Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655

After the launch, Lin Mo and the others went back to the hotel.

Chen Baiyu followed by Lin Mo’s side, his face was filled with suppressed excitement.

This time, he had been brought by the crown prince to attend the launch event, and was basically on the opposite side of the top ten families in Su Province.

He was happier than anyone else that Lin Mo had won a big victory, and this gave him a feeling of having taken out a bad breath.

A few people returned to the hotel, and in less than half an hour, dozens of people came to visit one after another.

These people were either some drug dealers who wanted to come and represent Xu Pharmaceutical’s reconstructive pills.

Either that, or some journalists, who wanted to come and interview Lin Mo.

There were also some famous doctors who came to visit Lin Mo.

For these people, Lin Mo asked Mouse and Chen Baiyu to receive them.

The mouse was now a member of Xu Pharmaceutical, and with Chen Baiyu’s help, there was no problem in receiving these drug dealers.

Moreover, now Xu Pharmaceutical did not need agents.

There was no need to negotiate for the business of the Re-Creation Pill, however, other business could still be negotiated.

Those drug dealers, in fact, all came for the Recycle Pill.

These people were actually a bit lost in their hearts when they were unable to represent the Recycle Pill.

However, in the end, there were still quite a few drug dealers who signed contracts with Xu Pharmaceutical for other drugs.

These people knew very well that Lin Mo’s medical skills were exquisite and he might be able to develop other drugs in the future.

Even if they could not represent the Recycle Pill, they could still have a good relationship with Xu Pharmaceutical by purchasing some other drugs from Xu Pharmaceutical.

In the future, if Lin Mo really develops other drugs, they can also get the moon in the near water.

These are the long-sighted drug dealers.

Those who were short-sighted and left in anger when they heard they couldn’t represent the re-engineering pills would have no chance to cooperate with Xu Pharmaceutical in the future.

For the reporters, Lin Mo asked He Qianxue to help him deal with it.

He Qianxue is better at dealing with this aspect of the matter, so Lin Mo is more at ease when she is given the job.

As for the famous doctors, Lin Mo received them personally.

The reason was that these famous doctors were following Divine Doctor Xue and Lui Sanzhen.

The divine Doctor Xue and the Three Needles Lu had helped Lin Mo speak up at this launch event, and as a result, they had been driven out by the people of the Ten Great Families of Suzhou Province.

This kindness was something that Lin Mo remembered in his heart.

These famous doctors, before, were actually quite disdainful of Lin Mo.

However, after seeing Lin Mo’s medical skills in public today, they simply admired him to the core.

These famous doctors were all so excited to be able to visit Lin Mo in private that they were at a loss for words.

Lin Mo was calm, smiling lightly as he greeted them all.

After some small talk, a famous doctor tried to tell Lin Mo about a special case he had encountered and wanted to see his opinion.

Lin Mo gave him the method of treatment on the spot, and this famous doctor was amazed after hearing it.

Although this method had not been tried specifically, Lin Mo’s dissection of this patient’s condition let him know that this method was absolutely effective.

Seeing such a situation, other famous doctors also spoke up for help.

For these cases, Lin Mo was not one to turn away.

Just like the legacy left by his ancestor in the jade pendant, he should be able to help the world and help the people.

As a healer, Lin Mo would of course say anything he could to treat his patients and relieve their pain.

After a chat, these famous doctors had a better understanding of Lin Mo’s medical skills.

This time, the crowd admired Lin Mo even more.

Not only did they admire Lin Mo’s medical skills, but more crucially, they were convinced by Lin Mo’s character!

After chatting for over an hour, Lin Mo sent these people away.

He personally sent these people to the lift entrance, where Lin Mo saw a group of people, standing far away in the corridor, stopped outside by the Prince’s men.

At the head of the group was none other than Yuan De!


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