Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1647

Chapter 1647

When the patient said these words, the whole crowd was confused.

This was something that only this person himself knew, so how did Lin Mo know about it?

Wan Zifeng’s face changed, and then he said angrily, “Surnamed Lin, you have even bought this person together, trying to lie to us here?”

The prince spat directly, “Wan Zifeng, are you f*cking sick in the head?”

“If we bribed this man along with you, then why didn’t we just say before that he wasn’t sick and didn’t need to treat him, why did we still need to let you have a public trial like this?”

“Are all of you from the Wan family as stupid as you are?”

Many people in the room laughed out loud.

Wan Zifeng was extremely angry, but he was unable to refute, and was only so angry that his face turned blue with indignation.

Lin Mo looked at the patient and continued, “When you were a child, your skin wasn’t yellow like this, and your eyes weren’t red.”

“Your skin gradually turned yellow and your eyes began to glow red from the time you grew this mole, right?”

The patient’s eyes widened, “How do you …… know that?”

“What is this …… mole all about?”

“I’ve been to many hospitals, seen many doctors, had many tests and they …… they all said it was just an ordinary mole!”

“This condition of my skin and eyes, is it related to this mole?”

The eyes of the crowd at the scene also widened, the development of this matter, it seems to be suddenly out of the crowd’s expectation ah.

Could it be that this person, really, had a disease?

Lin Mo calmly said, “For all these years, your whole body would ache every half a month.”

“And as soon as you rub this mole, the pain will ease, right?”

Hearing these words, this patient shivered and fell straight to his knees, “Divine Doctor, you …… even know all these things?”

“I …… What the hell is going on with me? You save me, you save me ……”

This time, the entire crowd was stunned.

Lin Mo had gotten everything right, what difference was there between this and a god?

Qian Yongan’s face also changed, he suddenly realized that the situation had developed out of his control!

The main reason he had chosen this man to pretend to be a patient was because of his appearance, as if he was sick, in order to confuse Lin Mo.

But he had never dreamed that this person, who was normal in all aspects of the examination, was really sick?

If that was the case, then wouldn’t he have helped Lin Mo this time instead?

Even He Qianxue was full of curiosity and said in surprise, “Brother Lin, what kind of mole does he have here?”

Lin Mo shook his head, “This isn’t an ordinary mole.”

“It’s a poison!”

The people around were all shocked, “Poison!?”

The patient’s eyes were even wider as he said urgently, “You …… are saying that I’ve been poisoned?”

Lin Mo nodded, “That’s right, you are poisoned!”

“Moreover, it’s a rather peculiar poison.”

“After being poisoned, the toxicity will bruise together and form the appearance of a black mole.”

“A normal examination wouldn’t find anything special, it would just treat this as an ordinary mole.”

“In ancient times, this was called the Five Poison Black Star, a very scary poison.”

“Once the toxin has accumulated to a certain level, this Five Poison Black Star is completely mature.”

“At this time, the black mole will rupture and the toxin will be released to the whole body, causing the patient’s whole body to rot and die.”

“And this, is not the most horrible thing, the most horrible thing is that the rotting flesh and blood, is also poisonous.”

“If the person next to him or her accidentally touches it, they will also be similarly poisoned and eventually become this way as well.”

“In a way, this is an extremely terrifying infectious disease. Once it breaks out, it will be like a plague, and many people will die!”

At these words, the surrounding crowd all exclaimed in shock.

The people present were all in the medical profession, and they knew very well what kind of horrible results would occur once such a toxic outbreak occurred!

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