Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1657

Chapter 1657

As they watched Lin Mo walk away, Yuan De and the others stood in the corridor, lost in thought, and some of them even fell to the ground.

Lin Mo was their last hope, and now, even that hope had been dashed, so they were finished.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s all over!”

“I …… I’ve also taken out a lot of loan sharks for this. Now, even if I sell all my family a*sets, I can’t pay it back!”

“What’s that to you? I …… borrowed all the money from all my relatives, I …… how else can I go home!”

The crowd cried out, each one extremely miserable.

Suddenly, a man jumped up, grabbed Yuan De’s clothes and roared, “Yuan De, didn’t you say that Wan Chun Tang was sure to win this time?”

“I listened to you and insisted on breaking the contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, and bet all my family a*sets on Wanchun Hall!”

“You …… you’ve put me through hell!”

“The contract I signed with Xu Pharmaceutical before, but I got the agency rights of a province, do you …… know how much that’s worth? I can make at least ten billion ah ……”

This man’s voice was trembling as he spoke.

The others all jumped up, angrily accusing Yuan De.

These people, who had previously had contracts with Xu Pharmaceutical, had all gotten the agency rights for quite a few regions.

At that time, Lin Mo had sold the agency rights very cheaply in order to recoup his capital.

This group of people, at that time, had completely taken advantage of the great bargain.

As long as they continued their cooperation with Xu Pharmaceutical, everyone’s fortune could have doubled a hundred times!

As a result, just because of Yuan De’s compulsion, they all ran away and forcibly broke the contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, which ultimately led to this result.

So, now the crowd was spilling all their anger on Yuan De.

As the leader of this group, Yuan De’s prestige among this group of people had always been very high.

In the past, these people were all like his little brothers and did not dare to speak to him in this way.

However, now that they had all lost their families, who cared about that much?

Looking at Yuan De, he had no image at the moment, his whole body was cloaked in hair, as if he had aged several dozen years.

He was being pushed around by the crowd, but he couldn’t say a word.

Speaking of losses, this time, Yuan De’s loss was the greatest.

He had to know that he was the first to go to Xu Pharmaceutical before and signed the agency, and he was also the one who took the most advantage of the deal.

At that time, he had only spent as much money as he could to take the agency rights of three provinces.

When Wan Chongshan was one step behind him, he spent a lot more money than him.

These three provincial agencies were enough for Yuan De to earn tens of billions of dollars, and even, to make him a real giant on one side.

Moreover, at that time, he had a good relationship with Lin Mo.

If he could maintain such a friendly relationship with Lin Mo, coupled with his strong capital, Yuan De might have been able to make his Yuan family, too, a big family with a famous town, and might even become one of the top ten families in a certain province.

However, just because he was compelled by Qian Yong’an, this thing that was already in his hand, was just ruined by him in a hard way.

Not only that, he had bet all his money on Wanchun Hall, and he was now considered to have lost all his money.

Yuan De’s heart was now dripping with blood, so he didn’t care what others were saying, he didn’t even want to apologise, there was no point in saying anything.

It was all his own fault, so what could he do?

In the midst of the commotion, the lift opened up and Huohua stepped out of it.

With some blood on his body and a wound on his arm, Huo Hua looked slightly worse for wear.

The crowd at the scene was shocked, with Huo Hua’s strength, who could hurt him?

The prince happened to walk out and seeing the appearance of Fire Wah, he could not help but exclaim: “Uncle, you …… what happened to you?”

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