be on the face of a kind-hearted girl, not someone like Liu Linlin.

Rongshu skimmed her lips, only to feel bored and withdrew her gaze to leave.

“You are not allowed to leave!” Liu Linlin suddenly grabbed her arm and stopped her from leaving.

Probably out of jealous malice, Liu Linlin’s nails nestled into the flesh of Rongshu’s arm as she grabbed it.

Rongshu gave a painful tear and her eyebrows knitted slightly.

But Liu Linlin saw this and was quick to raise her smile again.

Angered, Rongshu jerked her arm out with a direct impatient jerk.

Liu Linlin, probably not expecting Rong Shu to suddenly jerk her arm back with force, was momentarily unaware of this, and was backed up by Rong Shu’s strength, taking two steps backwards and then sitting on her buttocks on the ground, her whole body frozen.

Rong Shu didn’t bother with her, but lifted her arm to take a closer look.

Looking at the several clear nail marks on her fair arm, her good-looking face suddenly darkened.

This woman, her hands were really dark.

These nail marks were all black, so it was obvious how much force this woman had used to pinch her.

Rongshu lowered her arm, her heart filled with fire.

However, before she could trouble Liu Linlin, Liu Linlin suddenly stood up and stared at her with eyes wide open, “Surnamed Rong, you dare to push me?”

Rong Shu laughed, “Push you? I’m not as shameless as you are, I’m not blaming you for choking me, but you’re blaming me for pushing you, what a joke, you clearly fell on your own, okay?”

“I fell on my own?” Liu Linlin sneered, “If you hadn’t thrown your arm, would I have fallen? So in the end, it’s still your fault. If you don’t kneel down and kowtow to me today, this matter will definitely not be over.”

Kowtow and apologise?

Rongshu couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

This woman didn’t think she was living in the last feudal dynasty, did she, and she was asking people to kneel down and kowtow to apologize?

She was sick in the head.

“I admit that I threw my arm, but so what? If you hadn’t pinched me, I wouldn’t have thrown my arm and you wouldn’t have fallen, so if you want to talk about mistakes, you’re the one who made the mistake first. So the one who has to kneel down and kowtow and apologise should also be you.” Rong Shu slightly lifted her chin and looked down on Liu Linlin with the advantage of her height, looking at Liu Linlin as if she were looking at a joke.

Liu Linlin was not only stimulated by such a look in her eyes, but also by her words.

The first one to tease was cheap, this woman, the woman said she was cheap!

Liu Linlin’s face was incomparably fierce with anger, “You dare to say that about me, and you dare to make me kowtow to you and apologise?”

She pointed at Rong Shu viciously, as if she wanted to eat Rong Shu up.

Rong Shu rolled her eyes again, “What wouldn’t I dare to do? What, you’re only allowed to say that to me, and I’m not allowed to say the same back? Hehe, there is no such thing in the world.”

“What kind of status are you and what kind of status am I, and are you worthy of being compared to me?” Liu Linlin’s voice drew up.

The corners of Rongshu’s mouth twitched, then expressionlessly disliked back, “And identity? The same is not true for all people? The actual fact is that you’ve got a lot of people who are not only a lot of people, but also a lot of people who are not only a lot of people. Don’t laugh, you Liu Linlin is just a young lady who is about to fall into disgrace, in terms of status, we are half a catty and half a catty, and to be honest, I am the chairman of a company, you Liu Linlin is just a bald lady, in terms of status, I am also higher than you, so the one who is not worthy is you!”

Liu Linlin’s pupils shrank, then stomped her foot in anger, “You …… You ……”

“You what you.” Rong Shu coldly chortled and said nonchalantly, “Don’t even know what to say, and still come out to get people in trouble, I think it’s almost like making a fool of yourself.”

Liu Linlin’s eyes turned red with anger.

Indeed, her childhood education had made her not even know how to say swear words, let alone dislike people with her eloquent tongue.

So in terms of eloquence, both of her were no match for Rong Shu.

Naturally, she was angry with Rong Shu at this moment.

However, Liu Linlin was a very strong person herself, although she was infuriated, she quickly recovered and looked at Rong Shu with grim eyes, sneering, “This is the original you, isn’t it? You’ve had a hard time pretending to be gentle and small-minded in front of brother Jingting, haven’t you?”

“Huh?” Rongshu’s head was full of questions, “What’s pretending to be gentle and small-minded?”

“Hmph, you don’t have to play sloppy with me, don’t think you don’t know that this sharp-tongued, sarcastic look is your true face, but you are afraid that Brother Jingting is not happy with you, so you will definitely put this face away and pretend to be gentle and generous in front of Brother Jingting, Rong Shu, you are really good at it.” Liu Linlin gritted her teeth and said.

Rong Shu laughed, “I say, are you making up something in your head? When did I pretend to be generous?”

She had never pretended to be whatever she should be in front of Fu Jingting.

There was absolutely nothing like what Liu Linlin said.

So Liu Linlin would say that, she must have made it up in her own head.

“Still refusing to tell the truth.” Liu Linlin didn’t believe every word that Rong Shu said, in her opinion, what Rong Shu said was just sophistry.

“I know very well what kind of person you are, and so does brother Jingting, so no matter how much you pretend to be, it’s useless, based on the fact that you threatened brother Jingting to get back together with you, brother Jingting is destined to never fall in love with you.” Liu Linlin raised her chin, her face full of smugness, with the look of having poked at what was most important to Rong Shu’s heart.

She had expected to see Rong Shu’s furious look when she said this, but after waiting and waiting for a while, she did not see Rong Shu react too much to her words, instead, she saw Rong Shu’s slightly mocking look.


Liu Linlin’s face froze in expression.

What did it mean?

This woman actually dared to mock herself?

Shouldn’t she be jumping in anger and frustration?

After all, she had hit the spot in her heart that she cared about the most.

But what was wrong with this woman, not only was she not angry, but she was even looking at herself with a joke in her eyes.

Crazy, right?

Liu Linlin expressed her complete inability to understand, and then, she heard Rong Shu ask her, “I’ve heard people say before that in your Liu family’s eyes, Fu Jingting and I got back together because I had Fu Jingting’s handle in my hand, so I threatened Fu Jingting to get back together with me, and Fu Jingting couldn’t resist because of the handle, so he could only agree, so now I want to know, who exactly told your Liu family that Fu Jingting and I got back together because of this reason?”

“Why do you need someone else to tell you this kind of thing? It’s obvious, isn’t it?” Liu Linlin said disdainfully, “Brother Jingting doesn’t love you at all, he has been married to you for six years, who doesn’t know how he treats you, if he loved you, would he treat you like this? He loves Gu Manyin, you are just an interloper who took advantage of Gu Manyin becoming a vegetable to threaten Brother Jingting’s marriage. Since Brother Jingting doesn’t love you, he will marry you and get back together with you, there is only one reason why he has the handle in your hand, nothing else.”

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