Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656

At the end of this launch, Yuan De and the others were considered to be in a complete panic.

They knew that before this, they had been given the opportunity to sign an early contract with Wanchun Tang because they had chosen to break the contract with Xu Pharmaceutical.

They had originally thought that Wanchun Tang was certain to win this time, so they had all put up a large amount of money, even going so far as to borrow a large amount of money from elsewhere and pay it to Wanchun Tang as a deposit.

This way, after the launch, they would be able to obtain a large amount of reconstructive pills from Wanchun Hall, and by then, they would be able to make a fortune.

However, they never dreamed that Wan Chun Tang would lose so completely.

Lin Mo had won a huge victory, and the top ten families in Su Province had returned in defeat, leaving in disgrace.

This situation directly caused Yuan De and the others to be dumbfounded.

Those other people, who wanted to become agents of Wanchun Hall, had not paid yet and had not come up with the funds to give to Wanchun Hall, they had nothing to lose.

However, Yuan De and the others were different.

They had already taken out a large amount of money to give to Wanchun Hall, but now, they could not get that money back.

They had trusted Qian Yong’an completely in the first place, and trusted the Ten Families completely. So, after the deposit was paid, they just took a receipt.

This receipt was issued to them by Qian Yong’an, and the Ten Families did not acknowledge this receipt at all.

As for Qian Yong’an, he had long since disappeared, and they didn’t know who to ask for the money.

In any other case, Yuan De and the others would definitely not have admitted their guilt and would have had to go through various channels to get their money back.

And now, they were facing the top ten families in Suzhou Province.

Although Yuan De’s people are also considered to be well-financed, but how can they compare to the ten major families in Suzhou Province?

Even the weakest of the ten families in Suzhou Province could easily crush them all to death!

Therefore, Yuan De’s group of people were now completely desperate.

Without this money, they would basically be bankrupt.

Even though Yuan De was as well-financed as he was, he was still badly wounded this time. If he doesn’t get this money back, he probably won’t even have any money for his retirement!

There was really no choice but to run to Lin Mo, wanting to beg him to see if Lin Mo could be gracious and let them resume their previous contracts with Xu Pharmaceutical.

These people understood very well that as long as they could get the distributorship of the Reconstruction Pills, they would be able to get back all their losses!

This was also their only hope.

However, after these people came over, the Prince’s men didn’t even let them in to see Lin Mo.

The Prince’s men had seen with their own eyes how these people had made things difficult for Lin Mo at the launch event.

Now, at this time, they want to beg Lin Mo again? It was too late!

Yuan De and the others had been stopped here for ten minutes, and when they suddenly saw Lin Mo come out, Yuan De and the others were overjoyed.

Yuan De was the first to shout excitedly, “Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin, please stay.”

“I …… we are here to apologize to you, can we delay you for a few minutes to hear a few words from us ……”

Lin Mo glanced at them and asked, “Delaying my time? Do we know each other well?”

Yuan De and the others were all filled with embarra*sment, and Yuan De said in a low voice, “Mr. Lin, I know that we were wrong about what happened before.”

“We people are short-sighted and ratty, and we were actually deceived by that b*****d Qian Yong’an.”

“We’re here to say sorry for the harm we’ve caused you.”

“Mr. Lin, please give us a chance for the sake of the fact that we had helped you in a time of crisis for Xu Pharmaceutical before, please ……”

The others also opened their mouths and begged, looking as if they were on the verge of kneeling on the ground.

Lin Mo said, “You should feel lucky!”

“If you hadn’t helped us before, with what you did this time alone, you would have been dead long ago!”

“But, it would be impossible to cooperate with Xu Pharmaceutical again!”

With those words, Lin Mo turned around and walked away, paying no further attention to the cries and pleas of this group of people.

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