Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1578

Chen Baiyu couldn’t help but be surprised, he couldn’t understand what Lin Mo meant.

“By the way, today is the launch of Wan Chun Tang’s new medicine.”

“I need to get into this launch site, do you have any way to help me get in?”

Lin Mo asked.

Chen Baiyu nodded, “My cousin has opened a few pharmacies in Yunan City, so she is considered to be invited and qualified to enter this launch event.”

“I contacted her, and when the time comes, you can enter the launch as an employee of that pharmacy of hers.”

“However, also …… is limited to entering the launch, in other aspects, I can’t help you for now.”

Lin Mo nodded, of course he was clear about Chen Baiyu’s current situation. To be able to help him get into the launch was not even easy!

“This cousin of yours, is she reliable?”

Lin Mo asked.

Chen Baiyu nodded: “In this world, if there’s anyone I can trust now, it’s only her!”

“She is my sister-in-law’s child, my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law’s husband died early and it was my mother who raised her single-handedly.”

“She grew up with me, she’s almost like my own sister.”

Lin Mo nodded his head and didn’t ask any more questions.

To him, it was enough to get into the launch event, nothing else mattered!

Next, Chen Baiyu helped contact his cousin Zhou Ling and helped Lin Mo arrange everything.

The launch event was held at 7:30 pm.

At seven o’clock, Lin Mo met Zhou Ling.

This was a pretty young girl, in her twenties, with a competent temperament.

It could be seen that growing up without a father or mother had allowed her to develop an independent personality.

Zhou Ling gave Lin Mo a badge, which was a document to enter and exit the launch.

However, Zhou Ling was just the owner of a pharmacy, so she did not carry much weight here.

This badge could only allow Lin Mo to enter and exit the launch site. However, once inside, there wasn’t even a place to sit!

Lin Mo didn’t care about this, and got the badge and expressed his gratitude to Zhou Ling.

Zhou Ling, on the other hand, was a little hesitant as she looked at Lin Mo and whispered, “This big brother, I don’t know exactly what your relationship with my cousin is.”

“But, my cousin is in a very dangerous situation right now.”

“He has offended Qian Liangwen of the Qian family, and the ten great families are all clamouring to settle scores with him!”

“If you can, can you help me persuade him to leave Su Province in a hurry?”

Lin Mo could tell that Zhou Ling was really concerned about Chen Baiyu.

“No problem!”

“I’ll help you persuade him!”

Lin Mo smiled and nodded his head.

Zhou Ling breathed a sigh of relief and then whispered, “Right, this big brother.”

“Tonight for this launch, people from the ten largest families in Su Province will be here, and there will be many big names present.”

“When you go in, remember, don’t get into an argument with anyone.”

“With my cousin’s current situation, he …… he’s afraid he won’t be able to help you out with these things.”

“If you really mess with some big shot, this …… this won’t end well, I’m afraid ……”

“If you need to order any drugs, you can mention it to me.”

“Really can’t, I …… I will then give you some of my share here, you must not compete with others for it ……”

Obviously, in Zhou Ling’s opinion, Lin Mo was also a small medicine dealer who wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to order.

Such a situation was very common in Yunan City recently.

Everyone knew that Wan Chun Tang was going to release a new medicine that could cure cancer, and this new medicine was bound to make a fortune as long as it could be ordered.

So, agents from all over the world are flocking to the city, doing everything they can to get into this launch and book some reconstructive pills.

Those big businessmen, they all had their own channels.

The fact that Lin Mo had found the help of Chen Baiyu, who had fallen on hard times, showed that Lin Mo did not have a wide network of people.

Therefore, Zhou Ling repeatedly instructed him to do so, just because he was worried that Lin Mo would cause any more trouble in such a place where the bigwigs were gathered.

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