Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649

The people around were all in the medical industry, so naturally they knew very well what kind of value this nine-leafed, two-metre-tall Chrysanthemum had!

Wan Zifeng also understood all this, but he was still unconvinced, “Surnamed Lin, explain to me, how did you know about his encounter with the heavy building when he was a child?”

“Did you investigate about his past?”

Lin Mo glanced at him, “Wan Zifeng, are you really stupid?”

“From the time his identity was revealed until now, I’ve been standing here, not even contacting the outside world, so how could I investigate his past?”

Wan Zifeng stuttered a bit and said indignantly, “Then …… how did you know about this heavy building?”

Lin Mo: “I don’t know that he encountered a heavy building, but I know that he must have encountered a very rare and precious medicinal herb!”

All the people around were bewildered, and one man was surprised, “Why?”

Lin Mo smiled, “Because he was poisoned when he was eight years old.”

“Moreover, he was poisoned with more than one type of poison at that time, but these poisons inhibited each other and eventually formed this Five Poison Black Star.”

“So, my guess is that he encountered several kinds of poisons at that time.”

“And these poisons, too, are all very rare and rarely gather together on a normal day.”

“Only under some special circumstances, such as when certain divine medicines are ripe, will these powerful poisonous creatures gather together to fight for the divine medicines, and only then will such a gathering occur.”

“Therefore, I guess that he must have encountered a divine pill and it just so happened that there were poisonous creatures competing for this divine pill, and that’s why he got poisoned in this way!”

Hearing this, the surrounding crowd all froze.

These words were so well-reasoned and justified that they directly convinced everyone ah.

Even Qian Yong’an on the stage was unable to say a word at this moment.

He Qianxue clapped her hands in excitement, “So this is how Brother Lin predicted, I finally understand!”

“My grandfather also told me, but all divine medicines are guarded by poisons, otherwise they can’t grow either.”

“This patient, the heavy building he encountered, can already be said to be a divine medicine, there must be poisons around it.”

“No wonder he was poisoned, so that’s what happened!”

Those famous doctors at the scene were all nodding their heads at this moment.

Although they rarely went into the mountains to collect medicine, they were all clear that all things born are inherently mutually exclusive.

Where there were poisonous insects, there was bound to be an antidote.

And where there was a divine medicine, there was bound to be a poisonous thing to guard it, this was the law of nature!

Therefore, Lin Mo was not a divine calculator at all, but a speculation based on this patient’s condition.

At this point, the crowd became even more impressed with Lin Mo.

He was calm, meticulous, and not arrogant, this was what a divine doctor should be like!

Many people at the scene began to roar in approval, and some even clapped their hands in praise.

All these people had been completely convinced by Lin Mo!

On the stage, Qian Yong’an Wan Zifeng and the others were dumbfounded.

They had originally intended to use this patient to deal with Lin Mo, but never in their wildest dreams did they think that this patient, in the end, would just make Lin Mo’s prestige even higher!

The prince was full of triumph and said gleefully, “Qian Yong’an, Wan Zifeng, do you two have anything to say now?”

Qian Yong’an’s face was blue and he could not say a word.

Wan Zifeng gritted his teeth and suddenly jumped up violently, “I don’t believe it!”

“These words are all the words of that Lin Mo, who knows if he has conspired with this patient to deceive people?”

“What the hell is going on, this hasn’t been authenticated yet, I’m just not convinced!”

Hearing this at the back, Wan Gongzi almost collapsed: “Second Uncle, how do you ……”

Wan Zifeng waved his hand angrily, “Shut up!”

“Surnamed Lin, I just don’t believe you, if you have the guts to prove to me that he was indeed poisoned!”

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