Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3942

The panicked maid had lost all sense of reason.

With trembling arms, she pointed a deadly finger at the young girl.

“You nameless, nameless little wild b*****d, you’re dead.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he suddenly felt his breath catch and his consciousness drift away.

Looking down, he looked.

Only to see a pitch-black claw had penetrated her chest cavity.

The young girl looked up at the maid coldly.

“My name is Lin Wu Hate!”

Hearing this, the maid of honor looked stunned.

“You …… can actually talk?”

Lin Wu Hate ignored such a boring question from her and directly crushed the maid’s heart with a contraction of his five fingers.

When her parents were falsely accused of a*sault, this person was one of them.

Death was not enough.

Lin Wu Huan exited the room.

He locked the door with his backhand, and the key was crushed into scrap metal and thrown out of the window.

After taking care of all this.

Lin Wu Huan reloaded his washbasin and the rag.

Unhurriedly, he walked towards the next room.


The conversation was split into two.

This side of the second district.

After Lin Mo’s treatment, Ma Bangde slowly woke up.

After opening his eyes, he jumped straight up from the bed with a carp.

“Where’s Laozi’s battle merit!”

The words were just finished.

A slap landed on the back of his head.

The heavy force of it slapped him directly onto the hospital bed.

“That son of a b*tch …… hey, Mr. Lin!”

When Ma Bangde saw Lin Mo on the side, he immediately stopped his words.

With a grin, he greeted with a smile.

“Your body has lost too much blood, lie down and rest well!”

Lin Mo peeled an apple and stuffed a handful into Ma Bangde’s mouth.

“The war isn’t over yet!”

“Nowadays, I’m not good enough to fight in the war, so you’re an indispensable battle force as a half-step Patriarch.”

Half-step Patriarch?

After Ma Bangde froze for a moment, his face instantly showed wild joy.

“Mr. Lin, is what you said true?”

He immediately closed his eyes as he said that.

Feeling that within his body, the surging spiritual energy.

He jumped up once again.

“Hahahaha, I, someone Ma, have really broken through to half-step Zongshi.”

The wild smile shook the floorboards.

The piercing sound made Lin Mo’s brows furrow in disbelief.

Raising his hand!

A slap!

Once again, Ma Bangde on the sickbed fell on his face.

“You go on dancing!”

Lin Mo said with disgust.

“You’ve just advanced to half-step Patriarch, if you hurt your bottom, you’ll stay in this realm for the rest of your life!”

For this, Lin Mo was also very surprised.

He didn’t expect this fellow to break through to Zong Shi directly after experiencing a round of life and death battles.

One could only say that life was good!

Once these words were spoken, Ma Bangde instantly became honest.

He obediently laid down and pulled the quilt over to cover him tightly.

Just at this time, Director Qiu and Black Rose also came to visit Ma Bangde.

Of course, it was a matter of opinion as to who Black Rose was visiting.

“Old Ma, what a fight!”

“That was a great battle!”

“Not only did you kill the opponent’s regimental commander, but you even killed that half-step sect master Zhang An.”

“Now the whole front line can’t help but give a thumbs up when they mention you, Old Ma.”

Even the deadly rival, Black Rose, couldn’t help but look at Ma Bangde with a bit of admiration in his eyes.

With the realm of a martial artist, he had killed a half-step Grandmaster.

Even if one looked at the entire Death Island, he was the only one.

And at the front line.

After the crowd received this incredible news, they immediately admired Ma Bangde.

More than boasting.

As a result, the Knife Cult followed suit and raised its eyebrows and flaunted its ancestors for once.

Add to that the first battle, a great victory.

Now the group of swordsmen of the Knife Sect all traveled with their noses to the road.

They listened to Director Qiu’s constant boasting.

The only one who had a headache was Lin Mo.

He had only just held Ma Bangde down.

Now that this wave of news was bombarding him, the b*****d had to float up again.

As expected.

Ma Bangde learnt that the man he had killed was also a half-step Grandmaster.

His back shot up and he sat up again.

“Old me is actually so bullish?”

At this moment a slap was already on its way ……

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