Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648

He Qianxue was full of joy, “Brother Lin, this patient is lucky to have met you.”

“Otherwise, once this poison breaks out, he will be dead.”

“Not only that, the people next to him don’t know, once they are exposed, that …… is not sure how many people will die!”

“You have really saved a lot of people this time!”

The crowd at the scene also lamented that Lin Mo had really done a heavenly good deed this time.

Wan Zifeng stood on the stage, he had a disdainful look on his face, “Just alarmist talk!”

“In my entire life, I’ve never heard of this Five Poison Black Star, it’s simply unheard of!”

“Pretending to deceive people here, humph, do you really take everyone for fools?”

Qian Yong’an also said directly in a cold voice: “Surnamed Lin, you needn’t scare people here!”

“You said he was poisoned, then I ask you, how exactly was he poisoned?”

“You said that this kind of poison is only poisoned when you come into contact with the toxin.”

“And had he been exposed to a similar patient, before?”

“And did this patient, in turn, cause a great plague?”

“How come I’ve never heard of such a thing in all these years?”

These words immediately led to many people nodding their heads.

Lin Mo smiled faintly, “The poison he was poisoned with did not come from another patient.”

“As I said earlier, the Five Poison Black Star is slowly growing. It’s only after it matures that the toxicity becomes so terrifying.”

“If he had come into contact with a patient who had been poisoned, that kind of poison, which was able to directly cause his whole body to rot and die, would not have formed this kind of black mole at all.”

Qian Yong’an said in a cold voice, “Then how did he get poisoned?”

Lin Mo looked at the patient and asked, “When you were eight years old, you made a fortune, right?”

Everyone was surprised, and Wan Zifeng frowned, “Surnamed Lin, what are you talking about?”

“Now I’m asking you to tell me how he was poisoned, who asked you anything else?”

Lin Mo didn’t answer, he just looked at the patient.

A light flashed in the patient’s eyes, “How do you know that?”

The crowd gasped again, and Wan Zifeng stared in awe, “You …… are still saying that this isn’t collusion?”

“You can tell he’s poisoned, that’s what doctors are capable of.”

“But how did you tell if he was rich or not?”

“Don’t tell me that you’re still a magician!”

The others were also looking at Lin Mo with puzzled faces, this was just too bizarre ah.

Lin Mo smiled lightly and looked at the patient, “Come on, tell me, how did you get rich?”

Speaking of this matter, the patient was obviously very proud and said excitedly, “When I was a child, I grew up in the mountains.”

“My family’s conditions were very poor, so I would often go into the mountains with other children and pick some mushrooms or wild fruits or whatever and take them back to sell them.”

“When I was eight years old, I went into the mountains and accidentally got separated from the others and got lost in the mountains by myself.”

“Unexpectedly, while I was lost, I mistakenly entered a mountain stream.”

“Inside that mountain stream, I came across a two-metre-tall heavy tree with nine leaves!”

Hearing this, the surrounding crowd simultaneously exclaimed in shock, most of them were full of shock.

The prince was bewildered and looked at He Qianxue in amazement, “What …… what the hell?”

“What heavy building?”

He Qianxue said, “Chonglou is also known as Seven-leaf One-branch Flower, a very treasured medicinal herb that is also rarely seen.”

“A normal medicinal heavy lou is at most a few dozen centimeters tall and has only seven leaves.”

“A Chonglou that can grow to over a metre is of high value.”

“And a Chonglou that can grow to more than a metre and a half is extremely rare.”

“What he encountered was over two metres tall and, moreover, a heavy lou with nine leaves.”

“This is a divine medicine that can only be found within the records of medicine books, and this medicine alone would have no problem selling for tens of millions of dollars nowadays!”

The prince’s eyes widened, “There’s still such a thing?”

“Wow, then this kid really made a fortune at that time!”

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