Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1563

He sniffed it and the smell was a bit similar.

However, when he tasted it, he found that this pill, and the Little Pill, were very different.

To put it simply, this pill, was similar to the Little Cultivation Pill, but the medicinal effect, however, was less than one hundredth of the Little Cultivation Pill.

However, to an ordinary person, this would already be a miracle pill!

Lin Mo opened the other two pill boxes, which contained a capsule, and a packet of punch respectively.

These two medicines, too, were similar to the Little Peiyuan Pill, and were very similar to the two remedies inherited from the jade pendant, except that their medicinal effects were far less than those two remedies.

Seeing this, Lin Mo already had a rough guess in his heart.

These medicines were all from the Lin family’s ancestral jade pendant.

In other words, only someone from the Lin family could refine these medicines.

This Qian Yong’an, there must be some involvement between him and their Lin family.

Otherwise, it was impossible for him to know so many of the Lin Family’s secret recipes for refining medicines.

Lin Mo: “This Qian Yong’an, what exactly was he doing before he returned to the Qian Family?”

Mouse shook his head, “No one knows about that.”

“What he was doing before he turned twenty-five, I’ve never even heard anyone talk about it.”

Lin Mo frowned slightly, there was no doubt that Qian Yong’an was deliberately hiding what happened before he was twenty-five, he was afraid of what others might know.

Lin Mo immediately took out his mobile phone and called Li Tiezui to ask about this Qian Yong’an matter.

However, the answer from Li Tiezui’s side was the same.

No one knew anything about Qian Yong’an before he was twenty-five years old.

Even the Qian family didn’t know about it, Qian Yong’an was twenty-five years old, a complete blank.

Lin Mo was even more surprised in his heart, this Qian Yong’an, was he so cautious?

Even people from the Qian family didn’t know about it, so I guess there were really not many people who knew about it.

In the midst of his doubts, Lin Mo suddenly remembered something.

He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called Lin Zhao.

In order to prevent people from finding out, Lin Zhaoge had gotten a new mobile phone card.

This mobile phone number was only known to Lin Mo, and only Lin Mo could be contacted.

When Lin Zhaoge heard about Qian Yong’an, he was obviously bewildered as well: “Qian Yong’an, I haven’t heard of this person.”

“On our side of the Lin family, there is no such person either.”

Lin Mo couldn’t help but freeze, could it be that Qian Yong’an had developed all these methods of refining pills by himself?

But, how was this possible?

If he had completely developed a new medicine, then Lin Mo would definitely not suspect him.

But the problem was that the medicine he developed came out from the basis of the Lin family’s medicine, so how could he not be involved with the Lin family?

Being puzzled, Lin Zhao suddenly said, “Young master, do you have a picture of Rich Yongan?”

“Send me one, I’ll take a look.”

Lin Mo immediately asked the rat.

Luckily, Rat’s side was really prepared, and he immediately sent Qian Yong’an’s photo to Lin Mo’s phone.

Lin Mo sent the photo to Lin Zhaoge, and after less than a minute, Lin Zhaoge called over and said excitedly, “It’s him! It’s him! It’s him!”

Lin Mo was surprised: “Who is he?”

Lin Zhaoge: “It’s the one who helped your father clean the potion furnace and guard the alchemy room!”

Lin Mo’s face changed violently, he finally knew what was going on.

This Qian Yong’an, indeed, had spent some time in the Lin family.

Not only that, he had also helped Lin Xiao clean the pellet furnace and guard the alchemy room.

This was the place where Lin Xiao made his pills, so he might have stolen from it, thus being able to refine these medicines!

In other words, this person had, indeed, stolen his mastery from the Lin family.

Only, he had later returned to the Qian family, weakened the medicinal properties of these pills and refined them again, before he had become what he was today.

For these three medicines, Lin Mo did not care.

But the problem was that he was now trying to snatch the Reclamation Pill, which was too much!

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