Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1580

Hearing these words, Duke Wan’s face instantly turned iron blue.

He looked at the girl indignantly, “Who told you that?”

“Say, who actually said that?”

The girl feigned fear: “Aiya, my Grand Duke, can you not be so grumpy?”

“I’m just a weak woman, look how scared you’ve made me ……”

The girl said, while still patting her rippling chest with her small hand.

That look, it didn’t look like she was afraid of anything at all, instead it added an even more alluring feeling.

Duke Wan was infuriated to the extreme: “You need to stop making these fox Sl*ts in front of me!”

“I’m asking you, who the hell told you that?”

The girl snorted, “Exactly who said it, I definitely can’t tell you!”

“However, there are not many people who know about this matter.”

“Grand Duke, don’t worry, I will definitely keep it a secret for you!”

Duke Wan was infuriated, yet there was nothing he could do to her at all, he could only look out of the window indignantly.

As if the girl had succeeded in her scheme, she moved closer to Grand Duke Wan and smiled, “By the way, Grand Duke, let me ask you something.”

“The last time Grandpa ate blood ginseng, something so bad happened, how did you know that eating some ice would save his life?”

Grand Duke Wan glared at her in exasperation, “Does this have anything to do with you?”

The girl grinned, “Of course it’s relevant!”

“Think about it, our old man, he almost died last time.”

“The whole Wan family, they were all shocked at the time.”

“If anything happened to the old master, not to mention the Wan family, even the entire Southern Six Provinces would have to be shaken!”

“As a result, you, with one ice cube, directly saved the old master’s life.”

“Grand Duke, don’t tell me that you’ve met a dead rat with a blind cat!”

“It couldn’t have been anyone who told you that, could it?”

Duke Wan looked out of the window in annoyance, unwilling to speak.

In his heart, however, he was thankful.

The old man of the Wan family, the last time he had taken blood ginseng, had indeed developed a strange condition and had almost died on the spot.

The entire Wan family was in shock, and everyone was at their wits’ end. The few divine doctors that the Wan family had hired were all about to faint from fear, and no one could save the old man.

Finally, when he saw that the old man was about to die on the spot, Prince Wan remembered what Lin Mo had said.

With the mindset of treating a dead horse as a living one, he took ice cubes and fed them to the old man.

At that time, both his father and those elders of the Wan family were all furious and shouted out a rebuke, thinking that he was trying to get the old man killed.

No one expected that the old man would miraculously recover after eating the ice.

This incident really shocked the entire Wan family.

All the members of the Wan family were shocked.

Because of this incident, Duke Wan had also achieved great success, and his status in the Wan Family was further enhanced.

He had never dreamed that Lin Mo’s casual words would really save the old man’s life.

At that time, Duke Wan was pondering whether he should ask Lin Mo to take a look at the old man.

However, before he could mention this matter, his second uncle proposed that he should ask Qian Yong’an of Su Province to treat the Wan family’s old man.

And the name of Qian Yong’an in Su Province was indeed resounding, being a famous miracle doctor in the six southern provinces.

In addition, this time, Qian Yong’an had developed the Re-creation Pill, which further enhanced Qian Yong’an’s reputation.

The Wan family was naturally more inclined to invite this long-established miracle doctor.

This time, the Wan Family sent people to attend the launch of Wanchun Hall, which was also a way to give Qian Yongan face.

At the same time, the main purpose of their visit was to invite Qian Yong’an to treat the Wan family’s old man.

This time, the Wan family had given Qian Yongan face.

Duke Wan’s second uncle personally came to the launch, and he and this cousin, too, followed him to the appointment.

You know, in the Six Southern Provinces, apart from Master Xue Wu, there was no one who could have such a great face to have so many core members of the Wan family come out!

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