I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1281

When Fu Jingting asked this, he still didn’t turn around.

But Liu Linlin just knew that this she was referring to herself.

Her legs subconsciously froze, not daring to continue backing up.

Then the next second, she saw Fu Jingting holding Rong Shu’s hand and turning around.

“Brother Jingting ……” When Liu Linlin saw Fu Jingting turn around, she originally wanted to make an effort to raise a smile to greet him, but when she saw his expressionless face towards her, as well as the cold eyes without a trace of temperature when he stared at her, the words behind her could no longer be said, blocked in her throat.

Brother Jingting, how dare he look at her with the same look as a dead thing!

This was even worse than ignoring her, which made her feel sad and scared.

At least by ignoring her, it meant that Brother Jingting hadn’t completely disliked her.

Looking at her like a dead thing, on the other hand, showed that even if she died, Brother Jingting wouldn’t feel any emotion, or even, wish her dead.

“It was you who strangled Little Leaf!” Fu Jingting asked once again.

It was better to say it was a question than a definite statement.

Liu Linlin’s mouth opened, subconsciously wanting to lie, to slyly argue that it wasn’t herself.

But Fu Jingting’s sharp eyes fell on her as if they could see through people’s hearts, making her feel that she had almost nowhere to hide and could not lie at all, so she could only stammer back, “I …… I didn’t mean to do it, I just …… It’s just ……”

“And how did you do what just now?” Fu Jingting didn’t care about her explanation, nor did he want to hear it.

He just needed to know that it was enough that she did it, what was so important if it was on purpose or not?

So he quickly, at once, interrupted her and asked another question.

Rongshu knew that Fu Jingting was ready to settle the score with Liu Linlin for what had just happened, and her red lips hooked up as she quietly leaned into his arms, watching this quietly.

The man was going to stand up for her anyway, so she could just be a little woman at ease.

And not to mention, it felt really good to have someone stand up for her.

Especially when the other party was also her man’s admirer, it was an even better feeling.

Rongshu glanced at Liu Linlin across the table and smiled pleasantly.

This smile, naturally, irritated Liu Linlin again, and in Liu Linlin’s opinion, it was Rongshu’s provocation to her.

If not for the fact that Fu Jingting was here at the moment, she would have wanted to rush straight over and tear this woman’s face apart.

“I asked you, what did you want to do just now?” Seeing that Liu Linlin was hesitant to speak, Fu Jingting repeated the question he had just asked, and increased his tone of voice.

Liu Linlin subconsciously shivered and timidly looked towards Fu Jingting, “I …… I ……”

She looked at the man in front of her.

The man was as handsome as ever, no different from when she had left the country seven years ago.

The only difference was that seven years ago the man’s face was always pale and haggard, with a sickly air, giving a sense of weak beauty in illness.

Now, Fu Jingting’s face is not always pale and haggard, giving the appearance of poor health.

The current Fu Jingting is not only much better physically than he was seven years ago, but his personality is also completely different.

Seven years ago, he had a gentle personality and a spring-like smile at all times, giving people the feeling of a white schoolboy brother next door.

Nowadays, his personality has completely changed, he is not gentle anymore, the spring-like smile on his face has also disappeared, he has become expressionless, cold and indifferent, and the way he looks at people is overwhelmingly imposing, almost making people gasp for breath.


How did brother Jingting turn out to be like this?

Liu Linlin was somewhat unable to accept the Fu Jingting who had changed so much.

Although she had long heard her grandfather say that the current Jingting brother was different from the previous Jingting brother, she had never thought of it, thinking that even if a person would change, he would not change too much, and that Jingting brother would always be the same Jingting brother she remembered.

But now, after seven years, she finally saw Jingting’s brother again, and although he was still as handsome as she remembered, the feeling he gave her was very strange and not at all familiar, which made her heart start to panic.

If the strange brother Jingting, could she still get along with him in the same way as before?

The most important thing is, is it still useful to have those preferences that she knew about Jingting’s brother in the past?

Liu Linlin’s heart was in turmoil and her teeth were about to bite her lower lip.

“You’re not brother Jingting.” Liu Linlin is full of tears, sadly looking at Fu Jingting, as if Fu Jingting is some kind of negative person, failed her general, voice choked up, “Brother Jingting will not treat me like this, will not be so indifferent to me, will not want to interrogate me like a prisoner, so you are definitely not my brother Jingting, no.”

This change of heart stunned Rong Shu, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but twitch one after another.

What was the situation?

This woman suddenly burst into tears, acting as if Fu Jingting was a negative person, acting in a Korean drama?

Not only was Rongshu speechless, Fu Jingting was also baffled.

This woman was sick in the head, wasn’t she?

Fu Jingting tightened his brows and looked at Liu Linlin in disgust, “I asked you a question, why are you talking to me about this?

Liu Linlin saw that Fu Jingting, faced with his own crying sadness and grief, not only did he not touch the slightest bit of tension, nor did he have the slightest intention of coming to comfort and coax himself, the expression on his face instantly cracked.

How could this be?

How could brother Jingting be like this?

For a moment, Liu Linlin was devastated.

Rong Shu could not hold back any longer and puffed out a laugh, “I’m really sorry ah Miss Liu, your brother Jingting, doesn’t seem to eat that white lotus set of yours.”

“You ……” Liu Linlin looked over fiercely.

Fu Jingting’s eyes narrowed and directly gathered Rong Shu into his arms, finally covering Rong Shu’s eyes, “Dirty things don’t look.”

Such an ugly face would give you nightmares if you looked at it.

Rongshu understood the deeper meaning of the man’s words, and her smile became even brighter, nodding her head obediently, “Okay, listen to you, I won’t look.”

Fu Jingting stroked her head, and then when he looked at Liu Linlin again, his gentle expression still returned to indifference.

Liu Linlin also snapped out of her wistfulness.

The gentle smile that Brother Jingting had just given to Rong Shu had made her think that Brother Jingting had changed back to the gentle Brother Jingting of seven years ago.

But the next second, Jingting brother put away that indifference, only then did she realise that Jingting brother had not changed back at all.

It was still the same, indifferent brother Jingting who was indifferent to her now.

“Jingting brother ……” Liu Linlin looked at Fu Jingting with sorrow.

Fu Jingting was indifferent, instead his eyes became even more disgusted, “Liu Linlin, if I remember correctly, I am your grandfather’s student, the same generation as your father, that is to say, I am your elder, you should call me uncle, what, you don’t call me uncle, you are not convinced of your father, so you want to be your father’s sister?”

“Pfft, hahahaha!” Once again, Rongshu broke down, leaning into his arms and laughing extra cheerfully and loudly.

Being your father’s sister?

God, why was that so funny.

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