Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1579

Lin Mo could see that Zhou Ling was worried, he didn’t explain, he just smiled lightly and nodded, “I know!”

Zhou Ling gave a few more instructions, explaining some precautions to Lin Mo, before he went ahead to the meeting.

After all, Wanchuntang is a local pharmaceutical company in Suzhou Province, which controls the province’s medical industry on the one hand, and naturally, supports the province’s medical industry on the other.

Zhou Ling opened a pharmacy in Yunan City, and was also considered a local medicine dealer in Suzhou Province, so she was able to receive some preferential treatment.

Otherwise, with Zhou Ling’s wealth, he would not be qualified to enter such a conference!

Of course, even if Zhou Ling could receive some preferential treatment, she might not be able to order many medicines. After all, there were quite a few local medicine dealers, and Zhou Ling was simply too inconspicuous among them.

However, under such circumstances, Zhou Ling was actually willing to take out a portion of her own share to share with Lin Mo.

This shows that this cousin of Chen Baiyu’s is really a pretty good person!

Chen Baiyu had fallen to the current state, and the ten great families were all shouting at him.

If it were an ordinary person, even if they didn’t betray Chen Baiyu, they would definitely draw a clear line with him.

And Zhou Ling was still so relentless in helping out, this alone was far better than the average person!

Lin Mo walked into the launch site, there wasn’t much of a crowd here right now, so he wandered around for a while.

At the same time, a few cars were speeding along a road on the outskirts of Yunan City.

In the middle was a Mercedes S-Cla*s, which looked rather low-profile.

However, if one sat inside the car, one would be able to find out that this car was not simple.

The interior of this car is described as overwhelmingly luxurious.

It should have been modified by itself, and the luxury in the car exceeded even that of a normal Rolls Royce.

There were two people sitting in the back of the car, on the left was a beautiful woman with waist-length hair, who was slowly and methodically painting her nails.

Next to her, sat a young man in a white suit.

The young man was wearing a back-combed haircut, his skin was as white as snow and his features were full of heroism, he could definitely be called a rare and beautiful man!

If Lin Mo were here, he would have recognised at a glance that this young man was the son of the Wan family with whom he had a conflict before!

The Wan Family was one of the ten largest families in China, and an absolute behemoth in the six southern provinces.

The fifth master Xue was called the king of the southern realm, but he was only on an equal footing with the Wan family, so it was clear how powerful the Wan family was!

Once the girl had painted her nails, she lifted her slender hands and admired herself for a while.

When Duke Wan saw her like this, a hint of disgust wiped across his face and he let out a soft hum of contempt.

When the girl heard the sound, not only did she not get angry, but she snorted a laugh.

She lazily leaned back on the seat, one white jade leg, crossed over the other, and her little red nail polish painted feet, which were still buckling, looked extremely tempting.

However, in the eyes of Duke Wan, this scene only deepened his disgust.

“That’s enough of you!”

“You are at least a lady of the house, can you be more dignified?”

“How can you behave like this!”

Wan Gongzi scolded angrily.

The girl smiled: “What’s wrong with being a lady?”

“Does a lady’s daughter have to be like you, all business?”

“My Grand Duke, why don’t you teach me how to be a lady’s daughter?”

Wan Gongzi was annoyed to the core, yet there was nothing he could do about her, so he could only turn his head to the side in exasperation and turn his eyes away.

The girl, however, was unwilling to let her go.

The girl kicked the boy’s calf with her little foot.

Duke Wan was furious: “What are you doing?”

The girl smiled and said, “What can I do?”

“I just want to have a chat with you!”

Prince Wan: “I have nothing to talk to you about!”

The girl was still smiling, “Really?”

“Why did I hear that you fought with that Lin Mo guy last time and got hugged from behind and couldn’t even break free?”

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