Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3943

Once again, Ma Bond was slapped on the bed by Lin Mo.

This time, however, he was not the least bit discouraged.

He was able to kill a half-step Patriarch at the Martial Master realm, and now he had now broken through to half-step always.

Then ……

Lin Mo noticed Old Ma’s warlike gaze and raised an eyebrow.

“What? Want to practice?”

Ma Bangde had a serious face.

Nodding his head in confirmation!

Although Lin Mo didn’t know, what this finished thing was smoking.

But since Ma Bond wanted to find abuse.

It had to be satisfied.

“Come on.” Ma Bonder said with a face full of battle intent.

As soon as the words fell, Lin Mo raised his hand and slapped him over already.


Ma Bond did not have any power to return to resistance.

He spun around in the air a few times and plunged head first into the pillow.

He was unconscious!

Next to them, Director Qiu and Black Rose were baffled.

Just how floaty was this Ma Bond?

He didn’t even know what he was doing to find Lin Mo to fight.

“Did this hurt your brain?” Black Rose asked curiously.

“That to no! ”

Lin Mo explained.

“This cargo qi is not bad, after experiencing a life and death battle, it has broken through to half-step Patriarch. ”

The two looked o each other, only thinking that they had misheard.

After the duo confirmed again, Lin Mo gave an affirmative answer.

Stunned, they froze in place, speechless with shock.


That said, both ends.

District Two.

Ji Dutuo had just returned to Lawrence Castle with his companion when he jerked to a halt.

“What a heavy smell of blood. ”

Without entering the door, Ji Dutuo had already sensed that something was wrong.

At this moment, the entire castle was littered with corpses.

Whether it was Lawrence’s immediate core executives, or those servants and maids at the lowest level, none of them survived.

It was a complete run for the extermination of the clan.

Star glanced at the tragically dead corpses at his feet and twisted his head to ask.

“Sect Leader, did the idol Lin Mo come by?”

Ji Dutuo shook his head.


“Lin Mo is an expert with the sword, if he had moved, these people would not have presented such a miserable state.”

“And look at them, there was no expression of panic on their faces, the deaths were extremely sudden.”

“It means that the killer was someone they knew, and the sneak attack caused the deaths.”

Just as the two Nebula sisters’ fun was thickening to verify this statement.

The corner of Ji Duto’s mouth suddenly hooked.

“If I’m not wrong, the murderer is at the scene.”

“We’ll find out later when we uncover him and ask questions.”

The words fell.

His gaze flicked to the rockery within the courtyard.

“Come out!”

The storm corpse bellowed and leapt forward.

His seemingly bulky body seemed unusually agile at this moment.

As he watched his tonnage body, he was about to smash into the false mountain.

A small and nimble figure fiercely sprang out.

The two Nebula sisters’ interest rose, “Trying to run?”

With a chirping cry, the two of them took steps at the same time and hurried towards the figure.

Seeing that the three of them had been bored for a long time, Ji Dutuo had no intention of making a move and just followed them quietly.

A clear breeze swept through the woods.

The figure tapped its toes on the branches of a tree and took over and flew several feet away.

Behind them, the two Nebula sisters and the tyrant corpse were following unhurriedly.

They did not retreat nor did they move far away.

Like a cat playing with a mouse at the same time, the distance between the two sides was steadily maintained.

After a long time, Lin Wuyuan also discovered this.

From the aura leaking out from these four people.

She clearly knew that any one of them had the strength to crush herself.

Right now, if they kept on running like this.

Even if the other party didn’t make a move, she would have to die of exhaustion alive.

Thinking of this.

Lin Wu Hate suddenly reversed his direction, and the speed of his feet escaping was a little faster.

When the two Nebula sisters saw this scene, they merely pursed their lips and smiled.

“Although he’s not strong, he’s quite clever in the head, interesting!”

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