I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1282

She had always known that underneath his cold exterior, Fu Jingting had in fact always hidden a poisonous heart.

But when it came to her, he had always been the gentle, attentive and considerate man, so she had hardly ever heard of his poisonous side.

Now it was probably because this Liu Linlin was really too much for him to handle, so he even ignored her presence and directly started to dislike people with his poisonous tongue.

But not to mention, she really felt happy to see the man dislike Liu Linlin like this.

Especially when she saw Liu Linlin’s stiff to unbelievable look, she just wanted to laugh.

When Fu Jingting saw the woman in his arms trembling with laughter, a helpless yet doting look emerged in his eyes.

His words, were they so funny?

But since she was laughing so happily, then let her be.

Fu Jingting gently stroked Rong Shu’s head.

On the opposite side, Liu Linlin’s entire body was almost dying of shame and anger.

Fu Jingting had actually said that about her!

That she wanted to be her father’s sister!

How could he use such humiliating words on her.

Liu Linlin looked at Fu Jingting sadly, her voice trembling, “Brother Jingting, how could you, say that about me?”

“Why can’t you?” Fu Jingting suddenly resumed his expressionless look, “Didn’t you ask for this? I was already in the same generation as your father, yet you call me brother, don’t you just disobey your father and don’t want to be your father’s daughter, but rather your father’s sister?”

Rongshu nodded her head repeatedly in agreement with these words.

Speaking of which, she was also very confused at first about Liu Linlin calling Fu Jingting this way.

After all, Fu Jingting was Elder Liu’s disciple and Liu Linlin was Elder Liu’s granddaughter.

These two were obviously uncle and nephew, but Liu Linlin was calling her brother by name, which really sounded incongruous.

But at that time, she only thought that each was called by their own name, so she didn’t think much of it.

But now when Fu Jingting’s words came out, she realised that it was not a case of each calling his own, but Liu Linlin’s wishful thinking and unilateral calling.

Fu Jingting had not agreed to it.

As for why Liu Linlin called it that, she probably knew that although she was not a real uncle and nephew, Fu Jingting was also Liu Linlin’s uncle in name only.

If Liu Linlin really opened her mouth and called her uncle, then when Liu Linlin and Fu Jingting were together in the future, the outside world would definitely point fingers.

Liu Linlin probably did not want to let such things happen, which was why she did not want to call Fu Jingting uncle, but called him brother instead.

At least from a secular point of view, a brother-sister relationship is a little more acceptable than an uncle-nephew relationship.

When Liu Linlin saw Fu Jingting vetoing his move to call him brother, she was not only sad, but also a little angry.

The fact that Fu Jingting had done this was undoubtedly a complete cut off of the possibility of her calling him brother, leaving her to call him uncle.

And she didn’t want to call him uncle.

Once she did so, what would the outside world think of her in the future?

If they got together in the future, would the outside world say that she was shameless and even went to mess with her own uncle?

Liu Linlin’s face was a mixture of red and white, very ugly, like a palette.

Fu Jingting didn’t have time to dwell on her too much here, he was in a hurry to get back to medicate the nail marks on Rong Shu’s arm.

The next thing that Fu Jingting said was even more impatient, “Liu Linlin, I don’t care what you just did, but I’ll remember what you just did, and I’ll count it as part of what you did, and I’ll settle it together. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Hearing such an ungracious accusation from Fu Jingting, Liu Linlin’s heart was aggrieved to the extreme, “Brother Jingting ……”



She pointed her finger at Rong Shu, her eyes full of jealousy and hatred, “I admit that I just wanted to lay hands on her, but I did that for you, how can you turn towards her to deal with me? You’re simply not distinguishing between close and distant.”

Fu Jingting laughed, “You tried to murder my lover, and you still say it was for my own good? Liu Linlin, you’re not out of your mind, are you?”

How can you say that he is not distinguishing between close and distant?

He is very clear about this.

Is it that he has to help her and pretend that he can’t see that he’s trying to kill his own lover?

No, that’s called a wolf’s heart and a dog’s lungs!

In terms of affinity, Xiao Ye Zi was the closest to him.

And distant, she, Liu Linlin, was not even worthy.

The word “lover” irritated Liu Linlin, as if it was like a thorn in Liu Linlin’s heart, and her eyes were filled with disbelief as she looked at the two men and women embracing each other across the room.


Brother Jingting actually said himself that Rong Shu was his lover?

Could it be that brother Jingting was really in love with Rong Shu?

No, she didn’t believe it!

Liu Linlin bit her lower lip deadly, and it took her a while to let go, but on her lips, she was left with several deep teeth marks that looked painful.

But neither Fu Jingting nor Rong Shu would bother to care about her, to care about her.

Who would care about people who hated them.

“Of course I’m doing it for your own good, this woman grabbed hold of you and threatened you, six years ago, she threatened you to marry her, and now six years later, she’s threatening you to get back together with her, and threatening you to do that shameless thing with her at someone else’s party, completely disregarding your wishes and thoughts, that’s why I’m here, in order to try to get the handle back for you, brother Jingting. It was this woman herself who was unwilling to hand over the handle, and she wouldn’t listen to me even after I had said all the good and bad things, so I had no choice but to do it the hard way, but Brother Jingting …… Uncle, not only did you not help me, but you even stopped me, and blamed me, instead of understanding me, you were bent on her, Uncle Fu, I think you are the one with a broken brain, we are the ones who are in cahoots, she is the enemy!”

Liu Linlin pointed at Rong Shu and made a series of accusations against Fu Jingting, and ended up stomping her foot incessantly in anxiety, with a look of hatred.

The man who is hugging her, Rongshu looked up and snickered, “How to do Jingting, it sounds like I’m so bad, this Miss Liu Linlin is so righteous, and you’re so pathetic, you feel like I’m a villain, and you’re a hostage being held captive by the villain, and that Miss Liu Linlin, on the other hand, is braving the odds and is determined to save I was touched to hear that, Jingting, are you touched?”

Fu Jingting rubbed her hair in amus*ment, “Stop it.”

He then looked across at Liu Linlin, who looked like she had been viciously hurt by him, and holding back the diarrhea in his heart, wrinkled his eyebrows and asked in a deep voice, “Are you saying that Xiao Yezi and I got married, including the current reunion, because Xiao Yezi used my handle to threaten me?”

Liu Linlin nodded, “Yes, otherwise how could you have married her?”

Rong Shu also nodded along, “I testify, before you came, she also told me the same thing, saying that I had grabbed your handle and threatened you, if I had this ability, why would I threaten you to stay with me, just threaten you to give me the Fu Group, with the Fu Group, I am the new female overlord, why do I need a man?”

She said that men are completely worthless compared to the Fu Group.

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