I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1280

Thinking of this, Liu Linlin’s breath ragged up.

However, the moment her hand touched Rong Shu’s back, a male voice filled with anger as well as killing intent rang out behind her, “Liu Linlin you dare to make a move, do you believe it or not, the next second I will let you out lying down as well.”

As soon as these words came out, Liu Linlin was instantly shocked.

This voice was …….

Brother Jing Ting!

Liu Linlin’s hand instantly froze in mid-air, not daring to do anything else.

And she would have, too, been in place, her face pale and sweaty, her eyes even more filled with panic and terror.

How could it be!

How did brother Jingting come?

And he had even seen the scene where she was about to push Rong Shu.

What would Jingting’s brother think of her then?

Would he think that she was a very bad and vicious woman?

At this moment, Liu Linlin didn’t think about what consequences she would bring to Rong Shu if she did that, she was only worried about whether her image in Fu Jingting’s heart would fall to the ground.

On the other hand, Rong Shu, who was not far ahead of Liu Linlin, also stopped walking at this moment, because she also heard Fu Jingting’s voice.

In particular, Fu Jingting’s words had shocked her heart.

Did Fu Jingting’s words mean that Liu Linlin had just been behind her and was planning to do something to her?

Thinking this, Rong Shu hurriedly turned around, and before she could look at Liu Linlin’s reaction, she saw Fu Jingting’s grim face striding towards her.

When she reached Liu Linlin’s side, Liu Linlin reacted and hurriedly stretched out her hand, about to pull Fu Jingting, “Brother Jingting ……”

Fu Jingting raised his arm and directly avoided her touch indifferently, then without looking at her, he crossed over her towards Rong Shu.

In this instant, Liu Linlin felt her heart sink to the bottom, as if someone had brought a pot of cold water and poured it viciously towards her, her eyes instantly reddened and overflowed with a mist of water, her face full of aggression.

Brother Jingting, actually pretending not to see her!

In the past, this could not have happened at all.

In the past, whenever she greeted Brother Jingting, Brother Jingting would respond to her, although his attitude was not very warm, and his response would only be a nod or a hint, but he would not ignore her like this, treating her like air.

Jingting’s brother had changed!

No, maybe he hadn’t changed either, it was that woman who threatened him.

Yes, it must have been that woman who threatened, threatened that Jingting brother could not vigorously any woman other than that woman.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt this was the case, and Liu Linlin looked at Rong Shu with a fierce look in her eyes, as if she had hardened her poison, hating to poison Rong Shu.

In her eyes, it was not Fu Jingting’s own fault that he did not take care of himself, it was all Rongshu’s fault.

Seeing this, Rong Shu directly rolled her eyes, not bothering to pay attention, and then withdrew her gaze to look at the man in front of her, “How are you …….”

“Is everything okay?” Fu Jingting grabbed her shoulders, his handsome face full of nervousness and worry, he looked her up and down while asking eagerly, “Did she do anything to you, did she get hurt?”

This concern, without waiting for Rong Shu’s reaction, Liu Linlin behind them, however, was going crazy with jealousy.

Brother Jingting, actually cared so much about this woman, Rong Shu, and even questioned her if she had bullied that woman, Rong Shu.

How could Brother Jingting be like this?

Didn’t he not love Rong Shu?

Why did he care if Rongshu was bullied by her and if she was hurt?

Could it be that Brother Jingting actually did ……

No, no, no, no, it can’t be, and it’s not true.

As soon as that thought rose, it was immediately rejected by Liu Linlin who shook her head violently.

She didn’t want to believe that kind of result and couldn’t accept it.

So, she had to go all out and deny it.

The first thing that happened to her was that she had to pay attention to Liu Linlin, and their attention was only on each other.

When Rong Shu faced the man’s nervous eyes and enquiries, her heart warmed up, smiling and shaking her head back, “Don’t worry, I’m fine and not hurt, you came just in time.”

She probably understood that Liu Linlin had indeed just tried to make a move on her.

If Fu Jingting had not appeared in time to stop Liu Linlin, otherwise she would not have been able to stand in front of him and talk in such a safe and sound manner.

When Fu Jingting saw that Rong Shu had not lied in order to rea*sure him, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, “It’s okay then ……”

Just as the words came out, Fu Jingting’s gaze suddenly saw something, his pupils suddenly shrank, then he grabbed her wrist and lifted her arm up, “What is this?”

He pointed to a few bruised nail marks on her arm and looked at her with an incomparably tense expression, “Didn’t you say you weren’t hurt? Tell me, what are these?”

Rongshu looked at the nail marks and her mouth opened, unable to speak.

Tch, it was over, she had forgotten that there were these marks.

Since it didn’t hurt anymore, she didn’t think about this even after the man had just asked if there was any injury to her body, before she answered that there was no injury.

But the man did not know that ah, the man would subconsciously feel that she was deliberately hiding these few marks.

Sure enough, when the man saw that Rong Shu was hesitant to answer, he was already sure in his heart that she was deliberately hiding these few nail marks from him in order to keep him from worrying, thinking that these few nail marks were no big deal.

But to him, this was already a big deal.

Any slight injury to her would cause him immense heartache.

What’s more, these nail marks were so deep that they were black and blue, so it was clear how heavy the hands of the man who did it were and how cruel his heart was.

Looking at the man’s cold, angry and heartbroken eyes, Rong Shu took the man’s hand and said in a soft voice, “Jing Ting, don’t worry, these few marks are just minor injuries, I didn’t mean not to tell you, I just forgot, because it doesn’t hurt, so it’s easy to forget, I believe you should be able to understand.”

“I don’t understand.” Fu Jingting tightened his handsome face and said in a deep voice, “I only know that you are hurt and I am heartbroken.”

Fu Jingting’s thumb tenderly stroked the few nail marks.

Behind her, Liu Linlin heard the two men’s words, her heart was sour and jealous, but at the same time, she was also vaguely afraid.

She knew what they were talking about, about those few marks left by her pinching Rong Shu’s arm.

At first, she did not take this to heart, thinking that it was just a few pinches on Rongshu’s arm, what was the big deal, would Brother Jingting settle accounts with her for such a trivial matter?

How could that be?

Jingting didn’t love Rongshu, so why would he settle a score with her for Rongshu?

She had only pinched Rongshu a few times and had done nothing else.

But now, when she saw how nervous Jing Ting was over these small nail marks on Rongshu’s arm, she became less confident and became worried and nervous.

Would Jingting’s brother really be looking for her to settle the score and seek justice for Rong Shu because of these few tiny marks?

Liu Linlin swallowed hard and subconsciously took a step back.

The sound of her footsteps drew the attention of both Rong Shu and Fu Jingting.

Rong Shu just glanced at the pale Liu Linlin, and knew what Liu Linlin wanted to do, which was just to run.

Fu Jingting’s back was turned to Liu Linlin, although he could not see Liu Linlin’s movements, he could guess some of them through Rong Shu’s eyes.

Rongshu’s eyes were very penetrating and bright, able to imprint what she saw clearly in her eyes.

So he didn’t need to turn around, he could tell everything that was happening behind him just by looking at her eyes.

Seeing Liu Linlin stepping back, Fu Jingting stood up straight, his voice incomparably cold, “These few nail marks of yours, who left them? Is it her?”

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