I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1284

After all, this was what she had seen with her own eyes.

Seven years ago, she was the only female around him, apart from Fu’s grandmother and Wang Shuqin.

The first two were elders, and she was the only one who was not related to him in any way, yet she was able to appear by his side. It was such a proud thing for her, and those women in her circle who liked Brother Jingting envied her, and she had gained a great sense of vanity as a result.

She has even boasted to the public that she is the future wife of the Fu family’s head of family and is brother Jingting’s wife.

And the ladies in the circle also acquiesced, so her status was always the highest among them.

Until one day, a Gu Manyin suddenly appeared beside him, shattering all her perceptions.

Brother Jingting personally brought Gu Manyin to her and told her that this was his lover.

At that time, she felt that the sky was falling, thinking how could it be possible?

As she had grown up with Brother Jingting, could she not know if there was another woman around him?

Not to mention that there was no other woman, not even a female mosquito, so how could a lover suddenly appear?

It’s not like she didn’t know Gu Manyin, nor had she heard that Gu Manyin knew Jingting’s brother?

With the status of the Gu family, she didn’t even have the chance to get to know Brother Jingting, let alone get to know him, so how did she suddenly become his lover?

She felt that there must be something wrong here, it must not be true, but at that time, the way Brother Jingting looked at Gu Manyin was so gentle and affectionate, it was not something that could be acted out.

So she understood that Jingting’s brother really liked Gu Manyin, although the two had never known each other before, but perhaps it was love at first sight?

Although she couldn’t accept that kind of truth, but who let her couldn’t fight that horrible woman Gu Manyin, so she didn’t want to accept it, but she could only accept it.

But now, Brother Jingting was telling her that he had never loved Gu Manyin and that it had always been Rong Shu he loved.

What in the world was going on here?

Liu Linlin only felt that her brain was not even enough, it was in chaos.

But Fu Jingting had no intention of explaining to her, and his voice was emotionless as he said, “My relationship with Gu Manyin was just an oops, it could never be taken seriously, the only person I loved was Rong Shu from the beginning to the end.”

The reason for this is our business, so why should I tell you? All you need to know is that I love only Rongshu, so the so-called threats of handles you are talking about are all nonsense. Rather, you are satisfying your own selfish desires, so Liu Linlin, do you think I will let you off the hook?”

Liu Linlin’s face was as white as a piece of paper, without a trace of blood, and her legs could not help but stagger back a step with weakness, and her eyes were dazed as she read, “How could this be …… How could this happen ……”

The fact that brother Jingting really loves Rongshu and wants to seek justice for Rongshu.

To seek justice for Rongshu means to take her to task.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

Jingting’s brother loved Rong Shu, so naturally he didn’t want to break up with her, so his own move was undoubtedly stepping on Jingting’s brother’s thunderbolt.

And now, her own act of preparing to push Rong Shu was caught by Brother Jingting again, angering Brother Jingting even more and making Brother Jingting hate her even more.

So Brother Jingting would not let her off the hook again.

The more she thought about it, the more scared she was, Liu Linlin’s forehead couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat, “Brother Jingting ……”

“Don’t call me that, I’m disgusted.” Fu Jingting said in disgust.

Rongshu also nodded, indicating that she likewise felt disgusted.

He was such a big man, twenty-six or seven, and he was still barking at his older brother.

Not only would it not sound cute, it would only give people a bad chill.

Liu Linlin saw Fu Jingting’s face full of disgust for himself and her heart was cold.

She did not understand how this could happen.

She knew that brother Jingting didn’t love her, but he didn’t hate her either.

How come now, Jingting’s brother has gone straight past dislike and has turned disgusted with her?

If Brother Jingting loathed herself, could she really still get Brother Jingting’s heart?

At this moment, Liu Linlin could not help but begin to doubt, and in her heart, she was also a little less confident in taking down Fu Jingting.

But soon, this doubt and lack of confidence was suppressed by her.

No, she could do it, she could definitely get Jingting’s heart, she believed in herself, as long as she persisted, she would definitely succeed.

With these thoughts, Liu Linlin quickly regained her composure, and after squeezing her palms, she was about to say something when she heard the sudden sound of a few footsteps behind her.

She subconsciously turned her head to look back and saw a*sistant Zhang coming over with two bodyguards.

Seeing those two bodyguards, Liu Linlin realised what was going on, her face changed and she turned her head back incredulously, “Brother Jingting, you actually had someone come to arrest me?”

“You ran out of the box and attempted to hurt my lover, do you think I would continue to let you outside?” Fu Jingting glanced at her coldly.

The fact that he hadn’t directly snapped her neck was already his great mercy.

God knew, he had waited late in the rest area until Rong Shu would come, felt a pang of worry in his heart, and then searched for her.

As it turned out, his fears were right, as soon as he came over, he happened to see the image of Liu Linlin reaching her sinful hands towards Rong Shu.

If he hadn’t stopped it in time and let Liu Linlin succeed in pushing Rong Shu, what would have happened to Rong Shu?


There was even the possibility of death on the spot.

But whatever that outcome was, it was not what he wanted to see, nor was it acceptable to him.

It could be said that Liu Linlin’s actions had completely touched his bottom line and were also deliberate murder, and he was even less likely to let Liu Linlin off the hook just because she had attempted murder.

“You should be glad that this is someone else’s banquet, I don’t want to make too much of a mess and disturb someone else’s banquet, so I didn’t do anything to you for the time being, otherwise I would definitely make you pay the price on the spot, take it down, bring it back to the box and keep it under strict supervision, and when the banquet is over, dispose of it together with those two families.” Fu Jingting ordered Zhang’s a*sistant in a deep voice.

a*sistant Zhang nodded his head and greeted the two bodyguards to go forward.

Liu Linlin couldn’t care less about the bodyguards coming to arrest her, her mind was buzzing this time, she only felt a blank, it took her a while to find her voice, “Those two people …… Who are they?”

It’s hard to believe that it’s those two losers?

Looking at Liu Linlin’s constantly flickering eyes, Rong Shu’s red lips hooked, “That’s right, it’s the two you’re thinking of, Miss Liu.”

Liu Linlin’s pupils contracted.

It was really those two trash?

Those two trash were caught by brother Jing Ting?

No wonder she had been sending messages to those two losers after she arrived at the hotel earlier, asking how they were doing with the destruction, and those two losers had never returned the message.

She had initially thought that those two losers were so focused on dealing with men that they had forgotten to reply to her, but now she realised that it wasn’t that they had forgotten, but that they had been caught, and from what she heard from Rong Shu’s words, they already knew that those two losers were in contact with her.

Maybe those two losers, had already confessed her out?

If that was the case, then one would face even more serious anger from Jing Ting’s brother.

After all, now that she knew that Brother Jingting was not under duress to be with Rong Shu, but because of her feelings, then if she had asked someone to ruin their good deed, Brother Jingting would definitely not let her go.

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