I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1279

Why did she think that waiter looked so familiar?

It seemed like she’d seen it somewhere before!

Where was it?

Su Man lowered her eyes and searched up in her mind, and finally a youthful, yet identical face to that waiter, came to the surface.

Liu Linlin!

Su Man’s pupils crinkled, as if she wanted to confirm whether her guess was correct or not, and her gaze was fixed dead on Liu Linlin’s face.

It was her, indeed it was her!

It was Liu Linlin!

This same face, this same arrogant and domineering expression, who else could it be but Liu Linlin, that stupid, poisonous, wasteful girl!

Su Man’s hand gripped the corner of the wall and tightened so fiercely that the bones of the joints were exposed through the flesh.

It was clear how hard Su Man was exerting herself, and it was also clear how unsettling Liu Linlin’s appearance had brought her heart.

She only thought that the person she was talking to was just a slightly special waiter, but she never expected that it would be Liu Linlin.

When had Liu Linlin become a waitress?

No, it didn’t matter.

The important thing was, wasn’t Liu Linlin abroad?

When did she return to China?

Seven years ago, Liu Linlin was thrown out of the country by her in disgrace and promised her that she would never come back again.

But now, in just under seven years, Liu Linlin has broken the oath she made at that time and run back to China, just because of her ……

Su Man gritted her teeth and her eyes were scarlet.

But soon, she put these emotions away, and an extremely grim smile appeared on her face.

But it didn’t matter, it was good that Liu Linlin had returned.

This woman, she was definitely not easy to deal with.

Although not as smart as her, she was not necessarily inferior to her when it came to ruthlessness.

Moreover, this woman’s perverted obsession with Fu Jingting, she believed that this time Liu Linlin came back, her first task must be to snatch Fu Jingting, right?

Since she wanted to snatch him, she would definitely have to deal with that woman Rong Shu first.

The two women will have to fight first, and she will hibernate for the time being, until the two women are defeated, then she will appear and it will be time to harvest the fruit.

The corners of Su Man’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up when she thought of this, then she put her gaze on Rong Shu, and in her heart she said pity for Rong Shu, not only did she have an enemy like her, but she also got into trouble with a crazy woman like Liu Linlin.

Liu Linlin is not easy to deal with, this woman is a hobgoblin, although a bit stupid, but the attack is really ruthless, and most importantly, does not know how to restrain, and is always undermining people.

So against such a woman, Rong Shu will have a hard time next.

Su Man took her hand off the wall, then dug in her bag and pulled out her mobile phone.

Liu Linlin’s appearance was undoubtedly a good thing for her now, as it could help her deal with Rong Shu and also help her test out some of Fu Jingting’s hidden forces, which would only do her good and no harm.

It’s just that her and Su Cheng’s original plan will have to be changed again.

However, this is not a big deal, I believe Su Cheng will consider her plans when he finds out about this Liu Linlin.

Su Man dialed Su Cheng’s phone number while controlling the wheelchair backwards, quietly exiting the corner and walking towards the distance.

Not only did she have to tell Su Cheng about Liu Linlin’s appearance, she also had to ask Su Cheng to find out when Liu Linlin had returned.

She hadn’t heard a single whisper of it in the police detention centre.

Su Man’s appearance and departure did not attract the slightest attention from Rong Shu and Liu Linlinlin.

Liu Linlin was still red in the face because of what Rong Shu had said.

“After all, you just won’t give up the handle, right?”

Rongshu smiled, “Yes.”

“Rong Shu, are you really not afraid of what will happen to you if you do that?” Liu Linlin’s face was full of gloom.

But unfortunately, ah, her face is destined to make her make any expression, it will not have majesty and imposing, so it will not intimidate others, it will only make other feel ugly and terrible.

It’s a pity about this face.

Rongshu shook her head slightly, once again feeling regret in her heart for this face growing on such a person.

“What is the downfall you say, what is the downfall, tell me, maybe I will be afraid, then once I am afraid, maybe I will compromise, Miss Liu what do you think?” Rong Shu smiled and looked at Liu Linlin.

The two consecutive say maybe’s made Liu Linlin incomparably annoyed in her heart.

This woman, she was really being sarcastic.

Just now, she had taken her uncertainty, and now she was deliberately using two uncertainties to hit her back.

It was truly abominable to the extreme.

“What downfall do I need to say explicitly?” Liu Linlin’s eyes were scarlet as she stared at Rong Shu, “I will make you suffer and regret not agreeing to my request today, and brother Jingting, will only be more powerful than my tactics, maybe this life of yours will really be gone.”

After saying this, she watched the change of expression on Rongshu’s face all the time, trying to see if Rongshu was afraid.

If there was, it meant that her deterrence had been successful.

If not ……

no how, Rong Shu just wasn’t scared.

Realizing this, Liu Linlin was furious

“You’re really not afraid of losing your life?” Liu Linlin was incredulous.

Rong Shu unceremoniously gave her a blank look, “Come on Miss Liu, this is a legal society, is it really good for you to talk about your brother Jingting as a devil who can take people’s lives anytime and anywhere with no regard for the law? And your threat to me, do you believe that as soon as I record it and hand it over to the police, you will become a key target of police surveillance, and once something happens to me, you will be the one to suspect first?”

Liu Linlin’s expression was subtle.

The first thing is that your brother Jing Ting is definitely not a person with such a reckless disregard for the law, and your saying so makes me doubt your suspicious intentions and whether you really love your brother Jing Ting or not. I’m not sure if you really love your brother Jingting, otherwise why would you smear him? So I will tell your brother Jingting the truth, and see what he thinks of you. As for yourself, I will also tell the police about your words, so that they can come to your home and give you a good lecture on the law.”

With that, Rong Shu was about to leave.

“You are not allowed to leave.” Liu Linlin seemed very yellow and anxious and hastily called out to Rong Shu, “I forbid you to tell brother Jingting.”

As for whether or not Rong Shu told the police, she didn’t care at all.

She only cared about Fu Jingting.

She knew that her image in Jingting’s brother’s heart was already not a good one, so she wanted even less for Rong Shu to ruin her image again.

She admitted that she had been a little too impulsive in saying those words just now, and that was why she had been momentarily unaware and had been caught by this woman.

So she had to stop this woman, no matter what.

“Do I have to agree if you don’t allow it? Who do you think you are?” Rongshu twisted her head and gave Liu Linlin a disdainful glance, simply ignoring it and continuing to walk forward.

When Liu Linlin saw that she did not stop, a fierce look flashed in her eyes and she raised her hand to push Rong Shu.

As long as Rong Shu fell down, she couldn’t go to the police.

Yes, as long as she fell down, she couldn’t go.

And there was no surveillance here, so no matter what she did to Rong Shu, no one would know, and neither would brother Jing Ting.

So why didn’t she do something about it?

Once evil thoughts rose, they wouldn’t go away, they would only get heavier.

When Liu Linlin saw that her hand was about to touch Rong Shu’s back, the malicious smile on her face could not be suppressed and it completely appeared on her face.

In just one moment, one moment this woman would fall face down to the ground.

By then, even if she didn’t die, she would be disfigured, and she would destroy her voice so that she couldn’t speak.

Wouldn’t one, then, not be at any risk of exposure?

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