Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3946

Ward 2.

Lin Mo sensed that there were outsiders lurking around this place, but that feeling was very vague and indistinct.

After Tai Ah was sheathed, Lin Mo then closed his eyes.

After concentrating all his divine senses, he finally caught the source of the blood smell.

Found you!

With a flash, he arrived directly in front of the window.

The wall was instantly sealed as the sword blade pointed.

A smaller, shapely figure appeared in front of him.

The biting sword energy went on unabated.

As he watched, Tai Ah was about to pierce the person’s brow.

However, Lin Mo suddenly noticed the pair of familiar eyes of the other party.

They were blank and listless!

With a large step, Lin Mo hurriedly withdrew his sword qi and made a sword splash, retracting Tai Ah to his back.

“No hate?”

Lin Mo asked with a tentative tone.

Although the eyes and expression were extremely similar.

The only difference was that at this moment, her gaze was filled with hostility and fierce fury.

And the change in appearance, before and after, was also too great.

It was hard for Lin Mo to a*sociate this Yang doll-like little girl in front of him with the scruffy little girl from before.

Lin Wu Huan nodded and was about to step forward when he suddenly felt a fishy smell in his mouth and nose.

Black bruised blood spurted out.

In order to avoid Ji Duto’s pursuit, he had taken a slap from his opponent before falling into the river.

Although his opponent had tried his best to hold back, he was after all a Grandmaster.

Seeing this, Lin Mo hurriedly reached forward and caught the fallen Lin Wu Huan.

“Vacate a seat!”

“Me?” Ma Bangde stared with wide rolling eyes and pointed at himself.

“Or else!”

Lin Mo said and didn’t wait for him to recover, lifting his foot and kicking Old Ma straight off the bed.

Rolling in, Ma Bangde got up and patted his buttocks, aggrieved beyond measure.

What happened to the promise to let me recuperate properly?

The best inpatient unit in District 3, and I’ve only been there for a day.

I’ve only been in the hospital for a day, but this kick is for me!

Lin Mo didn’t pay any attention to this b*****d’s sultry eyes and hurriedly laid Lin Wu Huan on the hospital bed.

After taking his pulse, Lin Mo frowned.

The internal injuries were very serious!

How had this little girl gotten into trouble with a master cleric?

On Death Island, apart from himself, there were only a few sect masters like Ji Dutuo.

In other words, the young girl had messed with the Seven Deadly Sins.

After thinking it over, Lin Mo had no clue.

Right now, it was more important to hurry up with the treatment.

The night went on without a word.

Early the next morning.

Lin Wu Hate woke up leisurely.

Looking at the unfamiliar environment in front of her, and the unfamiliar face in front of her.

She instantly sat up in shock.

The sharp black claw in her hand scratched towards the other party’s neck.

“Ouch, I go!”

Ma Bangde was caught off guard and was directly scared into a butt crouch.

“Mr. Lin, this little girl is too ferocious!”

“If I hadn’t dodged fast, I would have been accounted for!”

It was in this gap between his words.

Lin Wu Hate leapt up and went towards Ma Bangde to kill him again.


Lin Wu Hate heard this familiar voice and subconsciously looked towards the door.

Only when she saw Lin Mo’s figure did she stop her stance.

Quietly, she stood to the side.

“Old Ma, can’t you just stop for a while?”

Lin Mo accused to.

“Get well if you’re fine, being so curious will get you killed sooner or later.”

After he walked to the hospital bed, he handed the medicinal juice in his hand to Lin Wu Huan.

“Here, drink this, it will heal your internal injuries.”

Lin Mo made a point of explaining in order to ease her wariness.

Only Lin Mo hadn’t even finished his words when Lin Wu Hate took it in one hand.

Tilting her head, she drank it straight down.

The medicine, it was bitter!

She frowned slightly.

Lin Mo shook his head and took the candy out of his hand.

“Eat this, it’s very sweet!”


Lin Wuheng calmly said thank you after stuffing the candy into her mouth.

Lin Mo raised an eyebrow.

Before this he had always thought that this little girl was a mute.

“So you can talk. ……”

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