Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1562

Lin Mo entered Yunan City disguised as a tourist and found a not-so-conspicuous hotel to stay temporarily.

At half past seven in the evening, Mouse arrived at the hotel.

He had already arrived in Yunan City for two days.

Just after entering the room, Rat handed a file bag to Lin Mo: “Brother Lin, this is the information you want.”

Lin Mo smiled, “So soon?”

“How did you get this information?”

Rat laughed, “Brother Lin, you gave me so much money for my activities, so it was much easier to do things.”

“I bribed one of the cleaners at Wanchun Hall, worked a day’s shift for him, and sorted out these things from that bin at Wanchun Hall.”

Lin Mo couldn’t help but smile, this rat was quite resourceful.

Opening the file bag and looking through it, inside, it was basically all about the test data of the Recycle Pill.

And within it, Lin Mo saw a very important name – Qian Yong’an!

According to the data, Qian Yong’an was the real developer of this Re-creation Pill.

According to the information, Qian Yong’an was the real developer of the pills, and all the herbs needed for the pills were personally mixed by Qian Yong’an.

Qian Yong’an also designed and personally supervised the subsequent production.

Not only that, but when Wan Chun Tang first wanted to develop the Re-creation Pill over ten years ago, Qian Yong’an was the head of research and development at that time!

This shows that Qian Yong’an was the main person who stole the recipe for the Recycle Pill.

Lin Mo asked, “Do you have any information on this Qian Yong’an?”

The rat hurriedly said, “I’ve inquired about him.”

“This Qian Yong’an is a member of the Qian Family, one of the ten largest families in Su Province.”

“He is the last head of the Qian family and the illegitimate son of the current Qian family’s old master outside.”

Lin Mo frowned slightly, “An illegitimate son?”

Rat immediately nodded, “Yes, he is the Qian family’s elder son’s illegitimate son.”

“Originally, to these large families, such b*****ds are not allowed to be on the stage.”

“But Qian Yong’an’s situation is different, he has an extremely high status in the Qian family, second only to the Qian family’s old master and family head.”

Lin Mo said curiously, “Why?”

Mouse said, “Because, this Qian Yong’an is a famous divine doctor himself.”

“Until he was twenty-five, he had been wandering outside to study medicine.”

“At the age of twenty-five, he returned to the Qian family, and originally had little status in the Qian family, and was even ostracised by many people in the family, and was very unpopular in the family.”

“For the sake of being his own son, the Qian family’s master sent him to Wanchun Hall, which was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time, and gave him a job to make ends meet.”

“Unexpectedly, this Qian Yong’an went to Wanchun Hall, and within half a year, he developed three miracle medicines one after another, which sold out nationwide, causing Wanchun Hall to turn over in a flash, with its a*sets doubling dozens of times in succession.”

“Qian Yong’an, since then, has been heavily used by the Qian family!”

“After that, the Qian family used the shares of Wanchun Hall to draw in the ten major families in Suzhou Province, causing the ten major families in Suzhou Province to skyrocket in strength.”

“And the Qian family, as a result, became a top three existence among the top ten families in Su Province!”

“Qian Yong’an, also became a renowned divine doctor in Su Province, that is, the family heads of the top ten families in Su Province were also on an equal footing with him!”

A fine aura flashed in Lin Mo’s eyes, this Qian Yong’an really didn’t look simple.

Lin Mo asked, “What are the three divine medicines that he has developed?”

The rat pulled out a bag, “Brother Lin, I guessed that you would definitely ask.”

“I bought some of all three medicines back, so you can take a look.”

Lin Mo took the three pill boxes, and looking at the names alone, there was nothing special about them.

He opened the boxes and took out the medicines inside.

The first one, was a black pill sealed by wax.

Seeing this black pill, Lin Mo’s brow furrowed, this pill, it was a bit like the small Peiyuan Pill he had refined before, ah.

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